"It's already May and my big bro will be done with high school in a few weeks! So crazy..."

Pack To The Future is the sixth special of Sibling Rivalries. It is also the fourth comic in Season 8, and the 64th comic total.


Several years into the future, Francis is 18 and close to graduating high school, while Packie (now 15 years old and a high school sophomore) must cope with the sadness of his brother leaving him for out-of-state college.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic (does not apply to Claude)
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appear in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

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Character Differences

The comic is set four years from the characters' current ages and grades in every other series comic. Here are some ways that characters differ from their normal depictions.

  • Francis, who is normally 14 years old and in 8th grade, is now 18 and about to graduate as a high school senior. He has always loved hanging out with Packie in normal comics, but is very excited about leaving for college which unintentionally makes Packie sad and thinks he has lost love for him. Otherwise, both brothers would dread being far away from each other.
  • Packie, who is normally 11 and in 6th grade, is now 15 and in 10th grade. He is more laid back and mature in his dialogue, and keeps love for his siblings and friends. However, he does emotionally lose it when Francis is about to abandon him for college, the thought of which now gives him a side of depression never normally seen with the character (only other times he was this sad were in "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero" and "Brothers For Life" but those were non-canon).
  • Gerry, who is normally 10 and in 5th grade, is now 14 and in 9th grade. He is excited having been a part of the high school freshman and JV football team and eagerly waits next year where he will make varsity.
  • Derrick, who is normally 8 and in 4th grade, is 12 and made it to high school two years early, currently being in Gerry's 9th grade class. He is "living his best life" because learning high school math has become his best challenge yet.
  • Kate, who is normally 7 and in 2nd grade, is now 11 and in 6th grade (matching Packie's age in the normal comics). She is still together with Mark, over time she has starting to see him a jerk but remains with him as he is still crazy for her.
  • Joel, who is normally 13 and in 7th grade, is now 17 and in 11th grade. As time went on, he gave up his stupid plans to "take over Wisconsin" and took up weight lifting as a positive hobby. He has established a friendship with Packie, who turns to him when he needs to relieve some stress via working out.
  • Jose, being the same age as Gerry, was also a part of the high school freshman team. He is Joel's workout partner and the brothers' friendship has never been so fantastic
  • Steve, who is normally 13 and in 7th grade, is now 17 but in 10th grade. He should be in 11th grade but he was held back sometime between 7th and 10th grade. He often picks on the sophomores without knowing he is in the same grade as them.
  • Claude, who is normally 13 and in 7th grade, is now 17 and in 11th grade. He continues to date Madison DeoBer, and had his "voice box" fixed so now he talks. However, it is still brand-new and showing "glitches" and he always says the wrong things, so his friends must massage his neck because that supposedly offers a temporary fix.
  • Pete, who is normally 11 and in 6th grade, is now 15 and in 10th grade (same as Packie). This is barely his second appearance (the comic before this being his first), so not much can be said about the character until he is established more in normal comics. However, he speaks fluent English as opposed to the broken English he used to have, as he has spent more time in America after immigrating from Colombia.
  • San Salvador, who is normally 16 and in 10th grade, is now 20 and currently in his sophomore year at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
  • Tony, who is the same age as Claude, is also a sophomore. His leg was healed for a while until he recently received another injury in a JV football game in 2023, so he wears a medical boot on the same leg.
  • Armando Vasquez, who is the same age as Claude, came out as gay during high school. Throughout the comic, he is seen with boyfriend Jederek Posey, while his brother Braulio happily supports their relationship.


  • This might just be the last comic in chronological order (unless future comics explore the lives of the siblings as they are older), thus every comic written before and after "Pack To The Future" will be set before this comic takes place.
    • Due to the floating timeline of the series, the comic would be set in 2024 (from the time of release) since the McRearys have been the same ages from 2013 all the way to 2020. If the series continues after 2020, then the setting of this comic would have to be moved up one year. Without the floating timeline, and had the series kept the characters aging with real life, then the comic would be set in 2017. No references to a specific year was made in the comic, with edits made later to make the year unknown (although Troy Wilson's future artwork on his page states 2024).
  • First comic of the series to use mild language, since at one point Packie tells Francis how him moving away is a way he is "crapping over their friendship". Prior to this, the word "crap" was only used once in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and a few times in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador V's Adventures.
  • While building the future world, most assets were reused from cancelled series Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, including locations (mainly the reintroduction of Green Bay Southwest High School which was not drawn for four years) and some character designs.
  • This is the second shortest special of the series, being 23 pages ("Satellite Screw-Up" is the shortest at 21 pages), as opposed to the 25 of "Meet The Robots!", 30 of "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)", 35 of "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero" and "Brothers For Life" combined, and 37 of "Straight Outta Green Bay".
  • The title is a clear reference to the Back to the Future movie series, and spoofs how TV animated sitcom The Simpsons had a future-themed episode named "Bart to the Future", even if it was poorly received.
  • This will be the second time a comic of the series has a scene/scenes set in the future, the first being Season 1's "Yearning to be Young" with a future scene depicting the McReary kids 30 years older.
  • One of the classrooms at the high school is labeled "Ms. Krabappel's 11th Grade English", the name being a reference to The Simpsons character Edna Krabappel who, when her voice actress Martha Wallace passed away in 2013, her character died as well.
  • Some things that are mentioned in the future include a Grand Theft Auto VI on PlayStation 5 with split-screen multiplayer, a GTA Online Mobile game for phones, a non-existant song with Eminem, Cardi B, and Y.G., and a "PeachMac 2.0" where the user can talk to the computer like an actual person, and ask it to do tasks (almost like a more advanced version of A.I's such as Amazon Alexa).
  • Aiden McReary makes his first appearance, as a spirit which comes to Packie's dream to give him advice.
  • Before Francis leaves to college, he gives Packie his special black hat, which references the end of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 where he passes his hat onto John Marston; Packie even mentions this himself. It is also revealed that without the hat, Francis has very poofy hair, which is why he wears a hat to cover it all. This is the second time Packie wears his brother's hat, after Season 5 comic "Trading Places", but this time, it is his to keep forever.
  • The characters that come to say their goodbyes to Francis before he departs on his plane flight include his parents, siblings, Michelle, Adrian, Angel, Salvador, Joel, and Jose.
  • This is the first time Packie is truly mad at Francis, and lashes out at him because he is going to college early, and "crapping all over the brotherhood" they built up over the years. Their arguments are reminiscent of those from GTA Nerd's least favorite two-part comic "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero"/"Brothers For Life". Also, just like Francis did in BFL, in this comic Packie has flashbacks to happy times between the brothers (from comics "Hello, Wisconsin!", "Happy New Year!", "Fourth Of July", "The Amnesia Act of 2015", "Straight Outta Green Bay", and "Best Brother"; all of these flashbacks to other comics were written in cheaper pens so they appear older, since SR has switched to better quality gel pens beginning with Season 6, unlike BFL which had the flashbacks written in gel pens and had many lines altered from their original incarnation. Of course, WGH and BFL are non-canon).
  • There are several characters whose fates remain unknown in the future, such as Officer Charlie Macias, Officer Fred Miller, J.J., and Joe Hill. Also, Hector's biological son Zack Marshall (introduced in Season 9 comic "The Forgotten Son") is also absent, but this can be excused due to retcons.


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