Jose Gonzales in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures

"I'm glad I'm the favorite!"
―Jose Gonzales

Jose Gonzales Jr. appears as a main recurring character in Sibling Rivalries, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, and Cletus Comics.

He is the younger brother of Joel Gonzales, and claims that he is the favorite out of both of them.

Although his brother betrayed the McReary family, Jose does not approve of any of his evilness, and tells him from time to time that he should actually respect them. Despite Joel's hatred toward them, Jose remains friends with them, and he still hangs out with them, as he helps them on their diamond-stealing mission (which is now non-canon, however), attends their New Years party, and many more. Jose even votes for Packie as school president of Wisconsin Elementary School in Patrick McReary: School President, much to Joel's annoyance, since Jose was supposed to vote for him instead. 

Despite their ups and downs, Joel says he still loves Jose with all of his heart, and will protect him no matter what, even though Jose constantly annoys him, and refuses to help Joel with his evil schemes against the McReary siblings.


  • Jose bears a similar resemblance to Dimitri Rascalov.
  • For a while, Jose Gonzales, along with Salvador Martinez, were the only two non-protagonists besides Packie's siblings whose exact birthdates were revealed, until birth dates were created for the rest of the SR characters in September 2015.
  • As of Season 4, Jose's hairstyle has been changed, being similar to that of Salvador Real's. Before "Field Trip Gone Wrong!", his hair appeared slightly messier.
  • Jose Gonzales is the author's favorite character of the series, alongside Jason Parker, and Steve Madison. Because of this, he tries to give Jose more appearances in the series.
  • Jose's nickname was supposed to be "Little Jose", but it had only been used once in the series, by Joel in his debut appearance.
  • In his first appearance, Jose had a small villain role, but in his appearances after, his character was changed from an antagonist to a good character. Jose shows distaste for evil, and sides with the McReary siblings whenever Joel attempts a scheme. Although Jose and Packie always bust Joel, Jose still shows love to his big brother, and hopes that Joel loves him too. This is shown more in the comics from mid-Season 4.
  • The only comics that Jose appears without his brother are "Diamonds in the Rough", "The McRearys' Halloween Special!" (although it was only a Halloween decoration and wasn't actually him), "Happy New Year!", "Field Trip Gone Wrong!", "House Party", "Wouldn't It Be Nice?", "Straight Outta Green Bay", "Uncle Cameron Moves In", "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie", although in every comic listed except for "The McRearys' Halloween Special!", "Field Trip Gone Wrong!", "House Party", and "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie", Joel is mentioned by either him or other characters.
  • Jose is a Junior (he was named after his father), which is weird since Joel was born before him.
  • Jose and Steve Madison are the only non main cast members to appear in every comic of a season, with Jose appearing in all Season 5 and 9 comics, and Steve appearing in all comics of a season since Season 7.
  • Revealed in "Opposite Day", Jose had a Rubix cube he named "Blocky" from back in 2011, which he thought he left at Jason Parker's house but Joel actually had it the entire time. Jose is so attached to the Rubix cube that it takes his mind off of everything else, and in the comic he completely ignored Joel's plan to enslave the McRearys and friends.
  • Jose was depicted to have a crush on Kate in very early comics, but this has long since been a discontinued running gag.
    • In his debut appearance, he told Kate he would free her from being captured by Joel if she gave him a kiss, resulting in her kicking him multiple times
    • In "Diamonds in the Rough" (a non-canon comic), he was about to kiss her, much to the disgust of Kate, before he was distracted by the other siblings
    • In "The Curse of the Milderbeast", Kate was left alone in the wilderness and said "at least Jose Gonzales isn't here", when he suddenly appears out of nowhere saying "looking for me, sweetie! I sprayed on some of my brother's cologne just to impress you!", resulting in Kate knocking him out
    • In "The McRearys' Halloween Special!", Kate was not scared by Salvador Ventura's haunted house by any means, until she screamed at a life-sized statue of Jose, who she knew loved him in a creepy way
    • In "Happy New Year!", when Gerry says he considers Jose a family, Jose fainted at the idea of being in the same family as Kate (last comic to show him having a crush on Kate)



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