"Wow Packie, you did great [in that football game]! And you look handsome in that football uniform!"
―Michelle in "The Big Trade-Off"

Michelle Stone is a supporting character in Sibling Rivalries.

She is the girlfriend of Patrick McReary, as well as the first person that he talks to when arriving at Wisconsin Elementary School (or for that matter, the first new person he meets in Wisconsin). Michelle loves Packie and thinks he is cute; she even takes a liking to his Irish accent. Packie is madly in love with Michelle too.

The first comic to deal with their relationship is in "One Tough Break-Up" in autumn 2015 , when the pair briefly break up when Michelle's family is thought to be leaving Green Bay. This puts Packie into a great depression, so he finds a temporary girlfriend in Natalie Carson. However, their relationship did not last since Natalie has anger issues and pushed Packie to end it. Another bump in Packie and Michelle's relationship was in "Satellite Screw-Up" (set in March 2016), when Michelle gets mad when she thought he kissed Katie Torres in a satellite image. After that incident cleared up, their relationship returned back to normal. The couple get "married" in "ApRiL fOoLs DaY: wIsCoNsIn StYlE!", although this was non-canon.

As of the present day, Packie and Michelle's relationship status is unknown. There were no references to Michelle in the sixth season and she was not involved in Packie's fame, nor his criminal case in the "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero"-"Brothers For Life" story arc (which was later confirmed as a non-canon set of events), set in September 2016. Michelle has a small cameo appearance in "Life of Joel" and again in "Torres and Tribulations", this time with a speaking role (both set in early 2020), being her first canon appearance since "Satellite Screw-Up" which was released in March 2016.

Later, GTA Nerd explained that Michelle, as well as Kiki Jenkins and Shelia Goodin (the love interests of Francis and Gerry, respectively) were removed as characters due to being extremely underused, while Mark Sanders, the love interest of Kate, had a frequently recurring role, so he stayed.

However, Michelle returned as Packie's girlfriend in Season 8 comic "Barking Up The Wrong Tree", being the first time she was mentioned as his girlfriend in four years, thus her character is not entirely retired. Sure enough, the two remain a couple well into the future, as in "Pack To The Future" they are revealed to still be in a relationship and even share Biology class together during their sophomore year; they have drifted apart a bit, but reunite at Salvador Martinez's party. Packie even mentions he wants Michelle to be the mother to their kids.


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