Azusa, as she appears in the manga.

Azusa Nakano is the rhythm guitarist of the Light Music Club and their band, Afterschool Tea Time.


Azusa has long, straight, and seemingly thin black hair, which she wears in pigtails, and brown eyes that have a red-orange tint. Compared to Mio's black hair color, Azusa's hair looks purple-tinted in the anime. She is the shortest member of the group. Azusa's skin is a similar shade to those of the other girls, but she's sensitive to sunlight and tans easily even with heaps of sunscreen on.


Azusa is a self-proclaimed novice guitarist who has been playing the guitar since she was in fourth grade because her parents play in a jazz band. Despite her low self-esteem and modest attitude, she is extremely talented and superior to her senior, Yui Hirasawa (who also plays guitar) in many ways.

Azusa is easily overwhelmed by good musical performances, seen when she watches the Light Music Club's concert speechlessly.


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