Hayate and Athena is the third episode of Pairing Stories.

The story revolves around Hayate Ayasaki and Athena Tennousu from the Hayate: The Combat Butler! (In romaji: Hayate no Gotoku!) manga and anime series. This story, much like the rest of the Pairing Stories "episodes", is set in an alternate reality and timeline from the main timeline of the series the characters come from.

This story takes place from when before Nagi had asked Hayate to retrieve a King's Jewel from Mikado Sanzenin, Nagi's grandfather. Mostly this story starts during the early events of the Violet Mansion Arc, in where Hayate, Nagi and Maria now reside in Yukariko Sanzenin's, Nagi's late mother, small mansion that she had gave to the Sanzenin's head butler, Seishirou Klaus, who then passed it onto to Nagi.

The story will pick up from where nearly all of the available rooms within the Violet Mansion have now been rented in by Hinagiku Katsura, Kayura Tsurugino, Chiharu Harukaze, Ayumu Nishizawa and Ruka Suirenji.


Prologue - "10 Years Ago...":

[To be Added...]

Part 1 - "The Start of Yet Another New Day... in the Violet Mansion!":

[To be Added...]


This section is about the characters featured in this story.

Main Characters:

  • Hayate Ayasaki - [To be Added...]
  • Athena Tennousu - [To be Added...]

Supporting Characters:

  • Nagi Sanzenin - [To be Added...]
  • Hinagiku Katsura - [To be Added...]
  • Maria - [To be Added...]
  • Ruka Suirenji - [To be Added...]
  • Ayumu Nishizawa - [To be Added...]
  • Chiharu Harukaze - [To be Added...]
  • Sakuya Aizawa - [To be Added...]
  • Izumi Segawa - [To be Added...]
  • Isumi Saginomiya - [To be Added...]
  • Aika Kasumi - [To be Added...]

Minor Characters:

  • Miki Hanabishi - [To be Added...]
  • Risa Asakaze - [To be Added...]
  • Seishirou Klaus - [To be Added...]
  • Tama - [To be Added...]
  • Mikado Sanzenin - [To be Added...]

Differences from the Main Timeline

[To be Added...]


  • Despite Nagi Sanzenin's role as the heroine of the series in the main timeline, she will only play a supporting role in this story due to this story focusing more on Hayate and Athena/Alice.
  • No hate towards the HayaNagi, HayaHina, HayaRuka, HayaMaria, HayAyumu, HayaHaru, HayaIzu, HayaKono, HayaIsu and HayaSaku are to be expected or to be taken from this story. Because I support all ships, except for HayaKote.
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