"Hey, Kate, wanna watch me play football?"
―Mark to Kate

Mark Sanders (born July 3, 2005; current age: 8) is a supporting character in Sibling Rivalries. He was the boyfriend of Kate McReary, but they broke up off-"screen", and Kate later starts "dating" Salvador Real.

Mark returns in Season 3 onward with a slightly larger role. Mark finds out that Kate is now dating Salvador, and admits that he still loves her, so he tries to get her back. At first Kate isn't happy to see Mark, but after finding out that Mark never broke up with her, they get back together, and Kate breaks up with Salvador. GTA Nerd also chose to do this after seeing the 7th Grade Sal dating the 2nd Grade Kate to be a very weird choice.

Mark started out as a stereotypical football jock, in a similar vein as Gerry, and Kate was in love as she watched him play. However, the football side of him slowly vanished as he stayed Kate's girlfriend, and he became more of a cheesy romantic type of character, as cheesy as the second grade kids can be. However, Mark returned to his original form in Season 8 finale "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie", and he is a part of Gerry's Football Gang that hang out at recess.

Mark is one of several McReary siblings' love interests, the others being Michelle Stone for Packie, Kiki Jenkins for Francis, and Shelia Goodin for Gerry). However, Michelle, Kiki, and Shelia were eventually removed as characters by the sixth season due to all three being very underused, although Mark remained with a prominent role. However, Michelle returned in the eighth season and it was confirmed that her and Packie will remain together in the future.


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Total Number of Series Appearances: 20


  • So far, "Locker 239" was the only physical appearance of Mark, until Season 3.
  • When Mark appeared, he was always shown sweaty from playing football, but from "The Pool Date" until "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie", he no longer appears sweaty and he wasn't shown to like football anymore.
  • It is unknown if Mark is on a football team despite him never shown playing aside from at recess
  •  Retcon: Mark and Kate break up in "San Salvador's Story", but it is not seen. However, at the end, Kate is still seen happy and does not mention breaking up with Mark (although it may be because she accidentally mistaked fruit punch for liquor, like the other siblings did). Breaking up with Mark is not mentioned until "Happy New Year!", but in The McRearys' Halloween Special! (which takes place between "San Salvador's Story" and "Happy New Year!"), she is still seen to like Mark, although they broke up. Of course, "Happy New Year!" was written at least a month or two after the Halloween comic.
  • Kate breaking up with Salvador and getting back with Mark in Season 4 was a choice by GTA Nerd, as he felt that these two were a better couple than Kate and Salvador, as they are the same age (unlike Kate and Salvador, who are eight years apart).
  • His favorite singer is Ariana Grande as shown in "ApRiL fOoLs DaY: wIsCoNsIn StYlE!", although this was a non-canon comic so it is unknown if this is actually true in the real continuity; GTA Nerd confirmed it is.



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