Hayate Ayasaki (ハヤテ 綾崎)

Hayate Ayasaki

is the male lead character in Pairing Stories - Hayate and Athena and Pairing Stories - Hayate and Hinagiku and is one of the characters to be a part of Pairing Stories.

He is the main protagonist and title character in Hata Kenjiro's Hayate The Combat Butler! manga and anime series.

Hayate will also appear in the an upcoming fanfic that Vince will make soon, where he will still be the main protagonist.


Hayate is a very selfless and generous person, always trying to help others in need even if it means causing harm to himself. He is very independent and skilled in many things, i.e being a good cook, housekeeper, mechanic, and he can even identify fake works of art with one glimpse (thanks to one of his father's con jobs in the past) among many others. He has super human strength, tremendous speed, retaliation, and endurance allowing him to do things which are normally impossible.

However, Hayate is rather dense when it comes to love. His poor empathy is always troubling him as he always misunderstands the feelings of people around him like Nagi's feelings towards him. This is probably because of his innocent personality and inexperience with girl's thoughts and feelings. Despite such setback, he tends to attract girls like Hinagiku, Ayumu, Ruka, and Athena mainly because of his kind, considerate and attractive personality.

Hayate has also shown a very "dark side" of his own nature, as when provoked for too long, extremely angry or whenever Nagi is in trouble or if just anything that his mistress hold's dear is in jeaporady, he brings out a sinister and nearly sadistic persona, seemingly opting with extreme violence as a way to end whatever is his current problem and he also appears to become quite stronger than his usual capabilities as a combat butler.

Hayate has also shown a very emotional side, especially if it concerns eitehr his missing older brother, Ikusa Ayasaki, his first mistress and love interest, Athena, Nagi or anything in particular that he holds important to himself, he is vulnearable to being upset, more specifically before when Athena was involved, either completely or discretely. During his times with Athena, after the two had a fight when they were younger, Hayate was devastated deeply after Athena told him to leave her, unknown to him that Athena was also devastated after he had left.


Hayate has medium height with light blue hair styled into a bob cut and blue eyes. He wears a butler's uniform while working as Nagi's butler and during school. On rare occasions while he is not on duty as Nagi's butler he is usually seen wearing casual clothing such as T-shirts and pants.

However, it has been shown, and even said by the rest of the cast in the series, that Hayate bears a very feminine face, with Nagi and Maria calling it as a "girlish cute face". This has been demonstrated when he is crossdressed (which happens on certain yet inconvenient occasions for him), where his feminine face takes effect, with the characters such as Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku and even Chiharu remarking how incredible Hayate appears when he wears female attires, at times even causing others to note that Hayate does not even look like a guy anymore when he does so. This side of his appearance is something that Hayate has come to be annoyed at, as it has caused him trouble in the past before.

Hayate and Yukariko's similar appearances

The resemblance between Yukariko and Hayate seen in the second season of the anime

Hayate apparently also has been likened to being familiar in appearance to Shin Hayek and Yukariko Sanzenin, Nagi's late parents. This is further proven later in both the manga and anime as Hayate bears a similar resemblance to both of his mistress' deceased parents; bearing the same hairstyle and appearance to Shin while also resembling the same facial appearance to that of Yukariko. It has yet to be known how this came to be.



Hayate The Combat Butler! (2007 - 2008):

December 24, 2004, sixteen year old Hayate Ayasaki is currently on his last round for the day on his job as a mail delivery boy. As he is about to reach his last client for the day, he accidentally trips his bike due to going too fast and ends up crashing, but is fortunately okay and hands his delivery on time. Arriving back and talking to his boss, he is surprised to find out that he has been fired as his boss has found out that he lied about his age, initially telling his boss that he was nineteen years old, but Hayate understands and asks that he be given his last salary for his work.

To his shock, his boss tells him that his parents had visited hours earlier and took his payment, also revealing that they were the ones who revealed Hayate's true age. Hayate tells his boss that he should never have given them his payment, telling him that they would only use it "irresponsibly" before running out to try and catch up to them back home. On his way back home, he runs into his classmates who asks him to come and join them hang out but he declines the offer and continues on.

Hayate The Combat Butler!! 2nd Season (2009):

After the trip to the Island of Mykonos, Hayate resumes his work back in the Sanzenin Mansion until a letter from Hakuo Academy arrives. Maria hands it to Hayate, at which Nagi takes and reads. They find out that it is about the upcoming Academy Marathon at which Hayate asks about what it is. Maria informs him that it is a sports marathon where students who participate will be able to join in on the different sports venue, also pointing out that the running marathon has a prize of about a hundred and fifty million yen for whoever places first.

Surprised to find out the amount of the first place prize, Nagi voices out that, as usual, she won't be joining. Sensing a possibility of shortening his debt to Nagi, Hayate urges his mistress to join the race, stating that it would be good exercise for her which Nagi reluctantly agrees on after much pushing from Maria.

Hayate The Combat Butler! Movie: Heaven Is A Place On Earth (2011):

After the doujinshi competition, Hayate comes along with the others on a summer vacation to Ayumu's grandmother's cottage on the countryside.

Hayate The Combat Butler! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU (2012):

Hayate wakes up Nagi and, as always, she refuses to get up from bed. Hayate notes to her that she has been in bed for 6 more hours, pointing out that it is already noon. To his surprise, Nagi grabs the clock and resets the time to six o'clock.

Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties (2013 - 2014):

On his way to buy groceries, Hayate ends up having to face three very mischievous cats who, due to his infamous bad luck, grab a hold of his left leg, causing him to trip and ruin the entire grocery he had brought, whilst in his monologue expresses his specialty is being very unlucky.


Combat Expert:

Hayate has an incredibly high skill when it comes to combat, whether it would be close quarters or long range. He has demonstrated his expertise in close quarters by being able to directly kick away a disillusioned Tama from assaulting Ayumu and being able to match himself with Nonohara during their duel. His long range capability was shown when he was able to hold up an MG3 with just one hand. These skills have come in handy in him being a butler, as he has saved Nagi countless times from either kidnappers or attackers on his own.

The most prominent of this skill of his was shown during his battle against King Midas during the Golden Week
Hayate's energy surge

Hayate regaining his strength

arc, where he came face to face with the evil spirit on his own despite knowing the odds against him. All care for himself during this was lost out of focus on saving Athena from King Midas. He was also able to hold himself against Yozora and her two robot servants, despite being outnumbered.

In the last episode of Season 4 (Cuties!), Hayate had once again demonstrated his skill when he battled against a drunk Yukiji and though being defeated once during their battle he was able to come out as the victor when he regained most of his energy again.

High Endurance:

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Art Expert:

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In Pairing Stories

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Fan Arts:


  • Along Vincent Universe and Rito Yuuki, Hayate is one of the male lead characters to appear in more than just one episode in Pairing Stories.
  • Hayate's name means "gust of wind" or "squall".
  • Hayate is mentioned by a "deformed" Shana (taking the appearance of Nagi Sanzenin) in Shakugan no ShanaTan Revenge, which is a parody of the Shakugan no Shana anime series, where Shana/Nagi says "Stupid Hayate! Idiot, idiot!" when she is telling Yuji to shut up.
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