The first episode of Rascalov's Resurection. Niko and Roman meet the resurrected Dimitri.


Niko is outside knocking on the door.)

(Roman opens the door)

  • Roman: Oh, hi, cousin! Come in! My daughter is here! Kate, say hi to Cousin Niko!
  • Kate: (Spits on Niko's shoe).
  • Niko: Good morning to you, too, Kate.

(Knock on door).

  • Roman: Oh, no, the Dog INC's here! I told you not to bully that dog in Middle Park!
  • Niko: The Dog INC's after Dimitri Rascalov, not us. Besides, Dimitri's dead.

(Door gets kicked down. It is Dimitri Rascalov!)

  • Niko: Dimitri?
  • Dimitri: Niko Bellic. Hello.
  • Roman: I thought you were Dog INC.
  • Dimitri: That dog agency ruled by some beagle or something? No. Screw them.
  • Niko: But, I killed you. How are you back alive?
  • Dimitri: I was taken to the hospital. They turned me to a robot.
  • Roman: You're a cyborg?
  • Dimitri: Yes. I brung someone else to kill you two, and your daughter.
  • Roman: And Mallorie?
  • Dimitri: Don't know who the heck is that, but her, too. Mikhail? Come out.

(Niko and Roman stare in terror. Screen turns black)
To Be Continued In Next Episode...

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