Gerald "Gerry" McReary appears as the tritagonist in Sibling Rivalries, the pentagonist of Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, and Cletus Comics.

Gerry's main interest is football, and his character mostly revolves around his love for football, and being quick to reference football in any scene. His favorite football team is the New Orleans Saints, and his five favorite football players are Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Andrew Luck.

Gerry's character traits include being athletic and energetic, never being afraid of anything and always looking forward to new adventures. The only time where Gerry showed true fear was when facing The Chavez Brothers in "Straight Outta Green Bay". Starting with Season 7, GTA Nerd made sure to avoid continuing his flandarization of Gerry by ensuring he had more of a personality behind just speaking in football references in every comic, as he remains an exciting person for the others to be around.


  • He is almost always seen with a football, but he does not really appear with it as much in recent comics. 
  • Gerry and Packie are currently the only characters in the series to have a speaking role in every comic.
  • His email address is
  • Gerry seems to be the one responsible for most of the events of the series, as he introduces Joel Gonzales to his family, but Joel later suddenly betrays them. While being kidnapped, the siblings meet Jose Gonzales, Joel's younger, nicer brother, and later meeting more people who choose their side over Joel. Despite all this, Gerry is never blamed for it all.
  • Currently, the only comics that Gerry does not reference football in any way at all are "Diamonds in the Rough", Love is What Makes the World Go 'Round", "Satellite Screw-Up", and "Brothers For Life".
  • Gerry and Joel are the only characters to show nudity
    • Gerry's naked butt was exposed in two brief scenes in "Fightin' Irish" and "McReary TV"
    • Joel was depicted on the toilet in "My Fair Slav-ee" as he has Packie read to him while the latter is being used as a slave
  • Gerry has had an antagonistic role a few rimes, with these behaviors making him in conclusion the most violent sibling:
    • In "Fightin' Irish", he lashes out on his cousin Dillon for using the rest of the hot water in the shower.
    • In "McReary TV", he whines about Kate using the living room TV, even though he is always in there watching football and claims it is practically his. He also steals Derrick's money to pay for football merchandise, without paying him back. When Derrick attacked him out of anger, Gerry attacked back but harder. He did apologize for both of these acts.



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Being a supporting protagonist, he appears in every comic of the series.




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