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The Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States. It serves a dual role as the nation's foremost federal law enforcement agency and a federal-level law enforcement agency. 

It operates under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice and has superiority over municipal, state and county police forces. As an agency it is responsible for counterterrorism, counterintelligence, a wide range of criminal investigations and has jurisdiction over more than two hundred federal crimes. The FIB is one of America's highest level law enforcement agencies operating as a federal agency on a national level.

They were responsible for the capture of the sadistic serial killer John Davis. In a three month investigation known as Operation Knife's Edge they tracked the pyschotic female-oriented serial killer after being alerted by the San Andreas State Police. In this investigation the FIB employed a NOOSE tactical insertion team to perform a high-profile tactical insertion and armed arrest due to the highly graphic nature of John's murders.

The FIB appear in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V as a federal-level law enforcement agency. Like NOOSE, they will attempt to kill the player rather than arresting him in the fashion of the LCPD and the LSPD. This is likely because they are only called in when the player becomes too great of a threat to be taken alive. They also appear in Brotherhood Rising where they are encountered monitoring the Devils Chosen MC and its members after the motorcycle club becomes involved in serious crime. 

Known investigations


  • The FIB is very heavily based on the FBI in both name and function.
  • They have tried to arrest and shut down Dog INC and have also attempted to place informants in the Devils Chosen MC without success. Agents of the FIB are encountered in Brotherhood Rising making anonymous phonecalls to at least two members attempt to coerce them into being undercover informants, again without success.
  • Michael De Santa is the only protagonist to be seen working for the FIB. Though he does not work as an undercover agent or a field agent.
  • The agency was responsible for the capture of the extremely dangerous serial killers Leyton Cole and John Davis. In both cases the FIB conducted lengthy high profile investigations.
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