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Ayoo, Everyone! Welcome to my User Page here at the Dimitri's Random Wiki!


Welcome to my User Page! With greetings from my waifu, Mio Akiyama

Message of the Day: Diamonds!

I'm a good friend of Dimitri's and I may not be able to do much here, but I'm proud to be here regardless.

More about me can be found here, more over here and you can check out my Fanart section over at the Fanon wiki right over here.

Just use the search bar at the very top of this wikia to search up my stories here on this wiki. But for those are lazy enough to not bother, then read the following:

Y'all might already know who I am, but for those who don't yet. I suggest you read everything below to know (not) nearly everything that you need to know about me. That's all.

Main Introduction


Mio and Yui, my two cute waifus, welcome you here at the wiki!

Please enjoy reading every single bits of information regarding me, my friends (or family) here in the wiki and all of little things that you need to know about me and everyone else, along the wiki itself.

If you have any questions, requests or would just like to send me a Private Message, please do not bot shy and feel free to go to my talk page/message wall if you wish to do so.

If you want to read my recent blogs posts regarding a certain event, person/user, a specific role play, a welcoming post, a mini-series, a story, a contest(s), a commemorative/motivational/inspirational speech and/or a celebratory blog, please go to my blog page.

If you want to check my recent contributions about this wiki, please head over to my contributions page. If there are any mistakes or even accidental foul play that is in regard or concerns me, please inform either me personally or one of the other users here about it to quickly act on it, as one single flaw must not be present here entirely.

If you want to check what pages I'm following and would like to visit them as well, please head on over to my following page that is very accurate on what I've been doing recently.

Thank you for taking a moment of your time in reading my Welcoming Message, now please read the rest of my User Page if you wish and if there is anything that may offend you or immediately surprise that is within my User Page, please do not act on instincts and quickly report me, as this User Page is strictly uneditable by anyone else except myself, higher ranking or not, please take this message seriously.

Editing this User Page randomly without permission or even a moment's notice by the owner will result in a 2 week ban, doing it twice will result in a 1 month ban and the final strike will result in a Permanent Ban. This issue will not be tolerated by the owner, so please refrain from doing idiotic things while you are here and reading this.

I will obliged if you were to take this into consideration and importance, as everything in this wiki matters to me as everyone and everything has become a vital part of who I am.

Sincerely, Vince~

To-Do List


On Hold


  • Pairing Stories
  • Your Choice, Your Fate


Aura Breaker series

  • Aura Breaker: World Tree

Blazing series

Project Schedule


On Hold

Encountering My Self and other Random Pictures

- Vince, MioMayuri, Yui and Nepgear!

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