Shido Itsuka
Kanji 五河 士道
Romaji Itsuka Shidō
Age 16
17 (as of Volume 18)
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Species Human
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown (Normal)
Gold (while using Spirit powers)
  • Darling (By Miku)
  • Shin (By Reine Murasame)
  • Shiori Itsuka (Alternate Identity)
  • Shidomi (By Origami)
  • Takamiya (By Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott)
  • Shii-kun (By Haruko)
  • Boy (By Nia)
Personal Status
  • Raizen High School
  • Ratatoskr
Occupation Student
Novel Debut Date A Live: Volume 1 - Tohka Dead End
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki
Saeko Zōgō (Shiori Itsuka)
English Josh Grelle
Ryan Reynolds (Shiori Itsuka)
Shido Itsuka is the male lead character in Pairing Stories - Shido and Yuzuru and is one of the characters to be a part of Pairing Stories.

He is the main protagonist of the Date A Live light novel, anime, video game and manga series by Koushi Tachibana.

He is also one of the characters that will appear in the fanfic, Date A Live: Inverse Overload, alongside Skies of Inception where an alternate version of him appears in some of the chapters.


An average young man that originally had no interests in the opposite gender until he got forced to be by his little sister (Kotori). Basically, he is now forced to deal with females on a constant basis, something that he wasn't used to before.

Another interesting part of Shido's personality was described by Kotori. As a result of being abandoned by his birth mother, Shido has become unusually sensitive to other people's despair. It is this empathizing nature that makes him regarded as the best person to handle the Spirits.

Shido is also a very kindhearted person, and can sympathize with others; these traits are what caused most of the Spirits to fall in love with him, as the thing they seem to lack most of all has always been a person who can do exactly this: i.e. accept and understand them. Even Miku, who treated everyone like puppets, ended up changing her world view because of him.

He also possesses a strong will and a friendly willingness to forgive others. He will press on to save the Spirits despite great personal risk to himself. When responding to Natsumi's comment about the trouble she caused him, he compares her actions to what he went through during all of his past attempts to help Spirits and can only call her actions childish pranks: this is a girl who nearly ruined his reputation and erased all his friends and would've then erased him had she succeeded.


Shido has all the looks of an average young man in high school. With blue hair down to his neck, amber brown eyes, and has straight hair and bangs. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform. His height is stated to be 170 cm in the anime.

During the events of Volume 6 of the Light Novel (Episode 5 of Season 2 in the anime), Shido crossdresses as a girl in order to interact with Miku, and he disguised himself as his alternate identity, Shiori Itsuka. During the time he crossdressed, he was seen with long blue hair, and he wore the standard female Raizen High School uniform. He also had a hair clip, which seemed to be a flower of some sort.

In Date A Live

Tohka Dead End:

On April 10th, Shido is being violently woken by his little sister, Kotori Itsuka, who had just delivered a kick onto his stomach. In response, he pretends to be possessed by the T-Virus, which would force him to tickle his sister to death. After managing to scare her away but now fully awake, he heads downstairs and finds Kotori hiding and after spooking her one more time, he clarifies that he was only joking. While preparing breakfast, he and Kotori listen to the news about a Spacequake that had happened recently in their neighborhood.

After remembering the Spacequake that had happened in Eurasia 30 years ago, he begins to wonder why similar things have been happening recently in a more frequent manner. During breakfast, he is made to promise to Kotori to take her on a diner for a deluxe kids plate for lunch later. Right before departing from school, Kotori tells him to come meet her at the diner no matter what, even if a spacequake were to appear.

Arriving at school, he finds that he is now in Year 2 Class 4 and after talking to Hiroto Tonomachi, his best friend, about them being in the same class again, he is greeted by another student, Origami Tobiichi, who seems to know him despite him not knowing her or remembering any past encounters between them which prompts Hiroto to ask him about this. During this, Hiroto makes fun of him for his lack of interaction with girls, which he just ignores. After classes have ended, a siren goes off in the entire city, warning everyone of an oncoming spacequake about to hit the city. Shido then tries to call Kotori to make sure she is in a safe place, he is unable to contact her before searching for her phone's GPS tracker and to his shock finds that she is at the family diner he promised to take her at later.
Shido and the nameless girl

Shido meets the nameless girl

Ignoring the warning to go outside the shelter, Shido runs outside in an attempt to find his little sister. After running through the city to look for Kotori, he is later blown away by the impact of the spacequake that hits the city. He gets up and sees a mysterious girl wearing a mysterious dress. After he is noticed by the mysterious girl, she draws out a sword from her throne and points it toward him. Dazed by the girl's beautiful yet sad appearance at which he asks her what her name is, but the girl responds by saying that she has none. He then questions her what she plans to do to him, at which she responds by saying that she will kill him quickly, since she viewed that he was probably going to try and kill her as well.

Their conversation is then interrupted by a few humans wearing strange suits flying in the sky, who open fire on the mysterious girl, who in turn retaliates against them. During the fight, Shido once again notices the mysterious girl's sad appearance while defending herself. He is also able to recognize one of the humans wearing the strange suits as Origami. He is later blown away during the ensuing fight and is knocked unconscious after hitting a wall.

Yoshino Puppet:


Shido being presented cookies by both Tohka and Origami.

While at school, Shido is presented cookies by Tohka, who made them herself during home economics. As he agrees to eat one, he struggles to avoid the looks of jealousy his classmates are sending him. Just as he is about to bite it, a for appears and breaks the cookie apart. Origami arrives and tells Shido that Tohka's cookies were unhygienic so she can eat the cookies she made instead. In order to avoid hurting both girl's feelings, Shido decides to eat one from each of their's at the same time.

Kurumi Killer:

As Shido is preparing to go to school, Kotori asks him what is in hand. Shido responds that it is a bento box that he made for Tohka, and he plans to put it in her mailbox to avoid unwanted attention. Kotori scolds Shido for his approach, telling him that he should go to school with Tohka since he will have to spend less time with her as more Spirits appear. As Shido reluctantly agrees, Kotori hands him an intercom, telling him that they will be training him in how to deal with Tohka's jealousy of other Spirits more efficiently. Additionally, Kotori also tells him that they have a special guest, which turns out to be Yoshino.

Yoshinon greets Shido and tells him that the physical examinations have been finished, but there was still the need to practice. As Shido questions what the puppet meant by practice, Yoshino raises up her voice and greets good morning to Shido. This action impresses Shido since it was the first time he heard Yoshino’s voice be that loud. Kotori then informs Shido that Yoshino can already talk to her and Reine now and that she wants to move Yoshino to the apartment where Tohka was living so that Yoshino can have a partner with whom to practice speaking. As Tohka arrives, Shido's sees that Tohka's relationship with Yoshino has improved considerably, with Tohka complimenting Yoshino on her sunhat. Yoshino returns to the <Fraxinus> ship as Shido and Tohka leave for school.

After arriving at school, Shido is shocked to hear the new transfer student, Kurumi Tokisaki, introduce herself as a Spirit in front of the class. Soon afterward, Kurumi approaches Shido and asks him to show her around the school. Despite initially questioning how Kurumi knew his name, he ultimately agrees to show her around after seeing her pleading expression. Soon afterward, Shido contacts Kotori and informs her of what Kurumi had just announced. After homeroom, Kotori tells Shido that Kurumi is indeed a Spirit, and he should be grateful that the other party has extended an invitation, and he doesn't have to deal with AST. Under Kotori's instructions, Shido takes Kurumi to the cafeteria first.

As they were walking, Kotori informs him that there might be two people following his movements, but adds that he should ignore it and focus his attention on Kurumi. Due to a miscommunication with the Fraxinus crew, Shido accidentally asks her what panties she was wearing today. Much to his astonishment, Kurumi is willing to show him. However, Shido quickly stops her, causing Kurumi to tease him for suddenly grabbing her skirt. As Shido apologizes, he tries to change the topic by asking her what did she mean by saying she is a Spirit, Kurumi tells Shido not to play dumb, as he should already know what she implied. As Shido questions on how she knows about him, she tells him that it is a secret, but adds that she has been looking forward to meeting him. As Shido blushes due to Kurumi's advances, Kotori tells him not to be led by the other party. Kurumi then prepares to ask a request from Shido, but she is stopped by Tohka and Origami falling out from a nearby cabinet.

As Shido asks why they are there, both Tohka and Origami asks why Kurumi is holding Shido's hand. After Kurumi claims it is because she has anemia, much to Shido's dismay, Origami and Tohka both also claim they have anemia and reach for his remaining arm. After Origami has to leave due to her AST duties, Shido continues to show Kurumi around the school, with Tohka also tagging along. At six in the afternoon, Shido finishes his tour and parts ways with Kurumi at the school gate. Afterward, Shido accompanies Tohka to the nearby supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner, and Tohka requests to eat hamburger steak. As they were walking back home, they are approached by a mysterious girl with blue hair that Shido notes to look oddly familiar. Suddenly, that person runs up to hug him, while calling him "Nii-sama".

After bringing her back to the Itsuka residence, the mysterious girl says that her name is Mana Takamiya, and she is Shido's little sister. Shido tells Mana that he has no memories of her at all. However, he asks Mana if she knows anything about their mother. Mana replies that is expected that he doesn't remember her, as her memories are also fragmented. However, Mana reveals that she has a silver locket that contains a photo of them as children, which allowed her to recognize him. Soon after, Mana and Kotori get into a fight about who is the better younger sister, but Shido tries to break up the argument by changing the topic. He asks Mana where she is living right now since he doesn't have any memories of her past. Hearing this, Mana gives a vague answer and tells him that she is working with a place that provides living quarters. Afterward, Mana quickly excuses herself, leaving Shido staring in a daze at the entrance into where Mana had disappeared.

The next day at school, Origami tells Shido that Kurumi will no longer be attending school. Much to Origami's disbelief, Kurumi merely arrives late to school. Before classes begin, Shido receives a call from Kotori that a terrible situation has just happened, and he needs to come to the Physics lab. During the lunchtime, he skips having lunch with Tohka and heads straight for Kotori's location. After arriving, Kotori scolds him for being late, while Reine points his direction towards the computer screen. Shido briefly sees a sequel to the dating sim he played before, but Reine tells him that is the wrong image. Instead, Shido is shocked to see a video recording of Kurumi being brutally massacred by Mana, while being accompanied by AST. At the sight of the scene, Shido felt the urge to vomit. As he reviews the scene, he notes that Mana looked completely empty with the execution, almost as if she had gotten used to it. Shido then becomes puzzled over how Kurumi was able to reappear completely fine in class later. Kotori tells him that they are unsure as well, but replies that the current situation means that they have to seal Kurumi as soon as possible.

Later that night, Tohka, upon her friend's suggestion, comes over Shido's house and innocently seduces him to a date tomorrow by holding her aquarium tickets in an awkward position. Soon afterward, Origami calls Shido and informs him that he can't be left alone tomorrow. Unable to deny either of the girls, Shido's date with Kurumi ends up with him having to enact a triple date, with him having to constantly switch between each girl using Fraxinus's transporter. The day first starts with him meeting up with Tohka for the aquarium at 10:00 AM. Seeing Tohka from the crowd, he is amazed at the stunning new clothes that she was wearing. Reine's voice from the transmitter soon snaps him back to his sense. He apologizes for being distracted and compliments Tohka on her clothes, causing her to blush in embarrassment. As they make way for the aquarium, Shido explains to her that an aquarium is a place that holds fish for viewing, and not eating. After arriving, he makes an excuse that his stomach is upset and quickly excuses himself so he can switch to his date with Kurumi.

For Shido's date with Kurumi, he reluctantly takes her to a lingerie store on the instructions of the Fraxinus Crew's instructions. Much to his shock, Kurumi agrees with his decision and even decides to buy the revealing underwear that he had pointed out. During the process, he runs into Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura, and Mii Fujibakama, who had all thought that he went to the aquarium with Tohka using the tickets they gave her. As the trio, see Kurumi, they assume that Shido is two-timing on Tohka, forcing Shido to escape. During his date with Origami, she planned for them to eat something for lunch before heading to the movie theater. After a long moment of silence, Shido asks Origami why she wanted to have a date with him today. Origami bluntly states that he can't be left alone today, and wants him to come to her house afterward. Before Shido can ask any more, Kotori reminds him that Tohka is waiting, so he quickly excuses himself by saying he needs to go to the restroom.

For the remainder of the day, Shido struggles to juggle back and forth between each date while also simultaneously avoiding the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio. However, things take a turn for the worse after he momentarily leaves Kurumi alone in the park. After returning, Shido is terrified to see Kurumi finishing up murdering some civilians. Horrified at the scene, Shido let out a scream at the grotesque scene. As Shido tries to escape, white hands stretched out from within Kurumi's shadow, forcefully grabbing onto Shido's leg. As Kurumi begins to move closer, she is stopped by Mana's intervention, who has her CR-unit equipped. She asked if Shido was alright, to which Shido was too stunned to answer. After snapping her fingers, the mechanical parts on Mana's shoulder releases a beam of light that continuously alters its trajectory until it fingers pierces Kurumi.

Despite Shido’s protests, Mana delivered the final blow. As Shido questions why she did this, Mana replies that if she didn’t, he could have been the one that died. Shido says that he knows the AST’s position, but they shouldn’t treat the Spirits like monsters. Shido then asks her why she remained so calm when committing murder. Mana states that it’s because she has gotten used to killing her, as <Nightmare> is a Spirit that has revived countless times, no matter how many times she had killed her. She refuses Shido’s request to stop, saying that she is the only one who can stop <Nightmare> from murdering more people. Seeing that reinforcements were coming, she uses her territory to push Shido away.

Afterward, Shido shakily walks to the long bench at the park, weakly sitting down while trying to contemplate the events that had just transpired. He soon runs into Tohka and Origami but soon knocks away Tohka's hand after remembering the scene of Kurumi dyed in blood flashed inside his head. He then repeatedly apologizes for his actions before running away. He is soon contacted by Kotori, who he ultimately rebukes after saying that he must be the only one who can save Kurumi and everyone. Later that night, he is approached by Tohka, who surprises him by wrapping her arms around Shido's body, hugging him tightly from the back. As Shido asks what she was doing, Tohka says that the television stated that if one is lonely or afraid, it would be fine to do this. Shido asks what show she heard it from, which Tohka responds that she heard it from a children's show. Tohka then reveals to Shido that she heard from Reine about the incident between Kurumi and Mana. 

She then reminds Shido what he said to her when she moved into the Itsuka residence, warning him that if a Spirit like her was to appear, he would save them. Tohka then says that she and Kurumi are no different, saying that in her case, she has Shido, who saved her, but points out that Kurumi does not have anybody extending a helping hand towards her. If it weren't for Shido, she would probably be the same as Kurumi right now. Tohka then says that if Kurumi really is a brutal Spirit beyond from saving, she will protect him. Tohka then begs Shido not to let such an incident continue to happen and save Kurumi. Hearing this, Shido thanks her and thanked tells her that he is fine now. Loosening her hold on him, Shido asks Tohka if she would like to eat as well, to which she energetically nodded in response. 

The next day, Shido approaches Kurumi at school and tells her that he will definitely save her. Hearing this, Kurumi tells him not to force his values onto others, as she hates that kind of wishful thinking. Frowning at Shido's proclamation, Kurumi tells him that he should but his words to the test and meet her at the rooftop of the school after class. After Kurumi activates her <City of Devouring Time>, he feels a sudden chill as his surroundings suddenly become much darker. Suddenly, his classmates around him start collapsing. Reine informs him that it is likely caused by Kurumi's powers, and he is likely being protected by the powers of the Spirits he has already sealed. Afterward, he reluctantly tells Tohka to stay still and rest, while he leaves to confront Kurumi. 

After arriving at the rooftop, Kurumi informs Shido that she will devour him to replenish her time. But before she proceeds, she wants him to take back the ridiculous notion of trying to save her. Shido tells her to release her shadow, but he will never take back his words. In response, Kurumi prepares to summon a spacequake to obliterate the school. At that moment, Shido questions why Kurumi wants for him to give him. Reine informs him that Kurumi's mental state readings show that she is afraid of him. Hearing Reine's words, Shido threatens to jump off the building if Kurumi doesn't call off the spacequake. Despite Kurumi thinking that he isn't serious, Shido still jumps off, causing Kurumi to use her powers to save him. Seeing that he has a worth as a hostage for Kurumi, he tells her to listen to him for one more time. He asks her to let him have a chance, as he can let her experience a life where she won't have to kill or be targeted. Kurumi seemingly falters at Shido's words, and slowly reaches her hand out for him. However, Kurumi is suddenly stabbed by a hand emerging from her shadows. The original Kurumi appears and reveals that the hands within her shadow are actually other copies of herself. 

The original Kurumi scolds her copy for being so naive and quickly restrains Shido with the hands emerging from her shadows. However, Mana suddenly arrives and immediately frees Shido, while also cutting off Kurumi’s arm. But, Kurumi quickly regenerates by rewinding time using the fourth bullet <Dalet>. She then proceeds to reveal that Mana has only been killing her clones and that she doesn’t even take her seriously. After freezing Mana in place by using the seventh bullet <Zayin>, Shido cries out Mana's name as Kurumi easily defeats her with a barrage of bullets. Tohka and Origami show up but are immediately restrained by Kurumi’s copies. As Kurumi takes everyone hostage, she attempts to summon a spacequake to destroy the entire town. However, Kotori appears and annihilates the spacequake with her own spacequake. Much to Shido's astonishment, his little sister is cloaked in flames in a fiery Astral Dress.

Itsuka Sister:

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Yamai Tempest:

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Miku Lily:

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Miku Truth:

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Natsumi Search:

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Natsumi Change:

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Tobiichi Angel:

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Tobiichi Devil:

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Itsuka Disaster:

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Nia Creation:

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Mukuro Planet:

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In Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement


Shido during the movie's opening introduction

Shido crosses a street in Tenguu City, as he continues walking, unknown to him, a girl appears out of nowhere and looks at him before disappearing, without him or anyone else noticing her. Later, Shido, along Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Kotori and Yoshino are all present during Miku's live concert in the city, with them at the top of the concert, and after the concert, Miku affectionately winks at him from the stage, making him a bit embarrassed.

Shido and Miku, with Kotori being provoked to swim by Kaguya.

Afterwards, he and the others all spend day in a luxury swimming pool that Miku had personally booked in private for all of them.

He and the others then all head back home by riding a train. As their train stops by a station, Shido notices a girl outside on the other side of the train station, looking at him. The next morning, Shido wakes up and as he opens his curtain, to his surprise, he notices a giant invisible sphere above the city. After learning about the sphere inside <Fraxinus>, Reine tells Shido that the invisible sphere is made out of the spirit mana Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Kotori and Miku have been all unconsciously releasing due to their respective desires to have Shido all to themselves. Reine tells him that the only way to make the sphere disappear is by going on six individual dates with each of the spirits, reasoning that by doing so, each of them will have at least one day with Shido all to themselves. Shido agrees.

Later, inside the Itsuka household, Reine tells the girls about this, but keeping the information about the sphere above the city a secret from them. Shido then sees the same girl he saw the day before outside his house, looking at him again before a car passes by and she disappears again.

The next day, Shido and Kaguya begin their date. After not being able to bring Shido towards a french restaurant that she read on a guide book, Shido suggests that they eat at a ramen shop instead, which she agrees on. Afterwards, Shido is brought by Kaguya to a billiard, but is revealed to have become an arcade. which Shido suggests that they head in and play there instead, saying that they are a bit too young to play pool. The two have fun on their date and as they rest, Shido spots the same girl he saw, after which a person passes by in front of him and she disappears again. After their date, Shido and Kaguya walk back home, thus being able to complete his date with Kaguya.

The next day, Shido begins his date with Miku starting at a really expensive private restaurant that Miku herself booked for the two of them only. Afterwards, Miku suggests that they go outside but remembers that, since she is an idol, she can't be seen with another boy, thus getting an idea of dressing Shido up as Shiori again, coincidentally bringing a Raizen High female uniform with her, which Shido reluctantly agrees on wearing. He, now dressed as Shiori, and Miku then walk down the streets as people look on at the two.

He and Miku then go through different stores, all of which are clothing shops for girls, at which Miku buys nearly every single one of the clothes for Shido to try as Shiori, being dressed up by her at one point during this. Later on, during when a truck is being loaded with all of the things Miku bought, Shido sees the same girl again spying on him from behind, however, Miku respons by saying that there was nobody there, at which he looks back and notices that she is gone again.

Shido then goes on to meet Yoshino the next day for his date with her, going to the shrine where they first met. Shido and Yoshino decide to spend the day playing in the shrine and picking out their respective fortunes, which Shido gets a "bad luck" fortune, while Yoshino gets a "good luck" fortune. They later tie their fortunes near a tree where everyone's fortunes are tied on, with Shido's being the only one in a single side. After their date, he and Yoshino walk back home. The next day, Shido and Yuzuru go on their date, at which point Yuzuru brings Shido to different strange locations, but later on they spend it going inside an Art Gallery. Later, they check out a nearby store where Yuzuru picks out a necklace, which Shido buys for her.

Shido is then brought by Yuzuru to a love hotel, but Yuzuru ends up by embarrassingly not going through with it and the two head back home.

The next day, Shido and Kotori go on their date, at which they go a supermarket and buy a few things to prepare for dinner later. Later as they head back home, Kotori goes back to "sister mode" by switching her ribbon colors, and helps him carry the groceries on their way home. Shido then cooks a few burgers. He then invites Tohka and Yoshino, both who were looking on at the two prepare dinner, to eat with both of them. As Shido goes on to grab a condiment from the fridge, he spots the same girl he saw inside their kitchen. She disappears again after Kotori asks him if there was something wrong.

He immediately goes outside to look for her, at which he is greeted by Kurumi. Shido talks to Kurumi and is surprised to find out that Kurumi can also see the invisible sphere above the city, unlike the others. Kurumi then points to Shido about a "guest" that they have, pointing to a railing where the mysterious girl Shido has been seeing is sitting on, looking at him. Kurumi then leaves and warns him that not all of people's hearts can be swayed. As Shido is about to talk to her, the girl jumps off the railing, at which he goes after her, but she is gone again.

Up next is his date with Tohka, where the two go by a food stall district where they soon eat at a restaurant. When he finds that the condiment on his table is empty, he is handed a new one by someone and thanks them for it, only to realize that the person who handed him the condiment is the mysterious girl again. Shido realizes that he is the only one, apart from Kurumi, who can see her as Tohka can't see the girl at all.
Mayuri in between

Shido in between Origami and Tohka's fight over him again, with Mayuri trying to get his attention.

As he is about to talk to her, Origami comes in and asks Shido why he hasn't been visiting her at the hospital, at which point he tells that he forgot.

An argument ensues between Tohka and Origami over Shido once again, but luckily ends quickly. Afterwards, Shido looks around and notices that the mysterious girl is gone again.

Later, Shido and Tohka go to the same spot they ended their first date on, but as they leave, Shido sees the mysterious girl again, standing a few feet in front of him. Shido tells Tohka that he has to do something and to wait for him as he goes toward the girl and talks to her. Shido asks the girl who she is and reveals her name to be Mayuri. She reveals that she is a spirit born out of the spirit mana of the spirits Shido had sealed and is here to monitor the emotions of each of them to make sure they are at a stable level.

With her objective complete, she tells Shido that now, she will begin to disappear, however, Shido states his concern for her. Suddenly, the invisible sphere begins to transform into an Angel, revealed to be Mayuri's Angel, <Kerubiel>, where it then fires an energy blast at them, but luckily are saved by Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku.

As Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya and Yuzuru fend off the berserk <Kerubiel>, Shido is left with Miku and Mayuri, but suddenly, Mayuri is captured by a small sphere that <Kerubiel> sent to imprison her. Shido yells out Mayuri's name as she is lifted up towards the sphere.

Later, Shido and Miku enter <Fraxinus> and proclaims that Mayuri wants to save everyone, at which point his words of sympathy is able to temporarily give Tohka, Miku, Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Yoshino their full Astra Dresses and power back. Shido then asks Kotori and Miku to accompany outside to gather the others together. Shido then tells them that he wants to save Mayuri and needs everyone's help to do so, at which point all of them fend off each of <Kerubiel>'s attacks to give Shido an entry point to save Mayuri. Tohka, Yoshino and Mana deflect each of the attacks while Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku defend Shido, who is being carried by Kotori.

Shido about to save Mayuri

Shido about to save Mayuri.

Kotori then allows Shido to drop down toward <Kerubiel>, where Shido summons <Sandalphon> and destroys a part of <Kerubiel>. He descends down and, using <Sandalphon>, breaks open the cage imprisoning Mayuri. He reassures her that everything will be okay, but the cage begins to repair itself, where Shido then destroys the top holding the cage, successfully destroying it completely, but he ends up falling.
Mayuri trying to save Shido

Shido falling as Mayuri tries to save him.

Luckily, Mayuri is able to grab and save him in time. He then gets together with Tohka, Yoshino, Kotori, Mana, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku, where they all decide to attack <Kerubiel>, just then as it begins to transform and take a demonic drill-like form. After Mayuri transfers each of the spirits powers into her, though now being powerful enough, <Kerubiel> is still too strong to destroy as it continues to repair itself each time.

Mayuri then kisses him, allowing Shido to seal her power, thus cutting <Kerubiel>'s power source, and allowing Tohka to finally destroy it. Unfortunately, the kiss causes Mayuri to begin to disappear, due to being merely born out of spirit mana and not having a physical form.


Shido holding Mayuri as she begins to disappear.

Tearful, Shido begs Mayuri not to disappear, but Mayuri playfully calls him an idiot where she states that, though they just met, since she was born from the spirit mana of the spirits he had sealed, she does not hate him at all, but rather, admits that at the moment she was born, she already loved him. Mayuri then thanks for him before finally disappearing, where Tohka grabs Shido before he begins to fall.
Mayuri leaving behind her items for Shido

Shido holding on to Mayuri's necklace and candy after she disappears from existence.

Shido is left holding on Mayuri's necklace and candy at which point, he cries out her name in grief.

A few days later, Shido and Tohka are at the same location they were at, where Shido says that she believes that Mayuri did not disappear at all and that she is still alive. Tohka then tells him that, since Mayuri was born from her, Kotori, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku's spirit mana, she also believes that she is alive within each of them. Just then, Shido is greeted by the others, where they announce their plan for another individual date with him.

However, Shido states that it may not be good time for now and flees, screaming that it shouldn't happen today. The girls then chase after him.

After the credits, his "bad luck" fortune is shown, where another one is seen next to his. A familiar voice states that she got the same fortune as Shido's, as a familiar feather falls in front of them from the sky, thus ending the movie.

The fortune papers of Shido and Mayuri

Shido's fortune next to Mayuri's at the end of the movie.

Powers and Abilities

Shido has the mysterious, and unique ability to seal the powers of the Spirits into his own body, which was first discovered sometime in the past when Kotori was turned into a Spirit. To use his ability to seal a Spirit’s power, the Spirit in question must meet a certain condition or requirement. Those conditions or requirements are that, the Spirit in question must show affection, trust, closeness, and/or intimacy towards Shido. Once these conditions of affection are high enough between Shido and the Spirit, he can seal their power by kissing them on the lips.

Due to the sheer amount of Spirit energy sealed inside of his body (presently 8 Spirits worth), Shido has been shown to possess a level of protection or outright immunity towards the abilities of other Spirits, being able to withstand Kurumi's "City of Devouring" Time as well as being completely unaffected by Miku's Solo.

Should the Spirits' emotions become unstable enough, their powers will begin to return to them and leave Shido. This means he'll have to seal them again should their powers fully return to them, but usually this only results in the Spirits temporarily regaining portions of their original power. However, as shown in the cases of Kotori, and much later on Tohka, it is possible for the Spirits to take back their full powers without the need to become emotionally unstable. Kotori seems to be capable of choosing exactly how much of her powers she takes back from him at any given time and so far most of the Spirits have managed to figure out how to form partial Astral Dresses, with varying results.

Shido can also “borrow” the power of a Spirit he has sealed, which explains the nature of his regenerative abilities.The borrowing works primarily as if a Spirit were to manifest an Angel, Shido can not nonetheless call forth and wield an Angel as easily. While he has tapped into the powers of many other Angels, <Sandalphon> has been the only Angel that he has physically manifested. Whenever tapping into the power of the Angels, the color of his eyes change from brown to gold.

Besides sealing and summoning, whenever Shido manifests or uses the power of an Angel, his body is intoxicated with great physical and mental pain. The Angels wielded by Spirits are not meant to be used by humans, which is why he suffers a great deal of damage to his body when using his powers. The damage can be healed by <Camael>; however, Shido still feels the pain dealt to his body.

Throughout the story, Shido has steadily progressed in his ability to utilize the powers that he has sealed. During, early December, Shido lost control due to a disruption in the path of Spirit mana circulating throughout his body. The overload of mana and his fever caused him to enter an intoxicated state with lower inhibitions than his usual self. During this state he was able to perform superhuman feats during his physical examination, despite feeling exhausted. Outsiders observed his behavior to be like a Spirit that could not control her powers. Nevertheless, the state also resulted in an increased control over all of his sealed Spirit powers. This allowed him to use the powers of multiple Angels at once, seemingly without repercussions before his powers completely overheated.

During this time, he was able to create his own original attack: “Roaring Flash Blast Wave!”, a technique named by himself back in his middle school years. The blast released from his hands was enough to completely destroy the Bandersnatch units sent to attack him. Shido called this technique. This technique is comparable to the energy beams released from Tohka’s <Sandalphon> and Origami’s <Metatron>.

During the battle to save Nia, his body remembered the feeling of controlling the Spirit powers flowing inside of him. This caused him to be able to willfully manifest numerous Angels at the same time. However, the fatigue of using powers beyond human comprehension was still present, requiring him to use a combination of <Camael> and <Gabriel> to mitigate the pain and damage dealt to him.

Angel: Camael

Actual Owner: Kotori Itsuka

Shido has not wielded <Camael> physically, but he has used its healing ability.

<Camael>'s physical manifestation is that of a halberd which slashes with great force, however, this is in Kotori's case.

Its healing ability is one of its "sub-skills", along with its ability to unleash fire and take on the form of a fire cannon. Shido has mainly used its healing ability so far, which acts as a sort of "automatic tool" whenever he takes a fatal wound. An example is when Shido was fatally, albeit accidentally, shot by Origami, who was targetting Tohka, and a couple of moments later after he "died", the bullet hole that was marked on his body after the accidental shot healed and managed to bring him back, right at the time to seal Tohka's powers and save Origami and Tenguu City.

It automatically heals any injuries Shido receives, becoming a very useful ability that he has despite not being able to manifest it completely. The pain and fatigue from using spirit powers is still felt by Shido, however.

Shido (and Tohka) using Sandalphon

Shido (and Tohka) using <Sandalphon> to stop Kaguya and Yuzuru from fighting

Angel: Sandalphon

Actual Owner: Tohka Yatogami

Shido first summoned <Sandalphon> when he was cursing his uselessness after Tohka was defeated by Ellen. It is currently the most used and the only Angel that has been physically manifested by him. <Sandalphon> is a big broadsword with both close and long-range capabilities if used well by the wielder.

In Shido's case, he cannot bring himself to use the sword at its maximum potential due to the pain it caused to his body. Unlike Tohka who can swing the sword as many times as she pleases, Shido can barely swing it a few times before his body breaks down.


Shido using <Zadkiel>'s ice powers to protect Miku

Angel: Zadkiel

Actual Owner: Yoshino

Shido has mainly used <Zadkiel> by using its ability to manifest ice.

Shido first activated this Angel's power by creating a wall of ice to protect Miku from an attack made by an Inversed Tohka. Another time that Shido was able to use this Angel's power was when the sealed powers of the spirits within him had overheated, where he, while still out of control, was able to willingly cause snowfall and create beautiful candles made out of ice.

Angel: Raphael

Actual Owner: Kaguya and Yuzuru

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Angel: Gabriel

Actual Owner: Miku Izayoi

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Angel: Haniel

Actual Owner: Natsumi

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Angel: Metatron

Actual Owner: Origami Tobiichi

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