Pairing Stories (originally titled as "Vince's Pairing Stories", or sometimes it can be called by its unofficial full name "P.S: Of Love and Adventures") is a written series by Vince.

This series is mostly compiled of romantic comedy, drama, subtle action and fanmade adaptations of several series pairings, or "ships" as called by most of the anime and manga community, with the exception of Stickman Universe and Slush Invaders: The Series. Pairing Stories only contains the pairing stories of the series Vince has his interest in, therefore, written materials of other series Vince is not familiar or interested it is not incorporated in this series.

This series also contains harem and parody, depending on the "situation" of any of the stories or "episodes".

Episode List

This section is about the Episodes in the Pairing Stories series


This section is about the characters present in each of the Pairing Stories episodes.


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Episode 1:

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Episode 2:

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Episode 3:

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Episode 4:

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Episode 5:

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Episode 6:

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Episode 7:

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Special Section

This section is about the extra/bonus stories within the Pairing Stories series

Series Adapted From

This section is about the series in which the above episodes are adapted/based off of.


  • Prequel and Episode 1 - Stickman Universe (PRE - Chapter I and Ep. 1 - Chapter VI)
  • Episode 2 - Sword Art Online
  • Episode 3 and 5 - Hayate: The Combat Butler!
  • Episode 4 - The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
  • Episode 6 and 8 - To Love-Ru/To Love-Ru Darkness
  • Episode 7 - Pokemon: Advanced
  • Episode 9 - Date A Live
  • Special #4 - Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement


  • Originally, the series was going to be named "Romance Fiction Stories", but Vince deemed it to be too "classic" and "unimaginative".
  • The omake section contains original stories with original characters by Vince, though, if by chance, the characters may suddenly reference known characters from other series, as pointed out by Vince's classmates when they were told by Vince about Omake #1's story and characters in real life.
  • The "episodes" of this series are mostly "retold" versions of some story arcs from their respective, mostly being told in a different way than their original storylines did.
  • All of the episodes take place in alternate continuities of the series they are based off of.
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