"I'm really sorry Sal, I'm just (sniff) very sensitive. I mean, all I want is to just have at least one cool friend. I have no friends at all, just Braulio. Actually I'm his brother. His parents adopted me after my real parents abandoned me when I was a baby. (Sniff) I never really got to meet them. I am really sorry for trying to get rid of you three years ago. I never actually wanted to. You're a cool dude, Salvador. If you just give me a chance, we can be friends, and I'll never be mean to you again."
―Armando Vasquez, "The Return of Armando Vasquez", 2015

Armando Vasquez (also known as Armando Guillen) is the main antagonist of Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, and a main character in Sibling Rivalries.

Armando was born in Countryside Village (a fictional city in British Colombia, Canada) in early 2001 to a Mexican father and Canadian mother. However, they both abandoned him when he was little. After living at a foster home for a while, Armando was eventually adopted by the parents of Braulio Guillen when they moved to Countryside Village in 2002. At this time, Armando was only about a year old. Since then, Armando and Braulio have been living with each other for their whole lives and have become brothers.

Salvador Real is Armando's rival, being jealous of him because Salvador is much more popular than him. Armando's goal is to get rid of Salvador so he, along with his brother (who also happens to be Salvador's former friend) Braulio, can take over and be the popular kids of Vancouver instead. 


  • Armando's last name was originally going to be Mendez, but it was changed to Vasquez. Armando Mendez is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, who, coincidentally, is voiced by Yul Vasquez (whose last name was given to the Armando from the comic franchise).
  • After the events of SR: SRA and until his appearance in the main series, Armando's fate was completely unknown. In the ending, he fell off of the Vancouver Lift Bridge and into the water below, but he says he is still alive. However, then he reveals he cannot swim. "The Return of Armando Vasquez" reveals that he was just kidding, and he was able to successfully swim back to shore.
  • Salvador had indirectly mentioned Armando and Braulio in the main series comics "Best Brother" and "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)".
  • Armando is the only 7th Grader in the Sibling Rivalries series that is not 13 years old. He is only 12, although most 7th Graders enter the year at age 12 and turn 13 by the end of the year (assuming they are were not held back in a previous year).
  • Armando is the only antagonist in the DR4L Comic Universe to be younger than the protagonist.


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