"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to prank day!"

Packie The Prankster is the fifth comic in Season 7 of Sibling Rivalries, and the 57th comic total.


Packie has a "prank day" where he pulls pranks on his siblings and friends, but one of his pranks lands him in trouble.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic (does not apply to Claude)
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appear in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary-Wilson Family

McReary Siblings' Friends




  • First comic to be released after GTA Nerd officially graduated from high school! The COVID-19 pandemic delayed him from having an official ceremony and he did complete schoolwork online, which caused him to be busy in April and not make any comics (this comic was also delayed).
  • This is only the second comic to have Packie's name in the title ("Patrick McReary: School President").
  • This comic marks the return of Albert Green, who last appeared in Season 1's "Locker 239".
  • This is one of many comics where Salvador does not appear with Eduardo or Claude.
  • Angel is the only main cast member (not counting the parents or Joel) that Packie does not attempt to pull a prank on, and Steve Madison was the only non-main cast character that he pulls a prank on. In fact, these were all the pranks which he made:
    • Francis: Tricked by fake dog poop which he steps in
    • Gerry: Packie swaps out his favorite cereal bowl with a fake rubber one, preventing him from enjoying a bowl
    • Derrick: Passes out for two minutes when Packie fakes himself passing out, then gives him a paper with "painfully incorrect math equations"
    • Steve: Gets ketchup sprayed into his face when Packie messes with the school's water fountain
    • Salvador: Packie gives him a soccer ball and he goes to kick it, but hurts him as it was actually all-metal
    • Kate: Packie's intended prank was get Kate to run into a poster of Mark, but she would step on a pad that would bring a bucket of water down and drench her. However, Mr. Green walks into this instead which causes Packie to get in trouble
  • Second time Packie gets in trouble with the law, the first time being in the non-canon comic "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero". When Principal Leone is reading Packie's record after he gets in trouble from the prank, him lashing out on the students on the playground in that comic were not mentioned, as those events did not actually happen.
  • Packie is taken to Portage County Juvenile Detention as punishment for his prank, with this being the same jail that Joel and his cronies were taken to in "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)". Joel is in the jail in this comic, being the second time he has been arrested since the aforementioned comic and "Get Rec'd!".
  • Fourth comic after Joel's betrayal where he appears but does not have an antagonistic role ("A Christmas Story", "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero", "Brothers For Life").
  • Packie mentions Eminem's recently released album, "Music To Be Murdered By", although since GTA Nerd likes to keep the series pretty G-rated, the title is renamed to "Music To Be Moved By" in-universe.


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