"Prank-texting's the act of texting weird things from somebody else's phone, making it look like they texted it themselves."
―David Saldivar

Do You Get The Message? is the tenth and final comic in Season 2 of Sibling Rivalries, and is the 20th comic overall.


Patrick McReary, along with his new friend David Saldivar, get ahold of Joel Gonzales' cell phone, and use it to send weird and mean messages to his friends, making it look like Joel sent them.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary Family

McReary Siblings' Friends



This reveals that everyone, except Pablo, play Grand Theft Auto, even Kate.

  • In this comic, Salvador says that playing GTA is the "great American pastime".


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