Vincent and Mio is the first episode of Pairing Stories.

The story revolves around Vincent Universe and Mio Akiyama from the Stickman Universe series (K-On!, in the case of Mio, as her counterpart in SU is based off of her), in where the two will find themselves in a few events that could take their friendship to a level that is something more special than the one they both currently are in.

This story is non-canon to the main Stickman Universe storyline, but is set in an alternate timeline from the main timeline.


Part 1 - "The Start of Something Lovely":

The date is May 26, 2015, at six o'clock in the morning, Vincent's alarm within his room begins to turn on, but Vincent isn't waking up, despite it being loud enough to awaken the rest of his hallmates, much their slight annoyance.

About ten minutes later, Vincent wakes up and looks around his room, then goes outside and finds that everyone is gone. He quickly goes to his clock and notices that he is late for the New Semester Welcoming at the Stadium of their University. He washes his face, grabs his bag and runs for it as he is late.

Meanwhile at the Stadium, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Azusa and Tsumugi from the Light Music Club, also known as the band, After school Tea Time, begins the Welcoming by performing "GO! GO! MANIAC" for the students present at the Stadium. As they perform, Vincent hurriedly runs across the University, coming across Red, Jessie, Amy, Paige, Kiro, Alfa and Stephanie, and all of them run throughout the entire University, having accidentally forgotten where the Welcoming will take place at. Mio, the bass player and back-up vocalist of the group, looks at the crowd to look for Vincent, but does not see him anywhere and begins to feel a bit upset. Vincent and the rest then reach the park, and as they are about to give up and accept being the only students to not be at the Welcoming, luckily, the song After school Tea Time is singing is heard by the group, and they all head to the Stadium, quickly blending into the crowd of students so as to not look as if though they were late. As the band finishes their song, Yui thanks everyone as they all cheer for the band. After they perform, the Dean of the University makes a speech to the students and ends it by announcing that the new semester will hold a few new classes and special additions to the University grounds, for the case of both the new and current students.

Everyone then leaves the Stadium. Red asks Alfa where Vincent is, to which he says that he went over to talk to Mio. Meanwhile, as the group, being helped by a bunch of their supporters, begin to take their equipment back to the Music Room, Vincent arrives and asks Yui and the others where Mio is. Ritsu says that Mio is feeling a bit upset because he was not present at the start of their welcoming song. Vincent apologizes, reasoning he was late as he couldn't get up from his sleep, despite his alarm clock ringing loud enough to wake up everyone else. Ritsu tells him to not apologize to them, but to Mio, as she is the one he promised to be there during their song. Tsumugi tells him that if he wants to know where Mio is, she says that she went to the Lake by herself.

Vincent then goes to the lake to apologize to her. At the lake, Mio is sitting on a rock and looks at the lake, feeling upset that Vincent was not present at the Welcoming during their performance. Vincen then arrives and calls out to her, where she then turns around and he sees him. Vincent approaches and apologizes to her for not being present at their performance just like he promised earlier that week. When asked why he did not make it, Vincent coyly says that he overslept, only a bit, which prompts Mio to tell him to sleep exactly just like he should and to not oversleep next time, saying that he was relying on him for support, just like he said when they met at Luxury City when the group first arrived to the City after they transferred to Luxury Summer High. She then asks him if the reason he was up late was because of something else, pointing at Red Rose, Vincent's special ability and power, to which he says it is not, telling her that he had lost Red Rose several months back, to her surprise, he then says that the reason he was up late was due to playing a new video game that had just come out, much to Mio's slight annoyance.

Vincent then once again apologizes to her and says that he will make it up to her in any sort of way he could possibly can. Mio then tells him that all she needs is Vincent's support throughout all of the things she will do and say. Vincent then tells her that he will give her his support within all the things she will do and say, promising that he will be there for her, no matter what. Also adding that, if she were to be in any sort of trouble, he would be there to protect her, regardless of what the situation is, which is what he said to her when they met at Luxury City a year ago.

Mio than thanks Vincent and they both head back to the others, until suddenly, Metoer Smasher appears and challenges Vincent to another fight, refusing to lose to him yet again. Vincent then tells him off by saying that, no matter what he does, he will always beat him because he relies too much on his own naive and brutish strength. Feeling insulted, Meteor Smasher causes a minor earthquake that ruptures the ground, creating a small hole on the ground. Vincent then carries Mio and they both dodge. Meteor Smasher than yells at Vincent, saying that he will not let his pride be ruined again by a teenager, until suddenly, Vincent kicks him on his back and flip kicks him across his head, which makes him tumble and hit a tree. Vincent engages Meteor Smasher in combat.

Though at first Vincent appears to be winning, as he tries to grab a giant slab of concrete from the ground, however, he can not as he does not have Red Rose anymore is instantly hit by Meteor Smasher, sending him flinging towards a giant rock. Vincent aches from the impact and hit of Smasher's attack, as without Red Rose, he can be killed through normal means now and is far more vulnearable to pain and fatal strikes. Mio calls out to him, until Smasher arrives and grabs her.

Smasher then taunts an agonizing Vincent, telling him that he intends to kidnap Mio and "use" her for as long as he wants, with the intention of wanting to see Vincent being miserable and feel far more pain that he has had. Smasher then kicks Vincent and grabs him by his neck, telling him that he'd like to see how much he would really feel pain right now, and then throws him to the ground. Smasher then humiliates him by telling that he will "user" her for his many personal needs, though his intention was to humiliate Vincent, this only further angers him.

As Smasher leaves with Mio, who is desperately calling out to Vincent, who seems to be knocked out, Vincent suddenly rises and a flaming blue aura surrounds him, with his eyes turning to an intense light blue color. Enraged, Vincent orders Smasher to let Mio go and to leave, but also gives him another option of refusing and to fight him again, this time, with Vincent saying that "he will most likely die" from the many upcoming attacks Vincent is about to deliver to him. Feeling taunted, Meteor Smasher attacks him, only for Vincent to send him flying to the air with a sudden and powerful uppercut, mimicking and creating the same light as Red Rose did when Vincent uses it. Vincent then jumps, forces Smasher to throw Mio and then sends him crashing to the ground by punching his face.

Smasher then crashes to the ground, creating a powerful impact which ironically creates a small meteor crater. Vincent then grabs Mio as she falls and they both land safely, whereas Smasher is left unconscious. Mio then asks Vincent if he is okay, but Vincent is still emitting the same flaming blue aura and still enraged. Vincent then tells her to get away from him, as he might unintentionally harm her as well. Mio then urges herself to calm him down, Mio then tells him that she will be okay, since she knows Vincent won't do anything to put her in harm's way. As Mio places her hand on Vincent, the aura then slowly begins to fade. She then, at first feeling a bit shy and embarrassed to do so, puts her arms around him, somewhat embracing him from behind, as Vincent slowly calms down and the aura around him finally disperses. Vincent then obliviously asks Mio why she is hugging him from behind, Mio then suddenly notices what she is doing and then, in a flustered mood, says that she only did it so that he would calm down again.

Completely obtuse to what she said, Vincent asks her again why she did it. Suddenly, Red and the others appear, with Alfa saying that he saw the impact of Smasher's crash and called everyone else to help just in case. Vincent then says that Smasher is knocked out and no longer needs to worry about him. Paige and Kiro then look at the crater, to find Smasher still unconscious.

Jessie says that the other students had already called the authorities and are on their way. Vincent then tells Kiro and Paige to look after Smasher, just in case he wakes up and decides to make a run for it. Everyone else then decides to go back. Vincent then looks back and sees that Mio is a bit shy in going back after what she just did. Vincent then holds and grabs her arm and tells her that everything is okay and to come with him back to the University Grounds, telling her that Yui and the others might be waiting for her. Mio then agrees and they both, along the others, except Kiro and Paige, head back.

Part 2 - "My Wonderful Secret that is Unknown":

Two days later after the Welcoming Ceremony, Vincent and Red are sparring once again. Originally, before Vincent sacrificed the power of the Red Rose to save all of existence against the Dark Alliance, he was nearly invincible and could easily outmatch Red, but it seems as though he is back in having trouble trying to keep up with his best friend.

Red, being incredibly too fast, as his main ability is agility, begins to unleash a row of punches on Vincent, who begins to do nothing but dodge them, narrowly but still getting hit. Amy, another member of the Universe Crew and one of the girls that Vincent has caught their affection for unbeknowingly, worries for Vincent, knowing that he is now far more vulnearable to nearly all attacks unlike from when he still had Red Rose. Sensing what she is thinking, Alfa, the leader of his group within the Universe Crew called, the Rock Hard Gladiators (or RHG in short), tells Vincent and Red to stop the spar.

Red then agrees, saying that he doesn't want to prolong their spar anymore than it should. Though feeling completely exhausted and visibly in bad shape, Vincent tells Red to continue on, not wanting to back out until either he's really defeated or won their spar. Paige, another member of the Universe Crew and Dark Green's love interest, tells Vincent to "let go of the tough attitude" and stop their fight. Jessie, another member of the Universe Crew and Red's girlfriend, agrees. Vincent then tells them all to not get in his way of his training, saying that without Red Rose, he feels as though he is useless now if he does not get to the same level of experience as he did when he had Red Rose prior to him utilizing all of its power and letting go of it.

Red then asks Vincent if he's seriously gonna continue, worried that his best friend's current state of both physical and mental level could endanger him. Vincent then says he will be fine, reasoning that he's had plenty of close calls before that were near at death's front door, also adding that nothing has killed him so far. Red then says that nothing has killed him, YET, telling him to try and not to get himself in danger, or worse, killed. He then withdraws from the fight and tells Vincent to not constantly "beat himself up" to further himself, only because Red Rose is gone from him, saying that if he wants to be himself again, he just has to be himself, use his own instincts and "go in and hope for the best", a quote that he said when they he and Vincent, together, defeated Beast, which reminds Vincent of how he had originally started out and gone through, fought and survived against all of the things he was thrown to without Red Rose. This snaps him out of his state and he agrees.

Though he then collapses to the ground, unconscious, having been critically exhausted from the intense spar with Red. The others rush to him and asks if he is okay, to which he painfully says that he is indeed okay, and that he only needs to rest for now. Jessie then comically scolds Red for taking their fight too far, again, to the latter's apology. Alfa then tells Red to help him carry Vincent to the Infirmary.

Elsewhere, inside the University's Music Room, Yui, Mio, Tsumugi, Azusa and Rima are practicing on a new song that they all seem to can't verify what song they really are working on, with Ritsu comedically announcing that they should do a Maid Cafe type of song, where they can all wear maid outfits, further stating that Mio would be the one that would "stand out the most" from all of them due to her shy attitude, with Mio responding by hitting Rima over the head and saying that she will not wear a maid outfit only to work on a new song. Mio then adds that wearing frills and a very cute maid outfit would be too much for her to handle, since people would notice and she'd get unwanted attention. Rima then says that that's the point of it, saying that Mio will be the one dragging all the attention for them due to her personality and cute appearance because of her attitude, which then prompts Mio to hit her over the head again, saying that she will not allow it as she would not be able to handle that much attention and would most likely faint if that were to happen, telling Rima to stop suggesting such things, making Yui, Azusa and Claire laugh, followed by Mio and Rima laughing as well. The group then laughs off the idea and decided on a new one afterwards.

Later, after being unable to come up with what kind of song they should all do for the second week of the new semester's festival, Yui and the others leave, as Mio decides to check up on her Bass before she leaves as well. After packing her Bass, Mio then leaves the Music Room.

She walks across the hallway and notices Stephanie, Vincent's disciple and one of the girls to be attracted to him, running towards the infirmary. Mio then decides to check on what is going on. She comes by the Infirmary and goes inside, there she finds Red, Alfa, Stephanie, Amy, Jessie and Kiro standing by Vincent, who is unconscious. Mio then asks the group what happened to him, where Nurse Sacheka says that Vincent had over exhausted himself earlier in the day, saying that he has been in the Infirmary for a few hours now and has not woke up since Red and the others brought him there. Concerned, Mio asks Red what caused him to over exhaust himself, to which he says that they were sparring earlier, adding that he and the rest decided to stop their spar, as Vincent was visibly worn out, but he urged Red to continue and then collapsed afterwards. Nurse Sacheka tells the group that Vincent needs to rest for now and he might also need to drink plenty of water to help further regain his energy. Jessie then gets a call from Dark Green, asking them if they could join up with him and the other members of the Universe Crew.

When she asks why, Dark Green tells her that Black Lightning had survived his battle with Vincent from their previous and "thought to be" final battle during the end of the war, to the shock of Red, Amy, Stephanie, Alfa and Kiro. Dark Green says that Paige had already come by earlier since JunWizard had called her earlier and that they need them to come by, and not to tell Vincent about this. Jessie then tells him that Vincent is currently unable to do anything, saying that he over exhausted himself from his spar with Red and is now unconscious that he will need some time to regain his energy again. She also adds that they cannot leave Vincent all alone, as Black Lightning might be coming for him to get revenge once again. Dark Green then tells her, though assuming and quite likely, Black Lightning does not know where Vincent is.

Mio then says that she'll look after Vincent for them. Red says that he'll stay behind as well, just in case Black Lightning somehow finds out where Vincent is. Jessie then tells Red that Black Lightning is obviously too powerful for him to handle and with Vincent's current condition, he is both wide open for an attack and completely unable to further fend off Black Lightning than before. Red says that he can keep Black Lightning up for some time and that, if he does come, they should all come by to take him on. Alfa also says that he will stay behind, but Red tells him that the others will need him, then Amy and Stephanie decided to stay behind as well. Kiro then says that it would be a good idea that Stephanie were to stay behind, since she is currently the only that can fight back against Black Lightning quite efficiently and that Amy could give Red some back-up. Red and Jessie agree on the idea.

Jessie, Kiro and Alfa then leave the University and head towards for the rest of their friends. Red, Mio, Amy and Stephanie then stay behind to look after Vincent. Half an hour later, Red tells the girls that he will be patrolling outside, just in case Black Lightning finds out where Vincent is. After he leaves, the girls are still worried for Vincent's current state.

After a few minutes, Amy asks Mio is she harbors any feelings for Vincent, a question that she has been wanting to ask her after noticing her for quite some time, to which she says that she doesn't. Mio then asks if she has any feelings for him. Amy then says that she does and that she isn't afraid to express her admiration for him. Stephanie also reveals to Mio that, despite being his disciple, she also harbors feelings for him. Mio is surprised by this and asks them why. Amy says that she was attracted Vincent due to his protective side, explaining that he once protected her from one of King Armageddon's forces that had managed to sneak up on her and catch her off guard, saying that the Unknown would have finished her off had Vincent not come in time to save her. After this Vincent, Amy says that Vincent told her that if she was in danger, she would simply just call him next time for help, at this, she fell for him. Stephanie then reveals that she was attracted to Vincent because of his determined attitude as, though quite stubborn at times, he has shown her many things through his determination. Stephanie adds that, during the time when the Dark Alliance was still up against them, one of their members, named Pierce, tried to attack her, using an Iron spear to try and kill her, but Vincent jumped in and took the blow for her, with the Iron spear going through him. During this, Stephanie was shocked at the sight as Vincent, after the spear was taken out of him, fell down, seemingly dead. This enraged her to the point that she had successfully managed to improve her abilities in fighting and was able to use her aura powers properly, as she had forced Pierce to retreat afterwards. She then tended to Vincent, who surprisingly stood up after taking the fatal blow that was for Stephanie and praised her for finally being able to use her powers properly. Mio is then shocked at this, asking that if Vincent took the blow that was suppose to kill her, how was he able to survive such a hit that was proven to be deadly.

Stephanie says that Vincent is "used to being near death's door", explaining that because of Red Rose, Vincent is able to take on even the most fatal of attacks head on, though he is still not safe from feeling pain and sustaining injuries. Amy further explains that Red Rose has the capability to "reconstruct" its host's injuries to the point that death is nearly impossible. Stephanie also adds that, though at some point, Vincent does tend to "lose himself"; which is his state of extreme and uncontrollable anger.

Amy says that if Vincent was pushed too far from his patience or limits, he would go berserk. Though they say that he can still manage to control it, but not quite as easy as she would think. Stephanie adds that she once managed to calm Vincent down by simply embracing him, where her aura managed to dissipate all of Vincent's chaotic essence. Amy also adds that Aira also managed to do the same, by simply embracing him and begging him to stop, which made Vincent lose consciousness afterwards, though Stephanie then says that Aira does not have any special abilities. Mio then deduces that, the reason for Vincent managing to calm himself down is when someone that is emotionally attached to him were to risk their own lives to make him stop his rampage.

Mio then remembers what happened when Vincent lost his control over his anger to Meteor Smasher, and when she subconsciously embraced him as well, which managed to disperse his flaming anger. Meanwhile, outside Red is patrolling the University to make sure Black Lightning does not happen upon them.

Just as Red goes out onto Pearlsore University's long walkway from the main campus building, he is suddenly struck down by a figure with a lightning-dark red surrounding him. Red stands up, the individual is revealed to be none other than Black Lightning and he quickly engages him, despite his rather low chance at beating him.

Back at the main campus building's clinic, Amy says that she'll go outside, look for Red and help him out with patrolling. She then leaves Stephanie and Mio.

Just as silence is coming up, Stephanie then abruptly tells Mio that she knows that she also likes Vincent. Mio is then caught by surprise by what she said. Mio then says that she doesn't and that she only likes him as a friend. Stephanie then says that she didn't say anything about "liking him as something more than friends". Mio then blushes as Stephanie then adds that she knows that she really likes him just as much as she and Amy do. Mio then denies, saying that she doesn't feel anything for Vincent. Stephanie then says that she doesn't have to deny it, as denying it further will only increase the chance that she really does.

She then adds that she will not be surprised if she feels that way towards Vincent, expressing that there already others who feel just as much as she and her does for him and that she doesn't see it as a problem for her own feelings for her mentor. Mio then asks what she means to which Stephanie clarifies that there are other girls who like Vincent just like she, Amy and her do and saying that, despite it being quite awkward, Vincent did earn their affection through his personality and actions. Mio further asks for what she means. Stephanie says that it was because of his protectiveness, determination and friendliness that made her fall for him and others out there. Mio then remembers from the time when she went to the Starlight Lighthouse where she nearly fell off the cliff in where the lighthouse itself was settled and give way for it to fall where Vincent came and saved her just in time. She also remembers what he said during then when she told him to leave her when the lighthouse's beacon fell and Vincent held it off with Red Rose to prevent it from falling on them.

Part 3 - "A Youthful Vibration":

In a forest on a sunny day, a young girl is wandering alone, looking for her classmates and friends, having accidentally been left behind during their field trip. The young girl is revealed to be Mio from when she was five years old.

She continues to wander around aimlessly, beginning to get scared being alone in the forest. She then begins to hear scary noises coming from the nearby bushes and trees and cowers and cries for her help. Suddenly, the bush near her begins to rustle and scares her, she then runs and hides behind a tree, crying as whatever is behind the bush is about to come out. She then cries even more. She looks at the bush and notices that the rustling has stopped, then a hand touches her and she gets scared and cowers, telling whatever or whoever is behind her to not hurt her.

The person behind then tells her that she shouldn't have wondered off, she then looks behind and the person is her classmate and friend. The boy then asks her if she is okay, to which she says that she is scared. The boy then tells her to not worry as she will be there to help her when she needs it, saying that if she ever wants him to come and help her, she would just simply call out his name next time. The boy then extends his hand towards her and Mio holds and grabs it. The boy helps her stand up and guides her back to the others, until a stray dog appears, barking at them angrily. Mio then gets scared of the dog and runs out of fear, to which the dog runs after her. The boy then follows quickly.

Mio then finds herself with nowhere to go as the stray dog arrives and angrily barks at her, and it begins to lunge at her. Mio then calls out the boy's name, and the whole thing is revealed to be a flashback just as she begins to do so.

Back in the present, Mio can be seen at the window of the infirmary, remembering the day she was almost attacked by the dog that had chased her also remembering that she was saved by a boy whom she can't remember who. Meanwhile with Red, he fights Black Lightning just outside the main campus building but is obviously having trouble, Lightning then unleashes a chain of combos onto him, but Amy arrives just in time before Lightning delivers a secondary powerful blow. Red, though exhausted and beaten badly, teams up with Amy to fight off Lightning. Lightning tells both of them to get out of his way, saying that he needs to see Vincent and talk to him personally, but Amy tells him that she knows what he means by "talk" and attacks him, but is immediately subdued by Lightning, who grabs her scarf and uses a palm thunder thrust on her, which sends her onto one of the building's walls. Red attacks afterwards and manages to catch Lightning and successfully land a set of moves, but he dodges his next attack and Lightning retaliates by kicking him upwards and groundspiking him down, sending him crashing to the ground.

In the infirmary, both Mio and Stephanie continue to watch over and worry for Vincent's condition, still not waking up from his extreme exhaustion. Just then, JunWizard contacts Stephanie, telling her that they realized that Lightning had already gone to Pearlshore City and is quite probably already at the University. JunWizard asks her if there is anybody left at the University to watch over Vincent, to where she says that she and Mio are currently by Vincent's side while Red and Amy had decided to look out for Lightning. JunWizard then tells her to not leave the infirmary and that they are on their way to help Red and Amy.

Back with Red and Amy, both of them double team Lightning, but he successfully manages to dodge and block all of their attacks. Red then decides to charge his energy and begins to charge at Lightning with a powerful Shockdriver, but Lightning intercepts and counters it with his Dark Thunderstorm Fist, which then knocks out Red. Amy attacks but she is blown back by the shockwave. Lightning tells Amy that he will leave her alone if she would let him pass her, but Amy strongly rejects moving away for him. Lightning utters her being an annoyance and rushes up to her, but suddenly, Alfa, Pix, Paige and Kiro arrive just in time to block his attack, but all four of them are knocked out of his way, but manages to stagger him a bit where Andrew, Pedro and Oxob deliver a triple punch attack at him.

Stephanie notices the commotion outside. Mio asks what is going on, Stephanie tells her that everything will be fine. Suddenly, Vincent's right arm begins to glow, much like the same way from before Red Rose appeared on him. Black Lightning then attacks JunWizard, Alfa, Pedro, Marc, Oxob, Paige, Kiro, Pix, Amy, Jessie, Fox, Dark Green, Red and Kickman, easily knocking them all down. Red says that he hates it whenever Lightning were to somehow be able to take them all on easily, jokingly adding that it feels nostalgic as well. Red then gets up and says that he won't Lightning get to his best friend. Lightning then says that he isn't here to fight him, the others or Vincent, he just wants to talk to him, alone. Red then charges at him, cracking a remark by saying that he can tell it to his fist, but Lightning, obviously as always, dodges and counters by grabbing Red and throwing him down and then kicking him away, where he hits a wall.

Mio then tells Stephanie that something strange is happening with Vincent as his entire body begins to move on its own. Suddenly, Black Lightning arrives. Stephanie then stands her ground and tells Lightning not to approach. He ignores her and begins to walk over to Vincent. Stephanie then tells Mio to stand by Vincent, which she does so. Stephanie then attacks Lightning, but he blocks all of her attacks. He then knocks her out by tripping and then hitting her on the back of her head, where he remarks that "she shouldn't be trying to defeat her other mentor by herself". Lightning then approaches Vincent, who is still unconscious. Mio then tells Lightning to get away from Vincent. He then moves towards Mio, where he exclaims that "he hates having to deal with people other than Vincent and the Universe Crew", as he begins to attack her. Mio then calls out Vincent's name. Suddenly, somebody grabs his arm, turns him around and punches him out through the Infirmary's window, sending him outside, but he lands unharmed. He then says "about time you woke up...". The smoke from the attack clears, and it is revealed to be Vincent, though with his entire body being engulfed in the same flaming aura as before, with his mind unconscious but his body moving on its own. Just then he dashes to Lightning and grabs his neck, raising him up. His eyes then open up, turning into a furious cyan-colored eye. He then tells Lightning to "get away from Mio" as he then throw Lightning into the air, and as he comes down, Vincent punches him away, which is strong enough to send him crashing towards the nearby trees. Mio then notices Vincent and calls his name. Vincent then tells her to stay put and that he'll take care of his rival.

Vincent then leaves and goes after Lightning, leaving Mio shocked. Stephanie wakes up just as Red and the others arrive, all of them still injured. Amy goes over to Mio and asks her what happened. Mio is left speechless after seeing Vincent's current state. Picking up on her expression, Red then tells the others that they have to go after Vincent. Red then tells Amy to stay behind and look after Mio. Though Mio herself then insists that she go as well, but Red tells her not to, as she is in no condition right now to follow them. She then says that Vincent needs her, and that she has to be there for him. Seeing how serious she is, Red reluctantly agrees. They all then follow Vincent and Lightning.

Meanwhile, Lightning is sent once again crashing towards the nearby trees, though still not badly hurt or exhausted. Vincent then suddenly appears and he attacks him furiously. Lightning then manages to counter his last attack and then strikes him, which stuns Vincent just as he takes advantage of the moment. Their battle begins to turn around in Lightning's favor, but suddenly Vincent takes over their battle. They then attack each other with their respective blows, strong enough to push both of them away from the amount of force they gave. Red and the others arrive and witness as Vincent knocks out Black Lightning.

Red and the others then get in Vincent's way, telling him it's over and that Lightning's down. Vincent then tells them all to move out of his way or they'll be hurt as well. Red tells him to snap out of his rage and to control himself, saying that he isn't being himself. Vincent then knocks out Red and the others. Mio and Amy arrive as well. Amy then gets in front of Vincent and tells him to stop, but he ignores and knocks her out of the way. Mio then sees Vincent grinning, realizing that he really isn't being who he is and that "he isn't Vincent", but someone else. She then calls out Vincent's name, but he ignores her and instead keeps on moving forward to finish off Black Lightning.

Mio continuously calls out to him, but is continuously ignored. Mio then begs him to stop as she cries out his name again, but is once again ignored, just as Vincent is about to finish Lightning off. Mio then remembers how Vincent once told her "If you ever need me, just call out my name and I'll be there for you. No matter what. Okay?". She then runs towards him and calls out his name one more time and stops him, unknowningly embracing him the same way he did before just as he was about to strike Lightning. She tells him to stop and that he wants him to go back to who he was. Suddenly, Vincent passes out again and Mio manages to hold on to him just as he falls.

Red and the others all stand up, and notices that Lightning had escaped.

Several hours later, in the South Wing's Infirmary, Vincent wakes up and notices that he is inside the south wing infirmary. He also notices someone beside him. He realizes that it is Mio, who fell asleep watching over him. Due to his habit, Vincent pokes her cheek, which then wakes her up. Vincent greets her by saying "Good morning, sleepyhead!". Mio, still sleepy, looks around. Vincent then tells her if she's okay. Mio then realizes that she had fallen asleep inside the infirmary watching over Vincent, with him alone. Vincent then thanks her for watching over him, but asks her where Stephanie and the others went. However, Mio is embarrassed and can not hear him as she runs outside the infirmary. Vincent is then left confused, asking himself if he said something wrong. Red, Amy, Jessie, Kiro, Stephanie, Paige, Dark Green and Alfa then arrive and greet Vincent. He then notices that they are all injured and asks them what happened. Though Red says that it'd be best if he didn't know. Red and the others then notice that Mio is gone, where Vincent says that she ran out and left after she woke up beside him.

Mio is then seen walking on the east wing, asking herself why she fell asleep and why she ran out feeling embarrassed all of a sudden after she noticed that she was alone with Vincent when he woke up. She looks at the University's lagoon, and notices that she can feel something in her heart, as though it is beating fast, though she thinks that she might still be left shocked after last night's events. Just then, she runs into Ritsu, Yui, Tsumugi, Nodoka and Azusa. Ritsu asks her where she was yesterday, she says that she had looked after Vincent after he had over exhausted himself from his spar with Red. Ritsu then teases her if the only reason she had looked after him was to be alone with him, which then makes Mio remember what happened earlier. She then hits Ritsu, with her saying that she was only kidding. Mio scolds her for assuming something absurd.

From afar, Stephanie and Amy are seen watching Mio and the others. Amy then tells Stephanie that it could be possible that Mio may also have feelings for Vincent. Stephanie says that she could be right, but tells her that they shouldn't assume it so suddenly without first observing it thoroughly. Amy agrees.

On top of Pearlshore Sky Tower, Black Lightning is standing on top of it, where he says that he really needs to talk to Vincent right away.

Part 4 - "The light that shines between the Twilight":

Two days later, after school, Vincent walks by Pearlshore World University's East Wing third floor hallway, and as he continues, he passes by a student who bumps into him. Vincent apologizes but the student tells him harshly to watch where he is going next time and then leaves. Vincent, confused over the sudden reaction, then shrugs it off and continues walking.

With Mio, she is practicing with Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi in the South Wing rooftop after school for the School's Fireworks Festival that is set in no less than three days. Although their music is quite good, they are having trouble without Azusa, who caught a cold earlier and is unable to practice with them before the upcoming festival, missing a rhythm guitar player. Jun and Ui are busy with their own studies are also unable to back them up. Ritsu suggests that they ask Amy and the others to help them, but Yui reminds her that they are all taking their make-up exams as of now. Just then, they notice Vincent on the East Wing rooftop, doing his regular view of the entire University. Mio and Yui watch him, and both ask each other what he could be thinking, which catches Tsumugi and Ritsu's attention. Ritsu then playfully tells them both to ask him to come over if he could help them with their current situation, which causes both Mio and Yui to blush and to tell Ritsu to not be joking around.

However, Yui calls out to him immediately, causing Mio's chagrin. Vincent notices them and Yui asks him if he could come over. Vincent then does so and as he arrives, Ritsu playfully trips and pushes Mio near Vincent. However, Mio trips as well, but Vincent quickly catches her, preventing her from falling. Mio then opens her eyes and sees Vincent holding her, causing her to blush and be embarrassed. Afterwards, Ritsu asks Vincent if he could take on Azusa's role in playing as the second guitarist due to her being sick. Vincent agrees after Yui continuously asks him to do it. The gang then plays, where Mio, Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi find Vincent playing the rhythm guitar to be very good. Ritsu asks him how he knows to play the guitar despite him not having enough musical experiences. Vincent says that he just randomly strokes the guitar strings and just feels a good vibe and comes up with a decent enough line of notes in his mind instantly, saying that even he, himself, has no idea how he can do such a thing. Mugi says that it could be because Vincent could may as well had an ancestor who was once a well-known musician, but Vincent doubts that his family had a member like that. Mio then asks if he has a member of his family that plays any instrument, where Vincent says that he has an uncle who plays an acoustic, a younger brother who is practicing in playing drums and a cousin who knows how to play a keytar, where Mio says that, due to observing them, his mind could may as well have began to subconsciously think up of instrumentals without him noticing it and had started to develop some random musical notes that it became good enough for him to play.

Vincent and Mio continue to converse about this topic together, which gives Ritsu an idea. She tells Mugi and Yui about this, and she and the others then leave undetectedly, leaving the two of them alone. Afterwards, now that they are done talking, Mio notices that Ritsu and the others are gone. Vincent then looks around for them. Mio then looks down at the side of the rooftop and notices the three of them on the fourth floor of the South wing hallway, where Ritsu tells her to try her best. Mio is confused at first, but when she looks back, she realizes that she and Vincent are the only ones at the rooftop together, alone, which causes Mio to blush instantly and furiously. Vincent then says that they could have gone downstairs while they were talking and tells Mio that they should go, which Mio quickly agrees on. However, when Vincent tries to open the door, it won't budge. Vincent thinks that the door may have been locked on the outside.

Back with Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi, Yui asks Ritsu if it was okay to leave Vincent and Mio alone on the rooftop, where Ritsu says that everything will be fine. Mugi then says that they could leave the rooftop and eventually come to them, but Ritsu says that they won't, saying that she locked the door on the inside to make sure that Mio is able to spend some time alone with Vincent in the hopes that she can get close to him.

Meanwhile, Vincent tries to push the door open, but it won't budge. Mio tries to call for help, but realizes that nobody is at the College grounds anymore. Vincent then decides to try again, however, he ends up injuring his right forearm and elbow after trying to forcefully push the door open. Mio checks up on him and asks him if he's okay. Vincent confirms, however, his elbow begins to bleed a little which causes Mio a bit of shock, but Vincent reassures her that he will be alright regardless, saying that she knows how strong he is and that he won't go down because of a door managed to injure him. Mio's expression slightly lightens after he says this. Mio then asks what they should do where Vincent says that the best thing they should do for now is to wait for someone to come back, saying that Ritsu and the others could may as well come back once they find out that they haven't gone back yet.

They wait for someone to come open the door. An hour later, night time has arrived and nobody has come yet. Mio begins to worry if whether or not somebody will come and check for them, but Vincent assures her that there will be, saying that there's a few security and faculty staff patrolling the University Grounds at night to make sure any sudden trouble were not to break out, which gives Mio a bit of relief. She then looks down at the ground and notices that the shadows of the trees and other objects below are creating somewhat of a scary vibe, which easily frightens, which Vincent notices and tells her to not be afraid as he is here with her to make sure she doesn't get hurt or afraid, which calms Mio a bit. She then sits beside him and asks him if he's feeling okay now, which Vincent responds by saying he feels a bit okay, but saying that it feels weird to feel pain again like a normal person unlike when he still had Red Rose, which made him almost unkillable but still being able to sustain injuries. Mio then asks him out of curiosity on how he got Red Rose in the first place, where Vincent then tells her how.

A flashback then occurs where Vincent narrates the event that lead to him gaining Red Rose. In the flashback, Vincent and the Universe Crew are battling the Dark Alliance members, Beast and Ravage, who have managed to subdue them all with a canister of Felix's toxic gas, paralyzing them all, giving the two the chance to eliminate Vincent to prevent him from being able to defeat the Destroyer. Just then, the students around Hope City then throw rocks at the two, distracting but angering them both, but this gives enough time for Red, Kiro, Oxob, Terantula, Omar, Paige, Jessie and Marc to get up and attack both of them. Red and Kiro help Vincent up, but the rest of their team are still paralyzed. Vincent, Terantula, Marc and Red then charge to attack Beast while Kiro, Oxob, Omar, Paige and Jessie go for Ravage, however, they are all easily thrown down due to their currently weak state against the two. Vincent and Red then work together to take down Ravage, sending him crashing towards one of the Oval Center's support beams, however, Red is knocked down by Beast and he then sets his eyes to kill Vincent, as he chokes and throws him down and readies to impale him with his Ionic Spear, but Aira throws a rock at him, which catches his attention on her and now focuses on targeting her instead. Vincent gets up as Beast is about to impale Aira, but he rushes just in time to take the fatal blow for himself, saving Aira but "killing" himself instead. Beast and Ravage then leave afterwards, leaving the other Universe Crew members to gather around Vincent as he "dies".

Mio then asks him how he survived being impaled fatally, and Vincent tells her that, because of his will to not let the people close to him be put in danger and due to his determination to keep fighting along his friends, he managed to "awaken" Red Rose within, which he says was like the third time he had done so, however being the true awakening within him. He continues the story afterwards.

In another flashback, where Vincent continues to narrate, right at the time that the Dark Alliance had been able to take over Hope City after the supposed downfall of the Universe Crew, Red and the others arrive at Hope City High School to stop them once again, but are clearly outmatched and outnumbered. Benjamin then taunts them for once again trying to stop them with such a pointless and futile attempt, stating that they will be defeated easily within a matter of seconds. However, Beast says that it is good that they showed so that they can finally get rid of them once and for all. Just as they are about to begin their attack, Vincent calls out to them, saying that even if they beat them again, they'll still come back. He then appears behind them all, and says that they will come back, stronger than before, shocking all of them, except Lightning who just disappears. Benjamin continues his taunt, saying that his return is also pointless, adding that the Destroyer will take amusement for personally killing him himself this time, where Winona says that they are still outmatched and outnumbered, but Vincent asks her sarcastically if they really are outnumbered and outmatched. Vincent then tells Andrew to "call them out", where he uses his Thunder Hammer to send a tiny electric spark to the dark sky. Just then, the Stinja Clan, their counterparts from the 2nd Dimension and the rest of the other members of the Universe Crew, alongside with the students and other people within Hope City High School, appear beside them all. Vincent then jumps to his friends' side and says that together, they'll still be able to stop them no matter what.

A massive conflict then begins afterwards. Mio then asks him how he and the others managed to defeat the Dark Alliance then. Vincent then continues by saying that, during the conflict, he noticed a shadow hiding within the dark clouds atop the tower that raises the ground of Hope City High School, where Red and the others helped him get to it and climb up where he soon battled the Destroyer by himself. He then states that Lightning also helped him defeat the Destroyer, but he found out that this was just a front to secure the Destroyer's safety as it was revealed that he and the other members of the Dark Alliance had managed to hide the remains of the Destroyer until they managed to power him up once again.

Mio then tells him that he's quite reckless for doing such things, which surprises Vincent a bit. Mio then asks him why he'd risk his life to protect and save the people around so much where Vincent explains that he doesn't want to lose anyone in his life anymore, where he says that he's lost two people he cares about the most and does not want to commit the same mistake ever again, saying that he'll protect anyone in need, even if it goes with him costing his own life for them. Mio then comments on what he said by saying that he's brave enough to go that far for the people around him and how much he really cares. Vincent then says that, no matter what, if people around him ever needed his help, he'll be there for them no matter what and at the sound of those words, Mio remembers what Vincent told her when he saved her from falling off of the Starlight Cliffside when the lighthouse almost fell on her, where Vincent had managed to come in time to save her. Mio then reflects on the times Vincent's been there for her and about the growing feelings he has for him.

She then has a flashback of the time a boy had helped her when she was still a kid out of the woods who also told her the same thing Vincent told her as well. A set of flashbacks then occur, showing the times she's had with Vincent ever since she met him, which are; the time Vincent had helped her carry their equipment for the Music Festival, the time she had gotten sick where Vincent himself took care of her tirelessly, the time that he had saved her from nearly sliding down a steep rock slide, the time when he had given her enough confidence in herself to continue the concert they held for Luxury City's Mayor and as well as the time that he had complimented her on her cute personality. The last flashback then shows Vincent smiling at her, she then stares at the moon shining at her.

Vincent then asks her if there's something wrong with her, causing her to break out of her thoughts, making her embarrassed easily once again after noticing that the two of them are still alone together at the rooftop while still being trapped.

Part 5 - "If only I discovered how Emotions work":

With Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi, the three of them are taking care of Azusa, who is sick with a fever.

Ritsu then begins to act uncomfortably, where she then asks the others if they forgot someone or something, however Yui and Tsumugi also don't know.

Meanwhile back with Vincent and Mio, who are still trapped at the rooftop, Vincent decides that he try to once again force the door open. Mio then tells him that he shouldn't since his right arm is still hurt, but Vincent tells her that his left arm still works. He then tries once again, but the door still won't budge. He tries harder over and over again until his left arm begins to feel sore, where he then sits down, holding on to his left arm. Mio tells him that he shouldn't have done that and helps him.

Afterwads, a few more minutes pass and nobody has checked on them yet. Mio then asks Vincent is anybody is really gonna look for them, but Vincent reassures her that someone will, however he tells himself the word "eventually" which Mio did not hear. Meanwhile, Amy and Red look for Vincent around the school ground, worried as he hasn't come back yet. Back with Ritsu and the others, Azusa asks where Mio is and why she isn't with them. Ritsu, forgetting what happened earlier, says that she could probably be somewhere studying by herself. Yui then says that she hasn't seen her since after they practiced. Mugi on the other hand, begins to think that they are forgetting something. Back with Vincent and Mio again, Mio is beginning to feel sleepy and cold due to the cold breeze of the night. Vincent then tells her that she should rest while they wait for help to arrive, however, Mio decides to stay awake just a little longer, not wanting to fall asleep suddenly. Vincent then agrees with what she said, but Mio falls asleep afterwards just moments later, much to Vincent's chagrin. She falls asleep, resting on his shoulder and notices that Mio is feeling cold. Vincent then uses her uniform's vest to cover her, which works. Vincent then asks himself why he's somehow always the one getting into situations like these, however, he takes another look back at Mio and notices how peaceful she's sleeping beside him.

Vincent notes to himself that Mio looks cute when she's asleep. Suddenly, Mio begins to talk in her sleep, which surprises Vincent slightly. After a few more minutes, Vincent himself begins to get sleepy and tired and eventually falls asleep as well. Both of them are asleep next to each other, however Mio wakes up moments later and notices that she's close to Vincent and that she had fallen asleep next and on him, which greatly embarrasses her, causing her to get flustered. Afterwards, Vincent himself also wakes up. Both of them take a moment to stare at each other and realize that they still haven't left the rooftop and are still trapped up there.

They both notice that it is still night time, but when Vincent looks at the clock tower, it is almost midnight. Mio begins to get concerned about themselves if anybody will ever come for them, but Vincent once agains tries to reassure her, but Mio is not convinced that someone will. Mio then begins to get upset about their situations, and later cries about it. But she later calms down when Vincent stops her by putting his hand over her head where Vincent tells her that even if they may not be able to leave the rooftop until tomorrow morning, she won't be alone because he will be with her to make sure she isn't alone. Mio then looks back at Vincent asks him why he isn't being bothered by someone like her, where Vincent says that he is bothered, but not by her personality, but by their current situation and that he wishes that he could at least do something to help both of them out, but sees himself as being useless.

Eventually, Vincent manages to have Mio sit down as they both once again wait for someone to come and open the door. Vincent still senses Mio's sadness, and asks himself if he can do something to cheer her up a bit despite their predicament. Meanwhile, Mio feels as though she is useless due to her feeling sad about their situation instead of herself or even Vincent who has been trying his best so that both of them can leave.

Meanwhile, back again with Ritsu and the others, they all wait for Mio to return as they begin to worry for her. Suddenly, Amy, Stephanie, Kiro and Red appear, asking them if they've seen Vincent where they say that they haven't where they also ask them if they've seen where Mio is, however they also say that they haven't. Azusa then asks Yui what happened and if there's something bad going on. Yui says that there's nothing as Vincent and Mio just haven't come back. Azusa then asks her if they had left her somewhere, which confuses Yui. But eventually, she remembers and goes to tell the others. Azusa is left asking herself why they had forgotten about them.

Back with Vincent and Mio, both are still waiting for someone to arrive. Just then, Mio asks Vincent if he's really okay with being friends with someone like her, where Vincent says that he is as he knows that she's a really sweet, smart, reliable and kind person, but accidentally says that she is also cute which catches Mio's attention. Mio then asks what he just said, but Vincent, having forgotten what he just said, asks her what she means. Mio then says that he said that she was cute, while blushing and containing her sudden shyness. Vincent is confused, apparently not noticing what he said earlier.

Mio then urges him to tell her what he meant when he said about her being cute eventually making her shy. Vincent asked him what she means, but later remembers what he said and apologizes for saying something like that in front of her, saying that he didn't watch what he was saying. Mio then once again asks him what he meant by that, but Vincent says that he doesn't know why he said it. However, the two then notice that their hands are touching each other and realize that they are close to each other's face, making Mio blush instantly and uncontrollably. Midnight then hits afterwards when...

Vincent then begins to get nervous, but, in his thought, asks himself why he's nervouce. He tries to move but finds that he can't somehow move himself. Mio also tries to move, but finds that she can't also move for some reason. Just then, they both then notice that they are getting even close to each other, and the two can't seem to control themselves. The two of them come closer and closer, and what seems to be a kiss between them under the shining light of moon is about to occur, Ritsu and the others come bursting through the door, which causes both Vincent and Mio to be surprised.

Red then says that they were looking for them until Ritsu, Mugi and Yui had told them where they were. Ritsu then asks them if anything happened, but unfortunately, both Vincent and Mio are looking away from each other, apparently embarrassed on what they were about to do before they showed up.

Afterwards, Vincent, Red, Amy, Kiro, Mio, Ritsu, Yui and Mugi leave the school ground and head back to their respective dorms. Just before they part, Mio thanks Vincent, although not facing him, and quickly tells the others that they go back to their dorm and speed-walks her way there, still embarrassed about earlier. Yui and the others then follow her. Red then asks Vincent if anything had happened between while they were trapped at the rooftop, which greatly surprises Vincent, causing him to try and "squash" Red and calls him an idiot for asking such things out of the blue. Amy notices Vincent's sudden reaction and Mio's expression before they left and thinks that something may have happened between them while they were trapped, but shrugs it off when Kiro says that they go back to their dorms as it is already past midnight.

While walking back to their respective dorms, Vincent has a thought and asks himself why he couldn't move, why he had begun to lean towards Mio and why he suddenly reacted that way when Red asked what happened between them. Mio is also having the same thought, albeit, differently, where she asks herself why she had begun to lean towards Vincent and why she couldn't control herself. Upon remembering what was about to happen earlier, she becomes embarrassed yet again and grabs her pillow and screams at it out of embarrassment, which confuses Ritsu and the others.

Part 6 - "Heart Goes Boom!!":

"A heart will skip more than just one beat..."

Vincent arrives at his class room, sits down and sighs. However, he then realizes that nobody else is at school today, but remembers that he has make-up classes for now due to him needing to work hard on one of his own subjects. Just then, he hears someone next to him and is instantly surprised to see Mio sitting next to him, which also causes Mio to be surprised, which then leaves the two speechless on what they should say to the other.

A day earlier, about a day after when they were trapped at the rooftop of the East Wing, Vincent is taking part in helping check the hallways of Pearlshore World University after being tasked, along with two dozen other students, to patrol around the University grounds in search of a platinum statue that the Dean had lost by accident.

[More to be Added...]

Part 7 - "A Battle for what One Desires":

"This circle becomes a triangle, as someone is about to intervene between their feelings for each other..."

[To be Added...]

Part 8 - "Enter Aero":

"He is here..."

[To be Added...]

Part 9 - "Remembrance":

"Do you remember?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10 - "Confused Feelings":

"Which of her feelings are true? Her apparent feelings for Akuisan or her unrealized feelings for Vincent?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.1 - "Me and My Drum":

"Ritsu decides to play a solo drum instrumental by herself... but she doesn't know what kind of instrumental she should do..."

Ritsu decides to head to the Music Room on her own after Mio, Tsumugi, Yui and Azusa are tasked to help out in cleaning the University's Park after Vincent and Lightning's previous fight.

Once she gets there, Ritsu decides to wait for the others. But after a few minutes, she instantly gets bored and impatient. She then notices her drum set and having nothing else to do, decides to play a few beats as she waits for the others. She plays a few drum rolls but afterwards, she finds that she can't play the drums for some reason. She thinks to herself why she can't play but realizes that she can't think of a good enough beat, but tries anyway, however, the results end in a way that she didn't like.

[More to be Added...]

Part 10.2 - "Azu-nyan Returns!!":

"Yui finds a pair of black cat ears, nearly similar to the ones Ms. Yamanaka used to have Azusa wear. Thinking over the memories of how cute Azusa was when she would wear cat-based head clothing, she chases Azusa throughout Pearlshore World University to try and have her wear it, but Azusa, already annoyed and over from her experience before, does not want to. With Yui's persistence on having her wear it, will Azusa get caught or will she escape having to become "Azu-nyan" again?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.3 - "Oh My Giita!":

"Yui arrives at the Music Room, but finds that nobody is there. Seeing an oppurtunity to further her handling and experience with her guitar, "Giita", she decides to practice all by herself... but she suddenly starts to feel a bit shy and uneasy. Is there somebody watching her?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.4 - "The New Student Council Vice President":

"Aira is back! This time, she's the new student council vice president of Pearlshore World University. She learns that Vincent is also at the University and decides to see him, but when her chances of meeting him always end up failing, will she be able to talk to him again?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.5 - "My Mentor and Love":

"Vincent and Stephanie decide to head over to Pearlshore Park on Stephanie's request. A day that's just supposed to be about her and her mentor walking around the park turns into a flustering day for Stephanie, as suddenly the park celebrates Couple's Week. Wanting to further her relationship with Vincent, will she be able to finally confess or will it end up as another failure as usual?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.6 - "After School Picnic Time!":

"Ritsu, Mio, Yui, Azusa, Tsumugi and Nodoka invite Vincent, Red, Amy, Stephanie and Kiro for a picnic near Pearlshore Evergreen Fields, though two familiar faces are about to ruin what is supposed to be a normal and perfectly good picnic day..."

[To be Added...]

Part 10.7 - "Yui's Feelings":

"Another day at Pearlshore World University for Yui, though she learns from the head nurse, Yao Kenko, that nearly every student are having stomach aches and therefore are unable to attend their classes for today after an incident during the Bake Sale. When she reaches the classroom, she finds that Vincent is there and realizes that she and him are the only active students in the entire campus. As they are alone together for the entirety of the day, Yui remembers how she feels about Vincent and then decides if she should confess to him. Will she ever do it?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.8 - "Azusa's Older Brother":

"After winning two tickets for the Pearlshore Pierre Carnival, Azusa asks her friends if they could come with her, but everyone is busy with their own things. She then asks Vincent to come with her and he agrees. As the two of them enjoy the festivity of the carnival, Azusa begins to understand why Mio, Yui and the others have fallen for Vincent. Will she also fall for him?"

[To be Added...]

Part 10.9 - "One Night at the Infirmary":

"Amy, Mio, Jessie and Red are tasked on duty to watch over the infirmary until dawn, but with rumors of strange things happening at night within the University, things start to turn from a seemingly peaceful night to a scary nightwatch."

[To be Added...]

Part 10.10 - "Spar Day!":

"As usual, Vincent and Red have a sparring battle against each other, but suddenly Kiro, Alfa, Dark Green and Paige join them, turning their spar into a battle royale... are things about to go out of hand?"

[To be Added...]

Part 11 - "Together with You":

"They finally realized it and are now on their way to see each other..."

[To be Added...]

[More of the Story will be Added...]


This section is about the characters featured in this story.

Main Characters:

  • Vincent Universe  - Vincent is the main male lead character in this story. He is currently 16 years old, is the leader of the Universe Crew, former bearer of one of Existence's most powerful, feared and legendary bloodline ability, the Red Rose and is a Sophomore within the University he is currently studying in, along his friends. Vincent is a very kind, reasonable and overall, a good individual at most, he is strong willed, with great feats of determination and will power, as he is not one to give up so easily, even at the most treacherous and life threatening of situations, rather than backing out, he would try to risk his own life for the sake of protecting those around him, especially the people he cares about the most. Though, Vincent does harbor a dark side that threatens to take him over and wreak havoc everywhere, harming whoever will stand in its way, this being one of his greatest fears of all, as he does not want to lose control over his own abilities, especially his emotions which are somehow linked to his powers. Even so, Vincent will do whatever it takes to do the right thing and make up for the wrong things he's done, to prove that he can be someone that is worthy of protecting everyone he loves, as well as the world. Currently, he is Red's best friend, is Stephanie's mentor, Mio's love interest and he also happens to be the rival of Black Lightning, a clone of himself. Additionally, Vincent is quite dense, being quite obtuse over the concept of romance, though formerly he wasn't until Pyra's death that he focused more on getting revenge on those that caused her demise, losing his side that he does notice the feelings of others around him. However, eventually, Vincent begins to be able to once again read through the expression of others around him to know their own feelings.
  • Mio Akiyama - Mio is the main female lead character in this story. She is currently 16 years old, is the main bass player and back-up vocalist within the Light Music Club, as well as in their band, Afterschool Tea Time. Mio is quite fragile, best exemplified by her shyness, as well as she is easily embarrassed at most. Mostly if she gets any sort of attention that she did not mean to get. She is also quite smart, as she is able to help her friends study before their exams and the results of this are quite amazing, to the point that she is mostly looked upon as a tutor by other people. Though, she is still quite shy when being around people that see her to be quite popular. She is also afraid of ghosts, anything that has to do with gore and severe injuries, mostly cowering at either the sight or hearing any of these. Despite this, Mio is an individual who is trying to improve herself to lose her sides that make her quite fragile that she must rely on others to help her out, even though she is capable of others things independently, mostly relying on Vincent for support. Currently, she is Ritsu's childhood best friend and she has a very strong admiration for Vincent, due to his personality, and mostly due to him saving her more than once.

Minor Characters:

  • Jessie - [Information will be Added...]
  • Amy Reins - [Information will be Added...]
  • Aira Shayne - [Information will be Added...]
  • Paige - [Information will be Added...]
  • Alfa Storm - [Information will be Added...]
  • Darkmon Greene - [Information will be Added...]
  • Kiro - [Information will be Added...]
  • Stephanie Jewels- [Information will be Added...]
  • Nodoka Manabe - [Information will be Added...]

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Antagonistic Characters:

  • Aero Aishimasu - [Information will be Added...]
  • Meteor Smasher - [Information will be Added...]


  • This story is set in an alternate timeline that greatly differs from the main Stickman Universe timeline.
  • Most of this episode's story happens during the second season of the sixth chapter of Stickman Universe, although being set in an alternate timeline, however.
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