"...maybe it's my older brother's fault I'm like this, maybe it's not. It's like I can't catch a break at school! Getting picked on, causing fights, getting detention all the time. Do I deserve it? No, I don't. Sorry I put that thumbtack on your chair, Mrs. Harter, but you shouldn't have marked me tardy just for coming 45 seconds late!"
―Steve Madison

Steve Madison appears as a main recurring character in Sibling Rivalries.

Steve is a 7th Grade student who is also a bit of a troublemaker, claiming he gets about three detentions a week by the teacher, and is defiant when he is told rules that he has to follow.

In his initial appearance, Steve seems to not have any relationship with the McReary siblings, but in Season 5 he seems to have developed some kind of platonic connection with them, and talks to them more, despite him not appearing with their other friends for hangouts as such. He cares about Packie as seen in Season 5 comic "Satellite Screw-Up" as he takes it upon himself to get revenge on Joel Gonzales for sending a Barker message which resulted in Pablo Torres getting mad at Packie.

Steve has started making more appearances as of Season 7, usually as the butt of many jokes. As of "Tell It To My Therapist", he reveals that he is very troubled, and does not understand why he behaves so naughty, nor why he feels that everyone is out to get him. However, he does care about those who care about him, as in later Season 8 comic "Extreme Gamin' Packie", he is mad at Packie, who temporarily replaced his friends and family with a video game, which Steve comments that not even himself would do something like that to people he likes.


  • Apparently Steve dislikes taking showers after gym class at school, which is a running gag in "Patrick McReary: School President".
  • Steve enjoys fighting, and claims that he causes most of the fights at Wisconsin Elementary School. ("Satellite Screw-Up")
  • If Steve is a constant troublemaker, then there is no way he should have been able to run for school president in "Patrick McReary: School President".
  • Steve is the second non main cast member to appear in all comics of a season, appearing in all Season 7 and 8 comics, after Jose Gonzales who appeared in all Season 5 comics. He has appeared in each comic in some form since "Attack of the BeastDroid" in Season 6, with his last absence thus far currently being "Francis's Hat".
    • The Season 8 comic "Tales of the Insomniac" technically ruins his appearance streak, as the comic has no physical appearances from other characters and only has the five siblings. However, Steve was able to appear via a Barker post while Packie uses his phone.
  • According to "Packie The Prankster", his biggest fear is ketchup.
  • The comic "Journey to the Bottom of the Pool" suggests there is a boy he may have a crush on, since Steve has a small toy torpedo pool toy, named Michael that he said he " named after a boy in my science class, which I-" but then cuts himself off and says it is a long story.



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