Alternate Tales is the alternate takes of Tales of the Imperceptible whereas Eli Riashon and her family got glimpses from the alternate timelines on other worlds.


There is no particular order in this series since all of them are alternate take or the what-if versions of the characters.

  • Alt Titans - "I know it's wrong to be with them, it's just... I never have any family like them." (Teen Titans)
  • Fated VIOLET - "I never knew I would have nine adoptive, psychopathic 'fathers' that are protective of me but taught me to kill mercilessly anyways" (Team Fortress 2)
  • Talons and Heroes - "They don't seem to be hostile at all, trust me, they are just a bunch of dorks put in various arenas for the entertainment of the real world'" (Overwatch)
  • Unexpected Assemble - "I never expect Sage to make a move early but I make sure he disrupt the lives of my alternate versions..."
  • LINE of Toons - to be added...
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