"It's difficult to explain, but somehow I've been dream-hopping! First I had my own dream with Francis, then I ended up in Gerry's 'til I was kicked out. Now I'm here!"
―Packie to Derrick while in his dream

Dream On is the first comic in Season 7 of Sibling Rivalries, and the 53rd comic total.

This comic brought the series back to life after being cancelled twice; first, after the fifth season with "ApRiL fOoLs DaY: wIsCoNsIn StYlE!", and second after the sixth season's "Brothers For Life". While Season 6 began the series' "revival era", GTA Nerd considers everything past Season 6 to follow under this era, even the seventh season which came out after over a year of being on hiatus.


While asleep during a night, Packie gains the ability to teleport through his family and friends' dreams.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appear in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

An italicized name indicates this character only appeared in a dream and not real life

McReary-Wilson Family

McReary Siblings' Friends




  • This is the first comic of the 2020's.
  • The plot is reminiscent of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Sleepy Time". It is also named after an Aerosmith song.
  • These are all of the dreams that Packie visits in order:
    • His own: Him and Francis have a dream of a kid-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto, until the scene shifts to Red Dead Redemption 2 (being the first time this game is mentioned since the game did not exist when the last comic was written), until Packie gets kicked out for dreaming of an M-rated game
    • Gerry's Dream: Gerry is playing football with Angel, Drew Brees, and Jason Parker
    • Derrick's Dream: Derrick is a professor teaching college algebra
    • Kate's Dream: Kate and Mark are at the beach, where Mark proposes with a giant ring
    • Claude's Dream: A group of Claudes who can talk discuss global issues such as pollution
    • Salvador V's dream: Salvador is playing soccer with his friends on jetpacks
    • Joel's Dream: Joel is the king who has trapped the McRearys and enslaved their friends, with Packie having to save everyone
  • Packie, Francis, Gerry, Joel, and Jose were the only characters to appear outside of a dream in this comic.
  • The time frame of the comic is unclear, and could have been set anywhere from 2016 (due to Kate's dream set in a beach in San Diego, and Packie mentioning how he remembers the beach from "Straight Outta Green Bay") to the present. Every other Season 7 comic is set in present day 2020. However, since in Gerry's dream, Angel is wearing his original football uniform and not the new outfit he gets after dating Zoe, this comic is set before "Torres and Tribulations". The comic is also set before "The Forgotten Son" as Packie has not met Zack Marshall yet since he did not appear in his dreams.
  • Packie and Francis sleep from 10pm to 8am, meaning the dream Packie took 10 hours to get across seven dreams before ending back at his own and waking up in real life. After all, time does move slower in dreams than real life.
  • Second appearance of Liam Allen, or "The Criminal" from Season 5 comic "The Lockdown".
  • This is so far the first comic to lack any transition words such as "Later...", "The next day...", or "meanwhile...". The next would be the Season 8 comic "Barking Up The Wrong Tree", only since Derrick was the narrator of that comic so it was a bit different.


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