Spencer Shay is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries, as the rarely seen pet dog of the McReary-Wilson Family.


In Season 3, the McRearys go to the pet store to find a family pet. Packie sees the puppy in a cage, and chooses him. He tries thinking of a name, and Kate suggests naming him after Spencer Shay from iCarly. As Packie likes the show too, he goes on with Kate's idea and happily gives him the name "Spencer".

Packie appears to be the primary owner of him, as he was the one to pick him out, and Spencer sleeps in Packie and Francis' room. Spencer does show love to the other siblings such as Gerry whom he sleeps on his bed with, and was friendly with their friends despite biting Salvador Ventura.

GTA Nerd honestly forgets that Spencer exists most of the time, as the dog never makes much appearances following his introduction, aside from cameos across the rest of the seasons. The family actually brought the dog to Maureen and Hector's wedding in the Season 3 finale "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)". In the Season 8 comic "Pack To The Future" set several years into the future, the family still has Spencer whom looks noticeably older.


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Total Number of Series Appearances: 13


  • Spencer only made numerous appearances in Season 3 (his debut season) and Season 5. He has remained underused after the Revival Era (post-Season 6).
  • The Wilson family also like the dog, shown in "Straight Outta Green Bay".


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