"Life isn't defined by your upbringing. It's defined by your choices. I was a delinquent in high school but I chose to be better. I proved all my doubters wrong."
―Trent Northwick
Trent Northwick (born April 12th, 1976) is a minor American actor. He began his acting career by appearing in a series of commercials in the mid-nineties before landing his first major role in the television sitcom Randy & Cash. His appearance in this series brought him to the attention of television series producers and he was given a lead role in the sitcom Baker Street.

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Early life Edit

Trent was born in 1976 in Bullworth, New Langdon. He is the only child of well-known actors Simon and Louisa Northwick who raised him to pursue an actor career in order to create a dynasty of actors. He developed a talent for acting as a small boy and was pushed into taking formal acting classes by his overbearing parents.

His parents enrolled him at the ill-fated Bullworth Academy in order to take advantage of the private school's drama programme and to conveniently leave him in the care of someone else while they pursued a lavish life. Trent suffered from this mixture of parental neglect and heavy expectations becoming a bully in order to cope. In order to keep his parent's happy Trent continued his drama classes but began heavily bullying other students as a means of releasing his frustration at them.

When the New Langdon Educational Board forcibly closed Bullworth Academy in 1992 after discovering a long list of abuses and failings Trent was transferred to the nearby Bullworth High School. He continued his drama classes at the new school and regularly performed in the high school's productions. He left his life as a bully behind him after discovering that he was not only a talented actor but that he genuinely enjoyed being on stage. He routinely secured lead roles culminating in his gaining the attention of an Alderney City-based talent scout in his senior year when he played the lead role in the drama class' Fall Production.

Trent graduated from Bullworth High School in 1996 as a prominent member of the Class of 1993. He graduated with good grades and an acting scholarship.

Career Edit

19972006 Edit

Trent left Bullworth in 1997 on an acting scholarship to Alderney City. He landed his first acting role in a commercial for Badger advertising a new model of cellphone for the company. This role brought him his first acting paycheck and led to a commercial with ECola and then Horn Deodorant. This led on to roles in commercials with Donnies Bar and Benefactor.

These roles eventually brought Trent to the attention of television network executives in Alderney City. He landed his first serious acting role in the buddy comedy sitcom Randy & Cash in 2002. He gained a lead role alongside fellow up-and-coming actor Bernard Keaton.

20062012 Edit

In 2006 Trent was offered a role in the sitcom Baker Street. The role initially caused scheduling conflicts with his commitments to Randy & Cash and his role as Randy Wallace. Trent negotiated with the show's executives to adjust the filming schedule to allow him to perform his roles in both series. He accepted an amended contract and took on his new role.

In 2009 he landed a role as an unnamed extra in a feature length movie set in Westdyke, Alderney. He eagerly accepted the role hoping it would help him launch his film career juggling his existing roles with the new role. To his immense disappointment the role did not signal the beginning of a film career and he fell back on his sitcom roles.

2012Present Edit

In 2012, Trent portrayed fictional US Army Corporal Walter Crenshaw in the movie Charlie Company finally achieving his dream of a named movie role. As a method actor Trent spent a great deal of time with a number of war veterans and currently enlisted US Army personnel to get a feel for his character and what its like serving with the military. He took his role seriously and, despite featuring in a lesser role alongside the film's protagonist, portrayed his character to the best of his abilities.

Trent expressed his sadness at the series finale of Randy & Cash and unsuccessfully tried to convince the show's creators and network executives to continue the sitcom. His campaign was unsuccessful and he later admitted that he had been driven by nostalgia. He instead began focusing on seeking out more serious roles after realizing that he had been typecast for comedic roles.

Trent starred in the movie adaptation of the firefighter's memoir Fireman Down, which tells the story of a firefighter from Alderney City and his experiences of a disastrous fire that killed his friend, as Firefighter Thomas Bradley. He also stars in the law enforcement drama Protect & Serve as an idealistic young police trooper fresh out of the police academy.

Personal life Edit

Trent met fellow actress Melissa Bradley in 2010. The couple were immediately drawn to each and soon began dating seriously. They became engaged on May 15th, 2011, and were married six months later on November 22nd in a modest private ceremony in Westdyke, Alderney City. They have twin children, a son Thomas and a daughter Elizabeth, who were born on February 12th, 2013.

Trent describes himself as a spiritual man but has not committed to any one faith as of yet. He is known to be highly active in exploring spirituality having dabbled in a number of traditional and new age faiths. He states that he believes there is something greater out there but is still exploring what that something is. He is known to have at one point been involved with the Epsilon Program and the Children of the Mountain Fellowship before falling out with those religious organizations.

He is heavily involved with animal welfare having started the PawPassion foundation to teach teenagers about the importance of caring for abused and stray animals. He also regularly donates to and supports an animal shelter in Westdyke having also appeared in several of their commercials endorsing the work they do.

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

  • Leftwood Boys (2009) - "Unnamed Extra"
  • Charlie Company (2012) - "Corporal Walter Crenshaw"
  • Fireman Down (2013) - "Firefighter Thomas Bradley"

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Trivia Edit

  • In this original form Trent remains the sole property of Rockstar Games. His expanded character exists as a work of fan-fiction.
  • In his adult form Trent bears similarities to Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise but is not based on either of them. Like Matthew McConaughey, he is involved with animal welfare and is known to have rescued several stray pets from natural disasters. Like Tom Cruise, he is known to be a spiritual explorer who has been involved with controversial religious organizations.