"I just realized how scared I am of deep waters while I was trying to retrieve the toy torpedo at the very end of the pool!"

Journey to the Bottom of the Pool is the third comic in Season 9 of of Sibling Rivalries, and the 70th comic total.


When Derrick sees a toy left at the very end of the deep side of San Salvador's built-in swimming pool, he is determined to face his fears of deep water to save it. San Salvador helps Derrick, even though he struggles with the same fear.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic (does not apply to Claude)
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appear in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

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  • Second comic to mainly take place around a swimming pool, since Season 3 comic "The Pool Date"; yet, that comic did focus more on Kate's love triangle between Mark Sanders and Salvador Ventura than actual swimming. The McReary boys did have a sub-plot about jumping off a diving board.
    • In "The Pool Date", Gerry (and to a lesser extent, Derrick) showed concern about jumping off the diving board into the deep end, but got it over with and were happy they conquered their fears. However in this comic, they are afraid of the deep end again. While the events of "The Pool Date" remain canon with the series, it is odd how the siblings became scared of the deep end again (except for story purposes as GTA Nerd puts it) unless it really has been five years since they ventured deep waters (though Packie and Francis were surfing at the beach in "Straight Outta Green Bay").
  • GTA Nerd actually got the idea from a dream he had during the night of August 8, 2020.
  • San Salvador lives in the same mansion that appears in "Pack To The Future", which did not match the house he lived at in his debut comic (meaning he moved houses between 2013 and 2020).
  • The comic is set after "The Mighty J!", since when Joel makes a cameo appearance, he wears the same eye mask as he did in that comic when under the superhero persona. He wore a similar mask in Packie's dream in "Dream On", although the comic is set before "Torres and Tribulations" which takes place before every subsequent comic including "The Mighty J!".
  • Third appearance of a real firearm in the series after Season 5 comic "The Lockdown" and Season 9 comic "The Mighty J!"; in this case, San Salvador's father has a shotgun for self defense purposes.
  • First comic to put Derrick in the position of the protagonist, although him and Gerry both shared the position of protagonist in "Trading Places".
  • This marks the first time that normally non-speaking objects talk in a cartoonish matter; in this case, characters' lungs, brains, and even San Salvador's heart communicate with each other, to express how they are scared, or how the lungs are running out of oxygen while underwater.
  • The toy torpedo in question is revealed to belong to Steve Madison, which he named Michael, and further goes on to say he "named it after a boy in my Science class which I-", but dismisses his sentence as being a long story he does not want to get into. This could imply Steve has a crush on a boy named Michael at school.
  • San Salvador is revealed to be a Catholic, as are the McReary siblings as well.
  • San Salvador's pool is depicted as pretty dirty, with crumbs, a full unopened water bottle, pair of underwear, rocks, a cloth, sock, and a test tube on the floor, along with the torpedo that was saved.
  • Normally, GTA Nerd drew water bubbles without color in previous comics including "The Pool Date", but in this comic they were shaded black to not be confused with the thought bubbles, since thought bubbles were how characters spoke underwater throughout the comic.


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