"It's football, Gerry. What do you expect, for your hand to turn into chocolate when I hit you?"
―James Johnson

James Johnson appears as a main recurring character and the tertiary antagonist of Sibling Rivalries, as well as cameo character in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures.

He is one of the series' main antagonists, originally mentioned as the leader of the Wisconsin Warriors until it was retconned that Giovanni Ancelotti was actually the leader and James was the co-leader. Later again, retcons were made, and Joel Gonzales became second in-command while James was just another regular member.


James first appeared as a football player on the Wisconsin Warriors who hit and injured Gerry's arm during a football game against Gerry's team (their rivals). Since Gerry can no longer play in the game, Gerry's brother Packie is brought to finish the job; despite him screwing up, the team eventually wins and everybody is proud of him.

Apparently after that night, Joel Gonzales (a member on Gerry's team) went to James and told him he was very impressed with how he was single-handely able to immobilize the team's strongest and best player. James appreciated the compliment and gave Joel the offer of a lifetime; if he stops being friends with the McRearys and joins James team, they can continue getting rid of the good guys and rise up as the most powerful team in Green Bay.

Joel accepts, and late that night, he attends an initiation to become an official member of the Warriors. Joel's little brother Jose is not happy with Joel giving up his good side, but Joel tells him they will take over and Jose will be popular too. However, Jose remains loyal to the good side, and despite appearing with the Warriors, he does not help with their evil plans.

The next day, he goes to the siblings' house to betray them and reveal he is now James' best friend, which hurts Gerry's feelings. James and Joel knock out the siblings, kidnap them, and have them held hostage in Joel's basement just to show they are totally not kidding about their plan to take over. However, Joel gets in trouble and grounded by his parents for kidnapping the siblings, so they are let go and James leaves.

James continues to appear by Joel's side in subsequent comics, yet his role later shrinks when other members of the Warriors rise to prominence; those being Marco Johnson who has been there since the beginning, Marco's brother Trevor Johnson who was also a long-time member but was not important since 2015, and especially Giovanni who was solidified as the series' true main antagonist since he lead the gang despite not showing his face to the public at all. By 2015 once all members were established, James was not mentioned to be Joel's best friend, but rather his "best friends" were all five prominent members of the Warriors.


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Total Number of Series Appearances: 18


  • Like Angel Chacon (until Season 7 comic "Torres and Tribulations"), his trademark outfit is his own football uniform, and similar to Angel and Francis McReary, his hairstyle is unknown, until Dodgeball Mishap, when his helment comes off and his hair is revealed (because he was beat up by Pablo Torres, his hair is all messy, but it appears curly, with some hair going down his neck).
  • James and Pablo Torres are the only characters to wear the same outfit in an SR prequel that they wear in the main series.



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