Hector Wilson appears as a primary cast member of Sibling Rivalries, added in Season 4.



When he was 19 years old, Hector had a one-night stand with a young lady, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with a boy. Hector was very scared by this and was not ready to be a father. When the baby was born, Hector stuck around for a while but deserted the lady and her child. Hector was hated by the mother of their son, and he was forever ashamed of himself for doing this. He tried to put that behind him despite that being a scummy thing to do. It did not seem that Hector was ready to have a family until he was in his 30's or 40's, when he met Maureen later on.

Events of Series

In July 2015, Hector met Maureen McReary and her five kids at a bowling alley. The two quickly fell in love with each other, and eventually married each other after a few weeks. Hector then became the step-father of the McReary siblings, after the pass of the siblings' biological father in 2006. He also moved in with his new family after living in an apartment by himself for the past few years.

After his first appearance, Hector starts to appear regularly in the series, along with his new wife Maureen (now known as Mrs. Maureen McReary-Wilson by marriage; though technically she should actually be either Maureen O'Neill-Wilson, or simply Maureen Wilson). In the Season 9 comic "The Forgotten Son", Hector meets Zack Marshall, the son he deserted 13 years prior, and attempted to make things right with him since Zack and his mother were still mad at him, and it made Hector cry to think back on how he treated his son.


Hector wears a plain collar shirt (that has a pocket on his left side) with sleeves and a watch on his left arm. He has short hair resembling Derrick's, and small faciar hairs on his chin. Like all characters, Hector has basic pants and shoes.




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Being a supporting protagonist, he appears in every comic of the series since his first appearance in the Season 3 comic "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)", except for the following three comics:

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