The ninth and current season of the Sibling Rivalries comic series was confirmed in early July 2020, and began one week after the Season 8 finale "The Adventures of Brees Fan and Kin Packie".

GTA Nerd has interest to continue the series for as long as it can, but he has begun online college in late August which he fears may cause the release of comics to be a bit slower than those since Season 7. "How The Cookies Crumble" was the first comic released since he started college.

Season 9 introduces a new main character, Zack Marshall, a shy kid who is actually Hector Wilson's long-lost biological son. He appears in the last two Season 9 comics and should appear more in the tenth season (but not in every comic since other characters need to have roles).

Just like Seasons 6 and 8, this season only has seven comics.

Main Cast

Character Debuts

Comic Listing

Comic No. (season) Comic No. (total) Comic Title Release Date Length
1 68 "The Mighty J!" July 24, 2020 14 pages
2 69 "McReary TV" August 9, 2020 16 pages
3 70 "Journey to the Bottom of the Pool" August 12, 2020 14 pages
4 71 "How The Cookies Crumble" August 26, 2020 16 pages
5 72 "Wi-Fi Gone Awry" September 13, 2020 16 pages
6 73 "The Forgotten Son" September 17, 2020 14 pages
7 74 "One of Us?" Late September 2020 TBA


  • Season 9 is the first comic to have Joel physically appear in all comics, the second time after Season 5 where Jose Gonzales appeared in all comics, and the third consecutive season to have Steve Madison appear in every comic (despite Season 8 comic "Tales of the Insomniac" technically ruining the record as he did not appear physically; just by a Barker post visible on Packie's phone).


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