"I don't [party] for the popularity. I do it to spread positivity with all of my friends!"
―Salvador Martinez

Salvador Andres Martinez Lopez, better known by his nickname San Salvador is a main recurring character in Sibling Rivalries. He was also mentioned in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures.

He is a good friend of Angel Chacon and Tony Gonzales, and is a popular Salvadoran teenager living in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Salvador was born in San Salvador, El Salvador sometime in 1997, and moved to the United States of America on July 8, 2002, when he was just 5 years old. In middle school, he started playing football. By the time the events of Sibling Rivalries takes place, San Salvador, now a 16 year-old attending Green Bay Southwest High School, is very popular, and is known for the wild parties he likes to throw at his house.


Salvador does not appear in SR: SRA, but he is mentioned by a random person during the party at the beginning of the story ("I wish the legendary Salvador Martinez was here. Now THAT would be a party!"). This means Salvador was well known even by residents of Canada, though of course, only by younger kids.


By 2013, San Salvador became Packie's idol, and in San Salvador's Story was happy when Angel invited him to one of Salvador's parties. At the party Salvador is seen hanging out with Tony and Jose Gonzales. They then become friends, and hang out from time to time. Salvador enjoys backing up the McRearys from any threats they face, mainly from the Wisconsin Warriors.


San Salvador was portrayed as a very popular character from the start, enjoying parties and hanging out with friends. He is also a ladies' man and enjoys trying to impress them, from telling them he is on the varsity football team or showing his muscles.

Salvador's defining trait is the fact that he is very loyal towards good people, as he ends his friendship with Giovanni after siding with the McRearys. Salvador likes people who are positive, and does not party just to show off his popularity, but because he just wants to spread happiness to his friends. In the comic "Joyride", after Giovanni mocks him for being disloyal, Salvador defends himself by saying he dislikes Giovanni since they only spread negativity, and chooses to race him just to show how loyal he is to the McReary siblings.

San Salvador is religious, shown more after Season 6 when he always appears with a cross necklace. In "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" (a non-canon comic, however) he wears a shirt that says "JESUS" and has a cross. Before racing Giovanni in "Joyride", he was praying that he and Tony would win. He confirmed to be Catholic in "Journey to the Bottom of the Pool", and is the only confirmed religious character, although the McReary siblings were also revealed to be Catholic in the same comic.

Salvador is strongly against the use of drugs or alcohol, known when on a party invitation when he specifically tells people to avoid bringing these items in the comic "Pack To The Future".

He is also caring towards the LGBT community, as he happily welcomes gay couple Armando Vasquez and Jederek Posey to his party in "Pack To The Future".


The series has a rule where every character never ages past their 2013 ages (despite years going by in real-life time), with San Salvador following that rule for seven seasons. He was always 15 years old (born in 1998), and a freshman in high school. However, as of the last Season 7 comic, San Salvador (along with Giovanni Ancelotti)'s age was changed. Now, he is 16 years old (date of birth pushed back to 1997) and now a sophomore instead, as well as possessing a drivers' license.

The reason for this change was because San Salvador was always the oldest of the McRearys' friends, and GTA Nerd wanted one of their friends to be able to drive them around without having to bring in a new character. This can also give San Salvador a new role in the series, since the character was always more or less underused. No other characters will receive unnecessary age changes.



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  • Salvador is a high school student, yet he accidentally appeared as a student at Wisconsin Elementary School in both "The Football Faker" and "Life of Joel" (although both appearances were during lunch time, so he must be a vistor during these occassions).
  • He is the oldest of all of Packie and the siblings' friends.
  • Up until "Meet The Robots!", as a running gag, whenever somebody mentions San Salvador in front of Salvador Real, he gets confused and says "San WHO?".
  • Salvador seems to not like Salvador Real that much, as in The Football Faker, he is mad because Salvador "took his name".
  • Like he is nicknamed "San Salvador" he nicknamed Salvador Real "El Salvador", which is the country that Martinez was born in.
  • San Salvador may be popular throughout North America, as someone in Canada mentions him in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures circa 2012, although he lives in Wisconsin circa 2013. Also, it is said that he is Packie's idol, which means he may have known him before the series even started.
  • San Salvador seems to be proud of his Salvadoran roots, which may be why he have himself the nickname, "San Salvador", in honor of the town he was born in.
  • He is the only character in the entire franchise to not have a trademark outfit; in all of his appearances, he wears something different.
  • He has an 8-pack on his chest ("House Party", "The Pool Date", "Journey to the Bottom of the Pool").
    • In addition, San Salvador is one of a few characters to appear shirtless, with the others being the four McReary siblings, Joel, Angel, Aaron Velazco, and Adrian Wilson.
  • He has an older brother named Cristino Martinez that is curently at a college in El Salvador working to earn his master's degree. ("Wouldn't It Be Nice?")
  • When San Salvador receives his car in the comic "Joyride", it is revealed his favorite radio stations are WAPL 105.7 FM and La Mas Grande (call sign WAUN-FM) 92.7, both which broadcast in Green Bay and play classic rock and regional Mexican, respectively. These are the two stations that appear on his radio screen throughout the comic; he rocks out to "Highway Star" by Deep Purple and "China Grove" by The Doobie Brothers, both of which would match the genre of WAPL. His radio is tuned into WAUN-FM during the entirety of his race with Giovanni.
    • In the same comic, more details are revealed about him from his drivers' license aside from his full name: he weighs 152 pounds, is 5'8" tall, lives on the fictional 600 West Bellic Road in Green Bay, and (despite the comics not having color), he has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Despite having a 13 feet deep pool, he is very afraid of deep water, enough to make him start freaking out as his only weakness ("Journey to the Bottom of the Pool").
  • He called Salvador Ventura "El Salvador" in earlier comics for some reason, but this has since been unused. Since Season 8 finale "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie", Steve Madison incorrectly calls San Salvador by "El Salvador", much to the latter's anger who insists that he is only called by the name of the city.



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