"Why would I care [about breaking the law]? I am a rebel! And one day, I will be this town's leader! Future generations will be egging statues of ME!"

Joel Gonzales appears as a primary cast member and main antagonist of Sibling Rivalries, and a supporting protagonist in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures and Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories.

In the main series, Joel was on the Green Bay Packers youth football team, until he betrayed the team and instead transferred to the Wisconsin Warriors, the most powerful and evil team in all of Wisconsin.

Joel's Betrayal

After the events of the comic "The Big Trade-Off" (during that same night), Joel talked to James Johnson (who that day had sprained Gerry's hand, due to them being major enemies). Joel seems impressed with how he was able to take down the strongest and best member of their team. James appreciates the compliment, and offers Joel a place in the Wisconsin Warriors; an evil team who actually want to take over Green Bay and get rid of anybody good who will stop them. Joel accepts, and he not care for Gerry anymore, so the next day, he takes James to the McRearys' house to announce he is no longer on Gerry's team, or Gerry's best friend; his best friend is now James Johnson, which breaks Gerry's heart.


Joel's personality has changed a lot in the franchise. Being a supporting protagonist in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories and Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, Joel is very kind to Jason Parker and Salvador Real, respectively. In Joel's only two appearances in the main series before becoming an antagonist ("Frightful Football Reunions" and "The Big Trade-Off"), he is portrayed as being friendly towards Gerry, who was his best friend at the time. He is also concerned about safety, as shown in the former comic, seeing how he thinks football is unsafe (despite him playing football in SR: VS, which is set two years before the main series began in 2013).

Even in Joel's first appearance in the main series, he played a minor antagonist role, which angered Packie to the point of choking him, since Joel disrespected the other siblings for having a different taste in music than One Direction, so he went around the house turning off their music. Joel was mostly seen as a good guy in SR's early comics, until "Gonzales Vs. McReary", where he ultimately betrayed the McReary family after being promised full power over the Wisconsin Warriors by James Johnson. Joel's personality after this comic changed, and after this he was seen as very rude and careless towards the siblings.

However, Joel's villain ways upset his little brother Jose, who wishes that Joel will be nicer to the McRearys, or at least show some love for him. Joel takes this to heart, and actually begins to show love towards his little brother starting with "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)". However, despite him ultimately loving his brother, he will still show no remorse when Jose is upset with his evil ways, and will tell him to stay out of the way when Joel is carrying out evil plans.

Joel merely wants to imprison the McRearys (or at least use them and their friends as slaves, as depicted in "The Amnesia Act of 2015", "My Fair Slav-ee", and "Opposite Day"). Giovanni also cannot decide if he would rather have the McRearys join the Warriors' side, or kill them. In Season 7 comic "Cabin Buddies", Giovanni orders Joel to poison the siblings' food and leave their unconsious bodies to drown in the waterfall while in a fishing boat. When Jose tells Joel "You disgust me, leaving the siblings and their father to die, and for what?", Joel has a morbid fantasy of how killing them will lead to him being much more hated than ever before; he feels instant regret, and runs out to save them. He solidifies himself as having a soft spot, and ends that comic as an ally. Not to mention, there are more comics where he sides with them instead of wanting to defeat them, a notable example being "Barking Up The Wrong Tree".

In the comic "Pack To The Future", set in the year 2024, Joel has given up evil and has developed a friendship with Packie. With the help of Giovanni, he built a small gym in his backyard, and working out has become his passion. He has also gotten several tattoos; on his right arm he has the Wisconsin Warriors logo and a snake (reference to the tattoo on The Simpsons character Snake Jailbird albeit in less quality; on his left arm he has a skull and the One Direction logo; he has a religious cross on his right leg, and his initials J.G on his left leg.

The Mighty J (Superhero Alter-Ego)

In Season 9 comic comic of the same name, after feeling satisfaction from stopping a lady from being robbed, Joel decides to create a superhero persona dubbed "The Mighty J"; an anonymous figure who goes around helping anybody in need. The tasks he did included saving Michelle Stone's cat who got stuck in a tree, or helping his grandmother crossing the street (while she does not know it is actually Joel and even tells him that Joel would never be nice enough to help her). At the end of the comic, his cover was blown on national TV, when Giovanni turned himself into the police after robbing a local store, and Joel revealed himself as being affiliated with Giovanni. This marks the end of the Mighty J.

Events of Sibling Rivalries Franchise

2011: Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories

In June 2011, Joel is on the Vancouver Vultures football team, and is friends with Gerry, Francis, Jason Parker and Drake Romero. He has #9 on his jersey (#8 was taken by Drake), and has an unknown position on the field, although it could be wide reciever, like Jason.

2012: Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures

In January 2012, protagonist Salvador Real Arrayga is introduced to Joel by Pablo Torres. Pablo wants Salvador to throw a party, and he invites some guests for the "party" (Joel, his little brother Jose, Eric Serrato, and Joshua Jackson). Salvador agrees to turn the "party" into a "hang-out". Jose goes home early, but Joel stays. Joel would later help Salvador stop Armando Vasquez and Braulio Gullien Samaguey from taking his popularity away.

2013-Present: Sibling Rivalries

In October 2013, Joel and Jose move to Green Bay, Wisconsin. He befriends the McReary Family, but when he meets James Johnson, he finds out James is a better friend than Gerry McReary. This is why he "betrays" the McRearys, and stays away from them and gets power from the Wisconsin Warriors. After San Salvador's Story, Joel goes missing from the series, and is not seen again until Dodgeball Mishap, written almost six months later. DR4L claims Joel was gone because of him being grounded.


  • Joel is a fan of the British-Irish band One Direction, which was seen in "Frightful Football Reunions" and "A Christmas Story".
  • Joel's nationality is unknown. Gonzales is a Spanish last name, so this could mean he is part Mexican. Being born in Canada, he would most likely be Canadian as well. It is possible that the reason for Joel being Mexican-Canadian could be the same as Armando Vasquez; both have Mexican fathers who got together with a Canadian woman.
    • Furthermore, Joel's brother Jose has a Spanish first name, which could definitely confirm that the Gonzales brothers are part Mexican.
  • Originally Joel was going to be a friend of the McReary family, but he was re-casted as an enemy. However, Joel's little brother Jose is still on good terms with the McRearys.
  • Joel has Instagram, and likes to take selfies of himself ("Do You Get The Message?").
  • In SRA and VS, Joel actually plays a role as a supporting protagonist instead of a villain.
  • Joel does not play a villain role in "The Big Trade-Off", "A Christmas Story", "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero", "Brothers For Life", "Packie The Prankster", "Tell It To My Therapist", "Cabin Buddies" (doing bad things to the McRearys but ultimately redeeming himself at the end and ending the comic as an ally), "Barking Up The Wrong Tree", "Pack To The Future", or "Wi-Fi Gone Awry", although he does give Packie a minor threat in "Brothers For Life" before he was dragged away by Jose, and slaps Packie for not being able to help him in "Tell It To My Therapist".
  • Joel serves as the protagonist of "Life of Joel" and "The Mighty J!".
  • He absolutely hates the word "police", and it literally gives him hives to even hear the word ("Barking Up The Wrong Tree").
  • Joel and Gerry are the only two characters in the series to show nudity, as Gerry's butt was shown in "Fightin' Irish" and "McReary TV", and Joel was depicted sitting on the toilet while making Packie read a story to him in "My Fair Slav-ee".
  • Starting with Season 7, Joel has made more appearances where he did not play the role as antagonist, or ended the comic as an ally. Season 7 is also the first to not have a traditional "defeat Joel" plot, unless "Dream On" is counted where he is defeated by the McRearys in his own dream, and he wakes up upset, or "Joyride" but Giovanni had the true main antagonist role and Joel played a smaller role.
  • Joel is strangely the only member of the Wisconsin Warriors to not wear the logo (outside of when wearing his football uniform). James permanently wears his Warriors football uniform, Marco and Trevor wear the logo on their shirts starting with Season 7, and Giovanni has a Warriors tattoo on both of his forearms. In "Pack To The Future", Joel is seen to eventually get a Warriors tattoo on one of his arms, but the Warriors would have been dissolved at this point.



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