Following the failure of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, the Sibling Rivalries series has been revived after its near two-year hiatus, and has made its return with its sixth season starting on June 13, 2018. The season will wrap up sometime in September of the same year.

Currently, not much is known about the season, but GTA Nerd has said that Season 6 will bring back the series to its original form that was lost when TNC was running. The season will bring all characters back to their 2013 ages, and all characters will be back to their original school grades. The events of TNC will have never occurred, and everything is back to how it used to be. The series will continue to be timeless with no characters aging or going to new school grades, but months, days, and years still pass as normal. However, Season 6 is set from June 2016 onward to make up for the long time that was missed when the series was abandoned.

Just like with the short-lived TNC series, Aiden Wilson will not appear in Season 6 or any following seasons that may be released, as GTA Nerd did not really like the character.

This is the shortest season of the series with only 6 comics instead of the usual 10 or 8 amount.

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  • The series had no new comics since its fifth season in 2016, and not counting TNC, had no new comics in 2017, but is returning in 2018 with the sixth season. This is very similar to The Fairly OddParents which was supposed to end after its fifth season in 2006, had no new episodes in 2007, but returned with the sixth season in 2008. Both of these events appear to take place ten years between each other.
  • The original plan for Season 6 back in 2016 was to have Season 5 only contain the comics "Trading Places" to "Best Frenemies" (and thus have Season 5 be the shortest season of the series with only four comics), and Season 6 would have consisted of the comics "Uncle Cameron Moves In", "The Lockdown", "Satellite Screw-Up", "ApRiL fOoLs DaY: wIsCoNsIn StYlE!", and whatever future comic that would have came afterward, but due to GTA Nerd abandoning the series so abruptly after the April Fool's comic, Season 6 was cancelled and the four mentioned completed comics were then marked as Season 5 property.
  • This is the third season to have all of its comics released in the same year, following Season 1 and Season 4.


Comic No. (season) Comic No. (total) Comic Title Release Date Length
1 46 "Great Balls of Paint" June 13, 2018 15 pages
2 47 "Kate and Mark's Mall Madness August 3, 2018 13 pages
3 48 "Get Rec'd!" August 21, 2018 17 pages
4 49 "Francis's Hat" August 26, 2018 10 pages
5 50 "Attack of the BeastDroid" September 3, 2018 14 pages
6 51 "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero" September 16, 2018 21 pages