Faustin in GTA IV

Mikhail Faustin was a minor antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, and a mentioned character in The Lost and Damned. He and his best friend Dimitri Rascalov moved to Liberty City years prior to GTA IV.

Drug Addictions

Mikhail is known to be on drugs. In Do You Have Protection?, he yells at Dimitri a couple of times. He does hug him at one point, saying he "f*cking loves him".


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Faustin moments before his death.


  • If the player calls Mikhail's cellphone and listens to the answering message, it's possible to hear what Mikhail may have been like before becoming aggressive. In the voice-mail recording, he is calm and politely tells the caller to "contact him at his home" when he is available or "as an alternative leave [him] a message".
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