Welcome to Randompedia

Welcome to Randompedia! This wiki is a fun place where you are free to express yourselves by writing about whatever you want. Feel free to do and write whatever you please as long as it is appropriate and isn't spam! After all, we don't get any new wikians here - the place is like a ghost town. The most important thing is to have fun!

If you need any help feel free to contact our founder The GTA Nerd or an active admin.

What's on Randompedia?

Randompedia is about many things, such as:

  • The Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The GTA Nerd's comics (mainly Sibling Rivalries). Please don't touch!
    • Sorry if these are the articles that you mostly see, many pages/images are added only as references for GTA Nerd to look back on as he writes this comic series at home in his free time; don't let this discourage you from adding anything new to the wikia as every page created by others users are more appreciated!
  • Enigma24's GTA Expanded Universe. Please don't touch this either!
  • Other entirely random stuff including things like The Fairly OddParents, this wiki houses many strange and random things.

Feel free to build your own franchise about whatever you want here on the wiki. Whether it be about a TV show character, a place, or even something that comes from your imagination, feel free to go wild!


Some articles on the wiki relate to already existing characters from forms of media (such as Niko Bellic or Perry the Platypus), while some other articles relate to fan fictions, stories that users write on their own time (such as GTA Nerd's Sibling Rivalries comics which reuses some character names from GTA IV, or Enigma24's own take on Angus Martin, also from the GTA IV trinity).

Most articles simply reuse names or elements from other places, and we do not mean to offend the original properties. In GTA Nerd's case, SR serves as a way to honor the original names and create an entirely different universe, while Enigma enjoys using existing characters to create new stories. Fan fiction and user-created stories are, well, fictional after all.


We are a small, friendly community, and we do not get any newcomers here. However, if you want to join our community, you only need to follow these set of rules:

  • Be respectful! Here, we treat everybody with respect, and we want any new members here to be nice as well. Failure to do so will have you blocked from our community. So far, we have had no serious bans.
  • Swearing is allowed, and you may use them on any pages uncensored. However, we wish that you do not use any profanity in conversations. As mentioned above, let's just keep it friendly here!
  • Absolutely no spamming and posting inappropiate content! These will be immediately removed and undone. You are allowed to write about anything you want here, but please, make it intelligible.
  • If a user does not want you to edit their pages without permission, please respect that, and refrain from touching any of their content. Failure to do so may lead you to being blocked from our community, and your edits will be undone. Please ask the creator if you would like to edit any of their pages and add something you feel like is missing.


This is a list of the staff on this wiki.

User Name Role Status
The GTA Nerd Founder Active (occasionally leaves for extended periods of time but still monitors the wiki)
Enigma24 Admin, Second in Command Active
Vincetick Admin Active
The Fan of Wiki Admin Semi-Active
Plt. Pao Ayo Admin Inactive