"Fresh off the plane from Arizona, Jason Parker has one goal in life: become a professional football player!"
―Tagline of the comic

Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories is the first chronological comic of the Sibling Rivalries frachise, and is a prequel to the series, taking place one year before the events of Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures The prequel is set in June 2011, only 6-7 months after the Cletus Comics series begins.


The new story revolves around Jason Parker, a 5th Grader (at the time) who recently arrived to Vancouver, Canada from Avondale, Arizona. He starts a new career as a football player, and on his first day of pratice, meets Drake Romero, who is on the same team as Jason. The duo go on an adventure around Vancouver, to win the championship game in the end of the story. The genre of the prequel is sports, realistic fiction, and comedy.


  • This is, chronologcally, the first ever comic of the Sibling Rivalries franchise. This is also the last SR comic to be written in 2014.
  • Vancouver in SR: VS remains unchanged since its appearence in its chronological sequel.
  • On the cover of VS, the way "Vancouver Stories" is written is similar to the way Vice City is designed on the covers of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  • Characters carried over from SR: SRA (except Jason and Drake) wear the same clothes as they do in SRA.
  • The word "crap" is only used once in VS, compared to SRA, which used the word five times (all five times were used only on page 29).
  • SR: VS does not include any antagonists.
  • The events of the comic start on June 7, 2011, and ends at the end of the month (June 31, 2011). Logically, a season of youth football would not last only ONE month, instead usually lasting about a year.
  • SR: VS has a total of 46 pages, which is only about 30 pages less than its sequel.
  • The prequel uses the new 2014 "Sibling Rivalries" logo.
  • Despite the prequel taking place in June 2011, there is no mention or evidence at all of the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot, which occured on June 15, around the time that Jason had been kicked off the football team. 
  • Originally a sequel to VS would be released in 2015, but GTA Nerd cancelled it due to problems with the plot. He intended to work on it again in 2016, but VS II was scrapped once again. At the moment, it is unlikely that a sequel would ever be made.
  • Tony Gonzales was planned to make an appearance in VS, but he was removed.


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