Pokémon: The Indigo League (or Pokémon: Red and Blue) is a story written by Red Tiger and is based off of the Pokémon anime series.

The story follows 10-year old Ash Ketchum (or Satoshi in Japanese), a beginning Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town who is about to start his Pokémon Journey with his starter Pokémon, Pikachu, and the many encounters and adventures they will have.

It is the first story in the Pokémon series adaptation by Red Tiger which is a retelling of the anime series' story. It is followed up by Pokémon: The Orange Islands Tournament.


Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

A world filled with fascinating creatures that co-exist those with humans. Living, playing and befriending each other. This world has all sorts of Pokémon of different kinds, ones that live in the forests... the mountains... the sky... the sea... and even in big cities. Pokémon are everywhere all around this wonderful world. People who journey across the Pokémon world in search of them, catch them, befriend them and train them are called Pokémon Trainers, to help them become stronger, evolve further and find their true potential as both Trainer and Pokémon alike.

In the Kanto region, 10-years-old Ash Ketchum has since been dreaming to become a Pokémon Trainer himself ever since he was 5-years-old. A goal to catch them all, battle alongside them to become the very best and achieve his goal of becoming the world's best Pokémon Master!

Together with his reluctant and disobedient Pokémon partner, Pikachu, Ash's journey is about to begin, with the young boy eager to step forward into a world he has been dreaming of...!


Chapter 1Edit

A screen is displayed with two pixelated images of Nidorino and Gengar are seen battling each other. After being attacked by Nidorino, Gengar lunges at it as the screen suddenly turns to a stadium where both Pokémon continue their battle. Nidorino goes to use Horn Attack, but Gengar's Trainer tells it to dodge and counter with Hypnosis. It hits Nidorino, causing it to fall asleep. Nidorino's Trainer recalls it and then sends out his Onix, a massive Rock Snake Pokémon. Onix's Trainer commands it to use Rock Throw on Gengar while Gengar's Trainer orders it to use Shadow Ball. The attacks clash, but Onix's Trainer then orders it to immediately use Dig. Onix digs through the battlefield as Gengar looks for it. Onix sprouts from underneath Gengar, knocking it out of the fight. Gengar's Trainer recalls it back and then sends out his Rhydon. The Trainer then commands the Spikes Pokémon to use Megahorn, while Onix's Trainer commands the Rock Snake Pokémon to use Iron Tail. Both Pokémon charge at each other and their moves clash. It's revealed that the whole battle is being broadcasted on television, with the viewer being a boy named Ash Ketchum.

Excitedly watching the battle, Ash loudly cheers for both Pokémon to their best. Tomorrow is the day Ash finally becomes a Pokémon Trainer after having recently turned 10-years old where he can choose his starter Pokémon and go on his own Pokémon Journey. Ash declares that soon his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master will come true. Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother, interrupts his speech and tells her son that he has a big day tomorrow and that it's late, telling him to go to sleep or else he will be late. Ash protests that he's too excited for it and can't go to sleep, but Delia turns off the TV, telling him again to go to sleep or else he might miss his chance to pick his starter Pokémon for tomorrow.

Laying in bed, Ash thinks to himself which Pokémon he will choose. He flashes back to a week ago where the town's local Pokémon expert, Professor Samuel Oak, is explaining the three starter Pokémon that beginning Pokémon Trainers can choose at the start of their journey; the Grass-type Bulbasaur, the Fire-type Charmander or the Water-type Squirtle. Back with Ash, he settles on which one he will choose as he goes to sleep. As he is sleeping, Ash dreams of all three starter Pokémon with him commanding them. However, his Voltorb alarm clock accidentally rolls over his hand and, dreaming it is a Poké Ball, chucks it, causing it to slam on a wall, smashing it. The next day, Delia wonders why Ash hasn't woken up yet but thinks that he is just getting ready. Unfortunately, Ash is still asleep. Outside, other people from around Pallet Town are going to Professor Oak's Laboratory to see the beginning Trainers of their town. At the lab, Professor Oak introduces the three beginner Trainers of the town; a young boy named Charlie, a girl and the daughter of the town's Mayor, Leaf Green, and Oak's very own grandson, Gary Oak. He happily welcomes the three new Trainers to the lab and announces that once they are inside, they will be picking their starters, with the first to go being Gary, the second being Leaf and the third being Charlie. The townspeople present cheer for the kids on their first step as Pokémon Trainers. Back in the Ketchum household, Delia is waiting downstairs in the kitchen for Ash who still hasn't woken up. Somebody knocks on the door and Delia opens it. It's Leaf and her new starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur. Leaf asks if Ash has gone to Professor Oak's Lab yet, but Delia says that Ash hasn't woken up yet. Leaf, surprised, informs Delia that she and the other two Trainers in the town have already picked up their starters. Delia goes upstairs and wakes her son. Now awake, Ash asks what time it is and Delia tells him it's almost 11 AM, causing Ash to panic, realizing he overslept. His panicking causes him to hit his head on the ceiling, fall down his own bed and hurriedly run out of the house in his pajamas, not noticing Leaf along the way.

Ash, nervous that he might miss out, runs as fast as he can to Oak's Lab. Once he gets there, he runs into Gary, his childhood friend now turned rival. Gary tells Ash to watch where he is going. Ash asks if he has already chosen his starter and Gary confirms, bragging that his grandfather allowed him to go first and that he picked the best starter of all. Ash asks if he can see it, but Gary refuses to reveal it, saying that if he wants him to show his starter, Ash has to pick his first. Remembering, Ash runs inside Oak's Lab where Professor Oak is outside, having been waiting for him the whole time. Oak asks Ash why he is super late, and Ash says that he accidentally overslept. Oak then brings him inside so he can choose his starter Pokémon. Ash is excited and Oak shows him a pedestal with three PokéBalls on it, each with one of the type symbols; Water, Fire and Grass. Ash says that he had already decided which starter he wants to pick and goes to pick Squirtle, but opens the ball to find that it is empty. Oak informs him that somebody had already picked Squirtle. Ash doesn't mind as he chooses Bulbasaur's, but once again finds it empty. Leaf comes in and greets Ash, while also telling him that he failed to notice her at his house when he ran outside. Ash apologizes but notices her Bulbasaur next to her. Oak tells Ash that Leaf was the one who chose Bulbasaur as her starter. Nevertheless, Ash then picks Charmander, but the ball is also empty. Oak tells him somebody else had already picked it. With all three starter Pokémon having already been chosen, Ash is left with nothing but asks Professor Oak is he has any other Pokémon he can choose. Oak tells Ash that he can't just simply choose a Pokémon not from the basic tier like other beginning Trainers would. Ash says that he'll do anything and that he will be okay with any Pokémon Professor Oak can give to him. Oak, seeing Ash's determination, tells Ash that he does have one other Pokémon in his lab and Ash quickly says he will take it. Another pedestal appears with a PokéBall on it, only this one has a lightning bolt symbol on the ball. Ash and Leaf ask what Pokémon it is, Oak says that this particular Pokémon isn't exactly good to be with. Ash opens the ball and sadly finds that it is empty too, with Leaf believing that someone had also already taken it.

Professor Oak luckily tells the two that nobody has chosen this particular Pokémon... not yet. He tells Ash that this Pokémon refuses to be inside any sort of PokéBall no matter what and prefers to stay outside. As he explains to the two, a yellow tail appears above the second floor of Oak's lab. Ash notices this and curiously asks what that is. The tail disappears, but a head pops up, that of a yellow mouse-like Pokémon. Oak calls for it jumps down besides Oak. Leaf asks what Pokémon it is, and Oak tells them that the Pokémon's name is Pikachu. Ash is excited at being introduced to it as his new starter Pokémon and happily carries and hugs Pikachu. As he tells Pikachu how happy he is to meet him, Pikachu isn't happy itself and suddenly unleashes an electric shock on Ash. Pikachu then jumps out of Ash's arms and continues roaming around the lab. Leaf asks what that was for and Oak tells her that Pikachu is very disobedient and explains that it is also an Electric-type. Oak then gives Ash Pikachu's PokéBall and five more, as well as his own Pokédex which he can use to scan other Pokémon he hasn't seen yet to learn about them. Ash asks Leaf if she also got one and Leaf shows her, which is a pink Pokédex. As Ash once again picks up Pikachu, Oak also informs the two that they should go to talk to her granddaughter and Gary's sister, Daisy, for a map they can both use to get around Kanto, their home region. However, Pikachu once again shocks Ash, this time with Oak as well. Delia arrives with a set of clothes, a hat and a bag for her son. Ash asks why she brought clothes, and Delia tells him that he didn't take off his pajamas when he ran off, with Ash having not even noticed that he did. After putting on his new clothes and backpack, Ash takes Pikachu's PokéBall and asks Pikachu to get inside, but Pikachu refuses. Oak reminds Ash that Pikachu hates being inside its PokéBall and advises that he just keep it outside for now until it learns to obey him. Walking outside Ash sees a crowd having gathered again. Delia reveals that she did this since she wanted to help cheer her son on his new life as a trainer, with everyone present wishing to give Ash their support. The mayor also appears and wishes his daughter her best too, with the other townspeople also give their support to her. Gary appears and asks Ash if he finally has his starter Pokémon and he confirms by showing him Pikachu. Gary then challenges Ash to a Pokémon Battle to see which one of them can be initially decided as the stronger Trainer. Ash agrees, as he wants to show off his own ability as a Trainer.

In the clearing in front of the lab, Ash sends out Pikachu, but it refuses to listen to him. Gary then sends out his starter Pokémon, the Water-type Squirtle who is ready for battle. Oak decides to referee the first battle of both beginning Trainers of Pallet Town. He explains the match as a 1-on-1 battle and if either side's Pokémon is unable to battle, they lose. Leaf then scans her Pokédex for Squirtle and learns that Water-types are naturally weak against Electric-types. She informs Ash of this, who is happy with the advantage he is already given. Gary, however, tells him not to get too happy with it as he boasts about his Squirtle being stronger than Pikachu even with the type disadvantage. Oak then declares the battle to begin. Gary starts by having Squirtle use Tackle. Ash then tries to order Pikachu to attack but doesn't know any of Pikachu's moves. Pikachu dodges Squirtle's attack on its own, but Gary once again orders a second Tackle, which then hits Pikachu. Gary tells Ash that he looked up his Squirtle's moves as soon as he picked it and that should have looked up his Pikachu's moves at the same time he got it, insulting Ash for being an already incompetent Trainer, which angers Ash. He then looks up Pikachu's moves on his Pokédex. As he does so, Gary orders Squirtle to use Bubble on Pikachu, hitting the Electric Mouse yet again. Ash learns Pikachu can use Thundershock and Tail Whip. Ash commands Pikachu to use Thundershock, knowing it will have full effect on Gary's Squirtle. Unfortunately, Pikachu once again ignores Ash and goes after Squirtle on its own using Tail Whip, which Squirtle dodges. Gary again tells Squirtle to use Tackle which connects with Pikachu. Ash tells Pikachu to listen to him, but Pikachu still won't and this time uses Thundershock on Squirtle. Gary tells Squirtle to dodge and then use Rapid Spin which then hits Pikachu, thus knocking it out of the battle. Gary is declared the victor of the match as he recalls his Squirtle, appreciating its performance on its first battle. Ash runs to Pikachu, asking if it is okay. Pikachu, however, jumps out of Ash's arms once again, still being disobedient with him, with Ash wondering why it hates him so much. Some of the crowd cheer for Gary on his first flawless victory in a Pokémon battle and Oak tells his grandson how proud he is.

Gary walks over to Ash and taunts him on his loss, telling him to have his Pikachu obey him and telling Ash how much of a loser he still is even after a couple of years. Gary then leaves, declaring to become one of Kanto's greatest Pokémon Trainers of all and to ensure that Pallet Town becomes known across the region. Ash is visibly angry as Gary leaves Pallet Town. Wanting to ignore this, Ash then walks up to Pikachu and tells it that their fight was okay and they can learn from it later and asks Pikachu to once again get in its Pokéball. Pikachu suddenly hits the Pokéball back with its tail, hitting Ash in the face. Ash then asks why Pikachu hates him so much, but Pikachu merely ignores him. Not wanting to get mad at his new partner, Ash then decides that they leave too. Delia walks up to her son and asks if he is okay after his first loss and Ash assures his mother that he is fine and that he will be leaving now to start his journey. Delia is sad to see her son go but nevertheless wishes him luck and that she will always be supporting him wherever he goes. Professor Oak and Leaf approach Ash, with Oak wishing Ash luck and to not let his first loss get him down. Ash asks Leaf what she will do and asks if she wants to come along with him and Pikachu. Leaf declines the offer, wanting to go on her own for now with her Bulbasaur, but tells Ash that she will be seeing him at Indigo Pokémon League, the tournament slated to begin in a month. Ash promises that he will get eight badges from eight gyms to participate and see her there. Leaf soon leaves.

Delia, Oak and some of Pallet Town's residents wave Ash goodbye and wish him luck on his journey.

Chapter 2Edit

After his first loss against Gary, Ash is walking in the road toward Viridian Forest and dragging Pikachu along with a rope. Pikachu had once again refused to go inside its Pokéball and even outright refused to go anywhere with Ash, with him being forced to drag it along.

Tired from dragging the disobedient Electric Mouse for an hour, Ash mentions that Pikachu must really be lazy to want to be dragged around, with Pikachu ignoring his claim. Ash kneels down and asks if it hates him so much. Pikachu nods. Ash then says that, regardless, he likes Pikachu and wants to be its friend. For a moment, Pikachu is surprised by Ash's words and seems to start obeying him, until Pikachu uses Thundershock on Ash, laughing on the prank it pulled on its Trainer. Still affected by the static, Ash wonders to himself why he has to put up with such a disobedient Pokémon. Deciding to make life easier for Pikachu, Ash removes the rope but Pikachu still isn't impressed. Nearby, the two hear footsteps. Ash spots a bird Pokémon and, after scanning his Pokédex, learns that it is a Flying-type called Pidgey, which is a gentle and easy to catch Pokémon, especially for beginning trainers like him. Ash decides to catch it and goes to send Pikachu to battle it, but Pikachu refuses to obey Ash once again and decides to climb up and tree and just watch. Angry, Ash decides to catch it himself and throws a PokéBall at it, which immediately draws Pidgey inside. Ash believes he caught it, but the ball shakes for a few seconds and Pidgey escapes the PokéBall. Ash wonders why that happened. Leaf then appears and explains that normally in order to catch a Pokémon, one must battle it with their own Pokémon to weaken it and then capture it. Ash asks how she knows and Leaf tells him that Professor Oak told her, Gary and Charlie, the other Trainer who chose Charmander, about this earlier while they were in the lab. She shows him her own Pidgey that she caught with her Bulbasaur. Leaf bids Ash good luck as she continues on her own way. Ash asks Pikachu to help him, but Pikachu still refuses to do anything Ash says. Worked up over his disobedience, Ash goes to do it himself again to show Pikachu what he can do. Ash challenges Pidgey to a battle and the Tiny Bird Pokémon then responds by using Gust on him, sending Ash back. He stands back up but Pidgey attacks with Sand Attack, sending Ash crashing to the ground. Pikachu then laughs, finding Ash's ineptitude to be hilarious. Pidgey flies away and Ash bemoans his bad luck. He then notices a Pokémon rifling through his bag and scans his Pokédex and learns it is a Rattata, a Normal-type Pokémon. Ash decides to catch it too, but Rattata notices Ash fast enough to attack him with Bite, causing Ash to hold his hand in pain as it runs off with a bag of cookies from Ash's backpack. Pikachu laughs further.

Ash notices some more Pidgey in the distance and, in his frustration, throws a rock at them, causing them all to fly away. Ash then notices one lone Pidgey by himself and then throws a rock at it and it is hit on the head. Hurt from the impact, the Pidgey looks angrily back at Ash who then realizes that it isn't a Pidgey. Ash scans it with his Pokédex and learns that it is a Spearow, another Flying-type Pokémon. Unlike Pidgey, however, he learns that Spearow have a bad attitude and a violent temperament, attacking anyone, humans or Pokémon alike, without warning. Spearow then flies straight at Ash to attack him, but Ash dodges. Spearow then notices Pikachu and goes for it instead. As Pikachu is laughing, he sees Spearow heading for it and nearly knocks him off the tree. Pikachu recovers, but Spearow returns and begins attacking Pikachu. Ash asks why Spearow is attacking Pikach instead of him, but then remembers from a lecture by Professor Oak a week ago that Wild Pokémon are sometimes jealous of Pokémon with a Trainer, and Ash decides to have Spearow focus on him again. Getting attacked by Spearow, Pikachu unleashes electricity at its attacker, causing Spearow to fall to the ground. It is down but not out as Spearow then lets out a loud cry. Not knowing what this is, Ash and Pikachu then look a distance away and find a massive flock of Spearow headed coming out of a tree and headed straight for them. The two make a run for it as the furious Spearow flock chase after them. While running for their lives, Pikachu runs ahead of Ash. Seeing it, the Spearow flock all target Pikachu, not hesitating to attack him en masse. Pikachu tries its best to defend himself but is mercilessly attacked by the flock. Ash is able to catch up to Pikachu, but by the time he arrives, Pikachu is already too weak and can no longer run. Ash carries Pikachu instead, only for the flock to start attacking him too. Ash continues to run away from them while carrying Pikachu and reach a fast flowing river. Desperate to get away, Ash jumps and allows himself and Pikachu to be swept away by the strong current. Ash opens his eyes and spots a Gyarados and is fast enough to avoid being eaten by it.

Further down the river, where there is no current, Ash resurfaces from the water, still carrying Pikachu. As he sits to rest, he hears a loud cry from the distance. He looks and sees the Spearow flock again, this time with even more of them than before. Ash quickly grabs Pikachu again and makes a run for it as the Spearow flock catches up to them. As Ash continues to run, he begins to get tired but refuses to abandon Pikachu as a thunderstorm starts. Pikachu slowly opens its eyes and sees Ash carrying it away from the Spearow flock. Ash notices Pikachu slightly awake and promises to Pikachu that he will protect it even at the cost of his life. Pikachu can only weakly respond to Ash as the rain begins to fall down. Due to the duration of how long he has been running, Ash begins to slow down due to exhaustion and the Spearow flock catch up and begin attacking him and Pikachu again. Ash shields Pikachu from the attacks and as he is running, jumps from a small bank, but comes crashing down to the ground, hard. Pikachu slides away from Ash after the fall and Ash crawls toward Pikachu, whose condition has become worse. Upset that his first day as a Pokémon Trainer has turned into such a disaster, Ash takes out Pikachu's PokéBall and tells it to get inside, telling it that it is the only way for it to survive. Deciding he is done running, Ash stands before the Spearow flock, turns his cap around and announces that he refuses to be beaten by the likes of them, telling the entire flock that he will become this world's greatest Pokémon Master, vowing to defeat them all. Pikachu sees that Ash is willing to sacrifice himself to save it despite his obedience toward him all day. The entire Spearow flock all charge directly at Ash, with him declaring to take them all on. Pikachu, despite already being very weak from his condition, gets up and runs up toward Ash, jumps on his and from his shoulder and, as he is hit by lightning, unleashes a massive Thunder Shock which throws Ash and Pikachu to the ground.

The massive attack leaves a lot of marks on the area around them. Both are rendered unconscious. Next at sunset, Ash wakes up and finds Pikachu lying on the ground in front of him, who is glad that its Trainer is awake. They find that the Spearow had gone after the massive attack. Ash grabs Pikachu and thanks it for saving his life. Pikachu responds by licking Ash, and Ash asks if it is friends with him now. Pikachu happily responds, thus the two finally forming a friendship after fending off their attackers together. As the two hug, Ash and Pikachu hear a loud cry above the sky. Ash and Pikachu sit up and spot a mysterious Pokémon flying high above them. Ash scans it with his Pokédex but the dex has no information of this Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu stand up and witness it fly above and pass them until something shiny falls from the unknown flying Pokémon. Ash catches it and it is a rainbow colored feather dropped by the unknown Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu take one final glimpse of this Pokémon as it flies towards a rainbow. Ash, excited once again, wants to see that Pokémon again and promises to Pikachu that one day they will meet it again and battle it, which Pikachu happily agrees to. Picking up his hat, Ash and Pikachu walk and spot Viridian City in the distance, heading towards there next. With the first of many steps on his Pokémon journey, many more things await Ash and Pikachu.

Chapter 3Edit

A couple of moments after helping out her childhood friend, Leaf is walking around with her partner Pokémon, Bulbasaur, in Viridian Forest after having just captured her very first Pokémon, Pidgey. As she and Bulbasaur look around for other Pokémon they can meet, they hear a loud cry from the distance.

Leaf and Bulbasaur reach the road once again and witness Ash and Pikachu be chased by a massive flock of Spearow. The two go to help them, but by the time they reach where the two went, they watch Ash, carrying a weakened Pikachu, jump in the river to escape the furious flock. Leaf goes to follow their trail and when they reach a river where they might have washed up, a thunderstorm begins as rain starts to fall. Leaf and her Bulbasaur take shelter at a nearby lodge up the road ahead of them and wonders if Ash and his Pikacuh are alright. Just as the thunderstorm gets worse, Leaf looks out the lodge with her Bulbasaur and Pidgey. As they are about to head inside, from the distance they see a lightning bolt strike down and a massive electricity is let out. She notices the Spearow flock from before who have now retreated after getting hit by the powerful attack. Leaf goes to check it out, but one of the lodge's employees tells her not to as the thunderstorm is too strong to brave alone. Leaf tries to persist, saying that a friend of her's might be in trouble, but relents when the storm gets worse. An hour later, Leaf and Bulbasaur run to the sight where she saw flock fly away from and sees scorches across the area made from what she assumes was the electricity that was unleashed earlier. Leaf wonders what caused such damage.

[ Elsewhere... ]

After experiencing a massive attack from a huge Spearow flock, defeating them and forming their newfound friendship, Ash is carrying Pikachu to Viridian City and walks around, with his clothes, himself and Pikachu dirty from the attack. He asks a nearby stranger where the Pokemon Center is until an officer asks if he needs assistance. The officer introduces herself as Jenny, a policewoman that patrols Viridian City. Ash answers that he is looking for the Pokémon Center, and shows her his badly injured Pikachu. Knowing this is critical, Officer Jenny offers Ash a ride to the Pokémon Center, which he is grateful for and gets on.

As they make the trip there, Ash notices Pikachu growing more and more weak and asks Pikachu to stay strong until they get to the center. While driving by Viridian City, Ash notices a crowd of people all converging somewhere. Officer Jenny tells Ash that a Pokémon Game festival is being held in the city by the organization known as Rocket Corporation which is run by a man named Giovanni. Ash wonders what kind of events will be held, but immediately shifts his focus on Pikachu. At the Pokémon Game festival, the crowd all look up on the stage where three people from the Rocket Corporation all greet the crowd and explain the events of the festival, where those who wish to be a part of the festival will participate in varying events, with players being judged based on points they will earn through each event. Whoever earns the highest points will receive the festival's secret grand prize while those who tried their best will receive participation rewards instead. The crowd all cheer at this, and a large group of people all sign up to participate for the events to come.

Behind the stage where the crowd can't see or hear them, one of the people in charge named Archer, calls for two of his subordinate workers; Jessie and James. It is revealed that Archer and his group plan on robbing everyone of their Pokémon whilst everyone in the city is busy participating in the event, Archer tasks Jessie and James on stealing as many of the unattended Pokémon in the city as they can but to do it without being noticed lest they want to put their operation into jeapardy. Jessie and James comply. James calls for their partner Meowth, the Scratch Cat, Normal-type Pokémon, and the trio head out to do their mission, with the three promising to themselves that they will rob the town clean of all of their precious Pokémon for their organization's own means.

Ash and Officer Jenny arrive in the Pokémon Center and they immediately bring in Pikachu inside. They are welcomed by Nurse Joy, the one in charge of the center. Ash brings her Pikachu and Nurse Joy immediately has her Chansey bring a stretcher to place Pikachu on. They both immediately being Pikachu inside to take care of him while Ash is asked to stay outside for now while they do their job. Officer Jenny tries to reassure him that his partner will be fine, but Ash says that he can't stop worrying about his new friend, especially with what they had just recently been through. Back in the city square, Archer and two of his fellow workers all inform the participants that will be joining on the festival to ready up as the games are about to begin. One of the participants is a girl with orange hair who a few of the people recognize but immediately Archer signals the games to begin, causing all of the participants to immediately start. Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth are infiltrating different buildings to steal any Pokémon they see. Jessie manages to steal a Poké Ball containing a Dodrio while James recalls a Venonat that got out from the Poké Ball he picked up. Meowth then suddenly starts talking about how their mission is going smoothly, all with the amount of Pokémon they have already managed to steal, with the trio having already stolen three bags worth of Poké Balls.

Back in the Pokémon Center, Ash is waiting outside and begins remembering his first day with Pikachu and how it initially started bad for them until they slowly got to be friends due to the Spearow attack. Ash then hopes that Pikachu makes a full recovery, wishing to start his journey with his new partner by his side. Officer Jenny then receives a call from a fellow co-worker who informs her that they received a call from a girl who had her Pokémon be stolen from her house. Jenny goes on the case and leaves but not before reassuring Ash to stay strong for his partner and shares her wish for Pikachu to make a full recovery. Inside, Nurse Joy and Chansey continue tending to Pikachu who is slowly making a good recovery in its health. As Ash awaits his Pikachu's recovery, Officer Jenny meets up with her fellow officers at a local apartment building whose residents had their Poké Balls stolen. They learn that while the identity of the thieves are unknown, one witness saw three shadowy figures leave the scene with bags: one of a man, a woman and seemingly a Meowth. Jenny then immediately orders for a perimeter search and to set up checkpoints on any possible exits in Viridian City. Outside the Pokémon Center, Joy informs Ash that his Pikachu is making steady recovery and it just needs some rest before it can get back up on its feet. Ash is delighted to hear this. Nurse Joy then asks Ash if he could help her check up on the other Pokémon under her care due to the center lacking other staff members excluding her, but adds that he doesn't have to if he is tired from what he experienced earlier today. Ash says he will be fine and that he will help out as he has nothing else to do and it will be his way of thanking Nurse Joy for ensuring Pikachu's health.

At the Square, the games are nearing their last two challenges, with only 8 participants left. Just as the current game ends, it is now down to just 2. Leaf is seen watching the games from the nearby stands with her Bulbasaur as Archer calls out the two last standing participants: a young man named Sheldon and Misty, who some realize is the Gym Leader of Cerulean City, which surprises Leaf and wonders why a Gym Leader would not be at her gym or her own city. Archer announces the final challenge of the games to be a one-on-one Pokémon Battle and whoever's Pokémon is left still standing is the victor. The two finalists both stand on their opposing sides facing each other and send out their respective Pokémon: Sheldon's Jolteon against Misty's Staryu. Archer commences the battle to begin, with Sheldon ordering his Jolteon to use Thunder Shock on Staryu, quickly landing a direct hit. Misty then orders her Staryu to use Swift, but is dodged by Jolteon, who Sheldon then orders to use Quick Attack, getting another direct hit on Staryu. Meanwhile back at the Pokémon Center, Ash helps Nurse Joy list down all of the Pokémon currently under care and completes the list before giving it to Joy. She thanks Ash for his help. Officer Jenny then arrives back and informs the two of three thieves that have been robbing people of their Pokémon from their own homes, with Jenny theorizing that the criminals may have used the festival that is being held at the Town Square as a distraction to keep eyes off of them. She then tells Joy to keep the center on lockdown until further notice and asks Ash to help keep an eye on the sick Pokémon, which Ash promises to do.

Just then, smoke bombs are thrown in front of the three. A Koffing then comes out and tackles Jenny to the ground while an Ekans constricts Nurse Joy. Jessie and James then reveal themselves. Ash then reaches for his Poké Ball in an attempt to fight the two, but remembers that his only Pokémon is Pikachu, who is still recovering. Jessie and James then ask Ash to sit down like a good boy, with Meowth coming out from behind and tying Ash down.

Back at the Square, Misty and her Staryu are on the losing edge as Sheldon and his Jolteon are proving to be really strong opponents, even for the Gym Leader. As Sheldon orders for a Quick Attack to end the battle, but Misty urges her Staryu to dodge. At the last second, Staryu dodges and Misty quickly takes the opening to order it to use Tackle, and lands a blow on Jolteon, surprising Leaf, the crowd and Sheldon. He then orders Jolteon to use Pin Missile with Misty counter them with Water Gun. Afterwards she orders Staryu to use Swift with Sheldon ordering his Jolteon to use Thunder Shock. The moves clash, and Misty quickly tells Staryu to take Jolteon down with Tackle. Immediately coming out of the smoke, Staryu hits Jolteon directly and thus able to knock out its opponent. Shelcon can only be stunned as Archer announces Misty as the winner, to the delighted excitement of the crowd as they cheer for her.

Back at the Pokémon Center, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy and Ash all tied down as the trio steal all of the Pokémon, including the sick Pokémon who still haven't made full recoveries. Joy pleads with the trio to not take away the Pokémon as they are not yet in good health, but her words fall on deaf ears as the trio happily stash them all in their bags and recall those who are not inside their individual Poké Balls. When James reaches the room where Pikachu is being kept in, he finds the room empty, with the nodes that were on Pikachu on the ground. Ash then secretly tries to untie himself. Ekans then hears him and goes to constrict him, but is intervened by the arrival of Pikachu. Ash is glad to see his partner, but notices that it is still not at full health. Pikachu gives its Trainer a thumbs up, signifying that it is ready to fight off the crooks to protect the other Pokémon. Jessie and James come back to the main hall. James orders Koffing to use Sludge and Jessie orders Ekans to use Acid. Ash tells Pikachu to dodge both, and manages to do so and quickly Ash tells it to use Tail Whip on Ekans. Meanwhile, Meowth takes the opportunity to continue stealing the other Pokémon. Ekans dodges the attack, James assists by telling Koffing to use Smog. Ash then tells Pikachu to run from it, but Jessie tells Ekans to use Wrap on Pikachu. The Snake Pokémon is able to catch the Yellow Mouse by surprise and wrap itself around it. Ash then tries to go save Pikachu himself, but James orders his Koffing to knock Ash back, with the young Pallet Town Trainer getting hit and crashing on to the nearby chairs. Jenny tries to untie herself to help the young Trainer, but Meowth, who has stolen all of the Pokémon in the Center, threatens to attack her if she dares move another muscle.

Ash tries to get up, but James has Koffing pin Ash down. James states how he almost foiled their plans, but tells him how pointless it was, calling Ash a "twerp". Jessie then tells Ekans to continue wrapping Pikachu, finding the now weakened Electric-type weak and worthless to be stolen by their organization. Ash sees Pikachu suffering and tries his best get Koffing off him and yells for Pikachu to fight back with him. Pikachu, upon hearing its Trainer's call, musters enough train to unleash a Thunder Shock as a last resort, managing to critically damage Ekans. Meowth gets distracted and Jenny punts him away, having fully freed herself and helps Joy out. James and Koffing are shocked, giving Ash the opportunity to escape. The trio then try to escape with the Pokémon they have in tow, but Ash refuses to let them go and orders Pikachu for one last Thunder Shock. James orders Koffing to use Smokescreen. Thunder Shock then hits the trio and combining with Smokescreen, causes a resulting explosion, with Ash, his Pikachu, Jenny and Joy all able to get out. Team Rocket is then sent blasting off, but realize their error: Ash's Pikachu is no ordinary Pokémon to have been able to endure their Pokémon's attacks and caused such a massive attack and promise to steal it together.

The trio's bag that they stole are left on the ground, which Ash, Pikachu, Jenny and Joy find. Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy thank Ash and his Pikachu for helping against the thieves and saving the Pokémon. However, with the much of Viridian City's Pokémon Center damaged, it will take sometime before it can operate again. Ash and Pikachu both faint over the amount of exhaustion and pain the two endured the entire two days since beginning their journey. Officer Jenny quickly asks for her fellow officers and an ambulance as Joy tends to the two. But having saved the day, the duo have demonstrated how strong they are.

Chapter 4Edit

Waking up on a hospital bed, Ash slowly sits up and wonders what happened and spots Leaf sleeping on the couch next to him. Ash then remembers what happened last night.

[ 10 hours ago... ]

After thwarting Team Rocket and saving the Pokémon they stole, he and Pikachu fainted. An ambulance arrived and took the two to the nearest hospital, with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy coming along to ensure the two get to the hospital safely.

At the Square, Archer hails Misty as the winner of the Games and awards her with a Game Champion Trophy and a few Evolution stones. Just as the crowd cheers for her, the ground rumbles and the crowd look back and find an explosion where the local Pokémon Center is.




  • Nidorino (on TV)
  • Gengar (on TV)
  • Onix (on TV)
  • Rhydon (on TV)
  • Bulbasaur (Leaf's)
  • Squirtle (Gary's)
  • Pikachu (Ash's)
  • Spearow (Multiple)
  • Rattata
  • Pidgey
  • Pidgey (Leaf's)

Differences from the Main Anime seriesEdit

  • Leaf was never in the story of the main anime series nor was she a childhood friend of Ash and Gary.
  • Pikachu was insides its PokéBall when Ash first met him. Here, he was already outside his PokéBall roaming around Oak's Lab.
  • Delia never went inside or visited Ash inside Oak's Lab. Additionally she never gave Ash his clothes inside the lab.
    • This was actually adapted from the anime's 20th Anniversary Movie, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!.
  • Ash never had a battle with Gary at the start of their journey and likewise the latter did not reveal to Ash which starter he picked until their battle at the Silver Conference in Johto.
  • While Pikachu knew Thundershock, he did not know Tail Whip.


  • Ash's first day on his journey and the incident that followed was adapted from the very first episode of the anime series.