The seventh season of the Sibling Rivalries comic series has been confirmed by GTA Nerd following his major revival of the series with Season 6. Currently, not a lot is known about this season, although he stated it will have the characters return to Wisconsin Elementary School after the summer vacation story arc of Season 6. Season 7 will also bring back the series to present day (as Season 6 is set entirely during 2016), though nothing will change regarding the characters or anything when this happens; it will simply bring SR back to its normal formula of having its run time coincide with real life dates.

The season has debuted as of September 24 2018 with the comic "Brothers For Life", and more comics are to be released.

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Comic No. (season) Comic No. (total) Comic Title Release Date Length
1 52 "Brothers For Life September 24, 2018 14 pages
1 53 "Football Follies" April 2019 TBA