"Packie: Francis. You.. you saved my life. That car could have killed both of us.
Francis: No.. it could have killed me. I'm ready to have my life taken at any time, if it means you will be able to continue yours safely. Your life matters more than mine. I put yours in higher regard than mine. That's my job as your loving big brother...
―Packie and Francis

Wisconsin's Greatest Hero is the first half of the fifth special of Sibling Rivalries. It is also the sixth comic in Season 6, and the 51st comic overall.

This comic and its successor, "Brothers For Life", are non-canon to the series.


Francis saves Packie's life after nearly being hit by a truck, and officially solidifies himself as the so-called "best brother ever". However, Packie becomes very popular because of being saved by Francis's heroic act, causing him to actually become distant from Francis and causing the brothers' first ever argument with each other.

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  • GTA Nerd deems this comic the worst of the series (and his least favorite) after looking back a few years later. He regretted how he made Packie such a jerk obsessed with popularity, which was never the kind of character he is. He thinks the next comic is not as bad, although Packie cries a lot in that comic, which also made him feel bummed out when re-reading the comic.
    • GTA Nerd compares his opinion to the comic (years after writing it) to The Simpsons Season 9 episode The Principal and the Pauper", which is considered one of the, if not the worst, episode of the series even by series creator Matt Groening. This episode was noted as the point where The Simpsons jumped the shark and declined in quality, due to the episode ruining the beloved character of Seymour Skinner. The episode had such bad reception that now the episode (and effect on Skinner's character) is agreed to be non-canon by fans and Groening himself. GTA Nerd agreed to make this "Wisconsin's Greatest Hero" story arc non-canon to this series as well in a similar way.
      • The events of this SR comic were confirmed to be non-canon to the series in later comic "Packie The Prankster". At the end of this comic, Packie lashes out on his friends and family, being so bad that it brought the police over to take him away. However, in the later comic, when Principal Leone is looking at Packie's records, this event was not mentioned at all. GTA Nerd will not mention the events of WGH and BFL in future comics to prove the events never happened.
  • The plot of the comic is loosely inspired by the iCarly episode "iSaved Your Life".
  • Another one of the few times that Joel Gonzales appears without his gang, as he spends most of his appearance with his brother Jose similarly to "A Christmas Story".
    • Also, Joel is not actually a villain in this comic though he was planned to be; he does show sympathy for Francis (though only because Jose told him to be nicer), making this the first time since "A Christmas Story" that he is not shown in an antagonistic role after "Gonzales Vs. McReary" in Season 1.
      • Despite Joel appearing in this comic with a supporting role, oddly him being taken to jail at the end of "Get Rec'd!" was never mentioned, so meaning he was likely released so he could attend school.
  • The Terrific Trio make their third appearance in the series, being shown to attend Wisconsin Elementary School, even though they haven't been shown at the school before.
  • Second time Packie is shown crying in the series, although for the first time these are actual tears of sadness. ("Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)")
  • The audience is lead to think that Francis was killed in the car crash, however as he was shown to be alive in the future scene in "Yearning to be Young".
  • The bowling alley from "Like Father, Like Sons (And Daughter)" was shown in this comic.
  • At 21 pages, this is the second longest non-special comic of the series, being only a page less than the longest comic, "Satellite Screw-Up". This comic surpassed the previous two comics that have tied as second longest normal comics, "Trading Places" and "Get Rec'd!", both being 17 pages.
  • Third comic to have "Wisconsin" in the title after "Hello, Wisconsin!" and "ApRiL fOoLs DaY: wIsCoNsIn StYlE!".


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