"Whoa, take it easy! I have a broken leg!"
―Tony Gonzales

Anthony "Tony" Nicholas Gonzales appears as a main recurring character in Sibling Rivalries.

He is a former member of the Wisconsin Warriors, but he no longer plays because he injured his foot prior to the series starting. Tony is a long-time friend of Angel Chacon, as well as the team captain of the team, Giovanni Ancelotti, although due to Giovanni wanting to eliminate the McReary siblings, their friendship is no longer shown, as Tony chooses to side with the siblings to protect them from any danger.

Tony is the cousin of the series' main antagonist Joel Gonzales, as well as his younger brother Jose Gonzales (hence their same last names), as revealed in the Season 4 comic "Haunted House of Horror".



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Total Number of Series Appearances: 35


  • Tony was supposed to appear in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, but was dropped out during development. However, he may be one of the football players at the game Salvador, Eduardo, and Claude watch, as there is a #15 on the Vancouver Vultures, and since nobody known has that number, it can be Tony, as he didn't break his leg yet.
  • Tony Gonzales' name is a reference to the former NFL football player Tony Gonzalez, as they were both football players (until 2013), and while Gonzalez retired, Gonzales broke his foot and quit playing. Note that the real-life person has a "z" at the end of his last name, while the fictional character has a "s" instead.
    • This reference, however, is unintentional, as DR4L did not know about Gonzalez when he first created Gonzales.
  • A broken foot would usually take about 6 months to get better, but Tony has worn his crutches for the entire series (a total of seven years thus far). However, this is because the series is supposed to be timeless, with the characters not aging.
  • In Tony's first appearance, Angel Chacon calls him "Tone", which is also a nickname given to Tony Prince by Luis Fernando Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony.



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