"Step right up to the SCARY haunted house!"
―Salvador Real, also his first line in the main series

The McReary's Halloween Special! is the first comic in Season 2 of Sibling Rivalries, and is the 11th comic overall. The comic takes place on Halloween 2013.


The McReary family are going trick-or-treating, and end up at a haunted house set up by Salvador Real.

Character Appearances

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary Family

McReary Siblings' Friends



  • This comic marks the first appearance of Salvador Real, who would later star as the protagonist in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures. While Salvador was polite in SR: SRA, he was depicted in this comic as being very sarastic and rude. In later comics, Salvador was shown to be more dim-witted.
  • Strangely, the McReary family don't remember Salvador from SR: SRA, since in that comic, they interacted with him in a scene. However, their encounter was very short, so it would be possible for them to easily forget Salvador in the 21 months that passed. It may also be a retcon, since GTA Nerd did not begin working on SR: SRA until nearly two months after this comic.
  • Retcon: In the haunted house, Kate falls in love when she sees her boyfriend Mark Sanders, but Kate reveals in Happy New Year! she and Mark broke up in San Salvador's Story.
  • This is the first comic of the series that Joel Gonzales did not appear or was mentioned at all. In fact, he is absent throughout most of the season; he only appeared in the season finale "Dodgeball Mishap", although he was mentioned in "Happy New Year!".
    • The author of the series explained the reason for Joel's absence for most of the season was due to him getting grounded for two months in the Season 1 comic "Gonzales Vs. McReary" (which would be set between October 20 and October 31, 2013). Joel, however, still appeared in the rest of the Season 1 comics even after his grounding (except "Diamonds in the Rough"), but he only appeared once in Season 2. He started to make more appearances in the series following his un-grounding after "Dodgeball Mishap".


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